Introducing Rob Michaels

The music of Rob Michaels came highly recommended by my friend Angela Mastrogiacomo from Muddy Paw PR. As she has great taste in music I had to find out why she rated this musicians music so highly. I checked out a few of his songs and enjoyed what I heard thanks to his radio friendly rock sound. Of course, I needed to learn more.

Los Angeles born Rob Michaels is no stranger to the world of music. He has spent over 15 years exploring the world of music which has had him learning various roles including writer, producer, touring guitar player, vocalist and even a coffee maker. While all this was going on he still held on to his dream of becoming a solo musician. After releasing his EP ‘Revolver Sessions’ he then made plans to create a full length album. Unfortunately this did not go to plan and the album was not created. This did not stop him from creating new music, in 2014 he released his stunning EP ‘S.O.S’ which was produced by Brian Craddock of the band Daughtry. I will talk more about his music later in the post as I had the opportunity to catch up with the man of the hour and ask him a few questions about his music. This is what he had to say:

Who or what inspired you to become a musician and which musicians have influenced your sound?

My inspiration to become a musician was my father and mother. My mom would play CSNY, Kenny Loggins, every day of my childhood. She was a singer growing up. My father grew up in Italy, and as a kid he played guitar in a small band. His musical choices were Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. One day we were in the car driving on the 405 and he was blasting Eric Clapton’s unplugged record. I will never forget the moment he stopped the track, looked at me and said, “One day we’ll play guitar like that.” I was 10 years old and sat in adoration of the music coming out of the speakers; hoping and wishing I could. Then at 12, I was given my chance and here we are today. So the list of musicians is a BROAD list of who inspired me!

When you write new music what is the important part to your process?

The most important part of the process as a writer is to make sure I can articulate the feelings I have at that moment. It’ll start with a lyric line or melody, and sometimes I’ll bang it out in 10 minutes. Other times it may take me a few days.

Talking about writing music, which is your favourite song you have wrote and why?

My favorite song so far has been this last track I recorded with Brian Craddock, (guitarist of Daughtry) called “Feels Like Home” really has been the most honest song I’ve ever written, because it came from a place of being broken, and being in pain. Having $100 left in my pocket, and driving back to California alone. Three days of straight driving will really make you reflect on the things in life that have gone wrong and the things in life that have been amazing.

What album are you addicted to at the moment and why?

Current album addiction… hmmm.. Noel Gallagher’s “Chasing Yesterday”

What are you future plans and goals for your music?

Future plans are to build a career as awesome and amazing as Butch Walkers. He’s definitely a roll model and someone i look up to! I want to tour and be apart of something amazing. Have my songs placed in films and tv, and just keep being thankful for the opportunity to keep playing and meeting people.


So, lets talk a little more about the music of Rob Michaels. His EP ‘Revolver Sessions’ is a good introduction to his music if you are a new fan like me. He has a good grasp of what makes a radio friendly rock sound that is so easy to connect to. Each song has this catchy feel that gets you singing along after a few listens. You can grab a free copy of this EP from his website and I highly recommend the song ‘Drown’.

Now to his latest offering ‘S.O.S’ which is a pretty impressive collection of songs that shows how much his music has grown. For me, this is by far his strongest showing of his song writing talent and I’m not surprised it has been catching peoples attention. I think Brian has done a great job with the production of this EP as it really shows off what makes Rob’s music sound so good. This EP continues with that infectious rock sound which at times has a slight country feel to it. Lyrically and vocally is where I think he has improved the most. I’m not sure if he is more confident about his talent or that he has learned to connect to his music, all I know is that this new improvement has resulted in a must hear sound. Each song is strong enough to be a single and choosing my favourite is difficult. My stand out songs are ‘Collide’ and ‘Shape of Things to Come’. Both songs deserve to be competing with the giants of mainstream rock.

So, what has Rob been up to lately? Well he has recently released his new song ‘Feels like Home’ which is by far my favourite by this talented musician. This song delivers a sound that has a heavy country rock feel with lyrics that paint a real picture of the tracks title. The goods news is that this song is going to be featured on a re-released version of ‘S.O.S’. So you can either wait for the new release due soon or purchase the current version of ‘S.O.S’ now (from iTunes or Amazon) then grab a copy of ‘Feels like Home’ when it is released.

I can’t wait to hear what he will release next and hopefully a brand new EP or album is not too far away as my music collection needs more of his music. To find out when this will happen then check out his website at where you can also find out more about Rob as well as gig news. Alternatively, check out his social media sites at Facebook or Twitter.

Independent musicians need the help of their fans so they can continue what they do which is create and perform their music. So go tell the world about the music that matters to you today. Hopefully, this will now include the music of Rob Michaels!