Introducing Rupert Stroud

I am so excited to introduce you all to the music created by the highly talented acoustic singer songwriter Rupert Stroud. His music has been on my radar for few years now, but I must confess I only recently added it to my collection as I was waiting for all of his music on CD. All I can say is that it was worth the wait.

So, why do I rate this guys music so highly? There is something about the combination of his acoustic driven sound and his impressive lyrical skills that ticks all the right boxes. It’s not just me who thinks this as he has been gathering support from music media and radio including BBC Introducing / BBC 6Music (Tom Robinson) + BBC Radio 2 (Dermot O’Leary show), XFM, BFBS Radio 2, NME and Q Radio.

In 2009 he released his album ‘Rupert Road’ which for me is a little rough but shows glimpses of the talent that we now hear. He followed this up with his second album ‘Chasing the Night’ (2011) which was a vast improvement to his debut release. I am not sure what happened between albums but every part of his song writing ability seriously stepped up its game and showed that the music by Rupert Stroud meant business. There was a little break until his next release as we had to wait until 2014 for his EP ‘Way Back Home’ and boy the wait was worth it. This brought an evolution to his sound as I now felt his music could compete with the heavy hitters of the acoustic mainstream world. I have a lot of respect for musicians who continue to improve their sound and their own skills, Rupert has definitely done this with a wonderful collection of songs. I totally understand why this release was received to glowing reviews.

It’s great listening to these EP’s in order of release as you can hear this musician grow as his sound develops. I highly recommend you grab copies from his store (click HERE). There are so many great songs to check out and my personal favourites are All the Things You Said, Tears for Now, Chasing the Night and the amazing song Never Back Down.

I need to add that he has been using his music to help support Alzheimer’s Research UK who he is also a ‘Champion Media Spokesperson’ for this charity. He has raised over £6,000 to date through various campaigns and events including sales from his charity single ‘Always’. This song is a tribute to his much loved grandma Eileen who he lost to Alzheimer’s in 2009. Heartbroken by her death, he put his feelings into words and released this beautiful track. I actually think this is one of the best songs he has written and the lyrics are like he is wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Now to 2015 where Rupert has not taken his foot off the accelerator as he has released his stunning new EP ‘Talk to You’. This release is by far his greatest collection of songs to date in my opinion. Every time I hear this EP I can not pick a weak spot in any of the songs, in fact I can only find positives. One of these positives is an improvement in the arrangement and overall sound of his music. Another positive is how much his writing skills have grown as they seem to have more depth with an improved story telling style. When you hear the title track ‘Talk to You’, it’s difficult not to feel the emotion that Rupert delivers in his lyrics as well as his impressive vocal abilities. Again, head over to the store on his website (click HERE) to grab a copy of ‘Talk to You’ as it will be a purchase you will not regret.

I have done enough talking so I am going to hand you over to Rupert as I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his music. This is what he had to say:

Who or what inspired you to become a musician and which musicians have influenced your sound?

I remember watching Nirvana unplugged in New York on MTV2 when I was about 15 years old…that was the day I said “I want to learn how to play guitar”. My older brothers had ben blaring out Nirvana while I was growing up as a kid so to then see and hear those grunge rock songs performed in these stripped back beautiful acoustic renditions it really resonated with me! My brothers and parents taste in music has influenced me tremendously from Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The kinks, Cat Stevens to The verve, Oasis, Nirvana, stone Roses- all this has been soaked into my songwriting influences I think.

You have a great song writing talent, do you have a set process when writing songs or do you go with the flow?

Defo go with the flow…every time i sit down and say “today I’m going to write a great song” it never quite turns out to be as good as the ones which have just come naturally and from sparks of inspiration while playing around with a riff or chords sequence…I like to write late in the evening or at night as that’s when the house is at it’s quietest and my mind can let all the inspiration flow

Talking about writing songs, you have an impressive collection of songs throughout your numerous releases. Which are you top 3 songs your have written and why?

Always- my charity single for Alzheimer’s research UK is special to me because it’s about my grandmother-it has become a massive passion and focus in my life and career to encourage younger generations to support dementia research and the song will always be the closest to my heart.

Way back Home- as I wrote it when we were going back and forth to gigs and festivals all over the UK last summer. Being on the road is great fun but also really exhausting especially driving a 3-4 hour drive home after a gig…but I always let out a nice sigh of “it’s good to be back in Yorkshire…home!”

Morning Light/ The Truth – these 2 are electric based guitar songs which I wrote. I majority of my back catalogue is acoustic guitar based but I’m picking up the electric a lot more now…and of course these 2 songs have received great National and international radio play on BBC R2, 6Music, BFBS Radio and regional radio stations across the country…so their success means a lot to me as it has expanded my fan base and opened some doors for us!

If the world was going to end and you had time to listen to one album, which one would you choose and why?

Seldom Seen Kid- By Elbow. It’s just a perfect album to me. The song writing is exceptional and Elbow’s best work by far…i don’t think they’ll ever top that album. I love the string arrangements on that album…it’s a real album!…there’s a lot of s**t out there in the mainstream music world but that album and that band know what they’re doing-love them! My favourite album by a long shot!

What are you future plans and goals for your music?

I guess to keep on keeping on! Having recently supported TEXAS in my home town of Leeds at Millennium Square in front of a few thousand people was a great way to round off our recent stint of festival dates this summer! I’m back in the studio with my producer Will Jackson working on a load of new material to try get an album ready for the new year…we want it to be right so we’re taking our time on it’s release. Plenty more up my sleeve for sure but I don’t want to let it out the bag just yet…let’s just see what happens! 🙂

It comes as no surprise that Rupert is working on a new album as he is always working on new music. I get the impression that his mind is thinking about music 24/7 except when he’s watching cool TV shows or movies (we’ve had many chats about these topics, ha ha). I can’t wait to hear this album when it’s ready and going off how his music has developed I am already predicting that this will be his best collection of songs (no pressure Rupert).

If you want to keep up to date with the music world of Rupert Stroud including new music releases and gigs then head over to his website at Alternatively, you can head over to his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. Go say hello while you are there, he’s a top guy to banter with.

Remember, independent musicians/bands need the help of their fans for them to continue what they do and that is creating more music. To do this, fans need to help spread the word about the music that matters to them and purchasing the music to fund future musical projects, this is what I do! Hopefully you are now a fan of the music by Rupert Stroud so go on, spread the word about his music today!