Introducing Richard Bower

Last year the talented musician Dave Pilla introduced me to the music of Richard Bower. He told me that Richard was an amazing musician who has this wonderful song writing ability. With such a high recommendation and my curiosity peaked, I checked out his music. At the time there was not a lot of his music available on the internet, but I was enjoying the music that I found.

In July 2013 he released The Homemade EP (under the name Palooka) which gave me a true showing of Richard’s song writing ability. Wow! Dave was right about the way Richard can shape words to tell the tales within his songs. He also has a great ability to arrange the music to add an audio atmosphere to match the mood of his lyrics, very impressive. Overall, this EP is a hidden gem that needs to be heard (listen to it HERE). Check out my favourite song ‘These Old Blue Eyes of Mine’ which has some amazing blues licks with some very cool vocals. I never get tired of this song!

Richard has recently released his new EP All I Know which I am surprised to learn he describes as ‘my raggy dolls song’. He says that they don’t really have a home but instead of letting them go unheard he has decided to put them together to create this EP. For me, I am glad that he did as this is his best work to date. On my first listen of the EP I noticed straight away that it felt different but in a good way. The overall sound felt more focused and less rough around the edges which has helped to make these collection of songs shine.

This is one of those albums which is focused around a guy and his guitar. I am really loving this type of sound as to me feels more natural and how you would expect if you heard these song at a live show. This natural sound is largely thanks to his gentle soul filled voice which draws the listener into his music. This is used to perfection to deliver more of his impressive ability of shaping words to his will. Once you have become immersed into his music you get to hear some wonderful guitar skills which sound as good as his vocals. He sounds comfortable with his guitar as he creates music which has an intricate simplicity to it. By this I mean it is played with so much depth due to his techniques but with an effortless feel. It’s difficult to describe but I hope that makes sense.

As I really like each of the songs on this EP it has made it difficult to choose my overall favourite/highlight. If I had to choose one then it would be ‘If the Devil’s gonna Play’ which edges itself ahead of the others simply because I love it’s guitar style. It has this infectious rhythmic train feel about it that has my foot tapping along to it. I am impressed with this EP and highly recommend that you give it a listen for yourself and hopefully you will understand that this is a highly talented musician at work. Click HERE to listen to All I Know.

I’ve been speaking to Richard and he has told me that he is working on a new 6 track EP which he has not finalised the title just yet. He sounds really excited about it as he says it feels like his best work to date and I have a feeling that he will be right. There is a rumour that Dave Pilla will make a guest appearance, which will be great to hear these two musical talents combine forces. I am so excited to hear this EP on its release. I have already ordered my copy of the EP when I ordered his current EP which you can buy at his Bandcamp page (click HERE).

You can get more information about his music and gigs by visiting his social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. I am happy to show my support to Richard’s music as it has such an honest and captivating sound. If you feel the same, then feel free to tell the world about the great music of Richard Bower today!