Introducing Piqued Jacks

Piqued Jacks are a new band on my radar thanks to their latest album ‘Aerial Roots’ which is an acoustic version of their 2015 release ‘Climb Like Ivy Does’. But before I talk more about their music I want to introduce you to the guys.

Coming together in 2006, these lifelong friends include E-King (lead vocals & piano), Penguinsane (guitar & backing vocals), littleladle (bass & backing vocals) and ThEd0g (drums & backing vocals). They banded together to create a sound that they called an ‘alternative/funk-rock’. Originally hailing from Buggiano in Italy the guys have moved across the pond and now live in Austin Texas. Their career has seen them open for Interpol, won ‘The Freshmen’ competition by MTV and have been picking up great reviews for their live shows which has seen them perform at SXSW in 2013, 2014 and 2015. These guys have been busy!

Now, let’s talk about their music. I have been hooked on their acoustic album ‘Aerial Roots’ which I mentioned earlier, so I was looking forward to delving into their previous releases to hear what else they had to offer. Piqued Jacks releases include ‘Momo The Monkey’ (EP, September 2010) ‘Brotherhoods’ (EP, February 2011) and ‘Just a Machine’ (EP, January 2013). I have found listening to these releases interesting as their music has developed so much. From these EP’s I highly recommend you listen to the songs ‘Petals Floating’, Youphoric!?’ and the sublime ‘Waves of Spain’. All can be heard on their Bandcamp page (click HERE).

January 2015 saw a change to their music with the release of ‘Climb Like Ivy Does’ which is an impressive album. When I first listened to this album it instantly felt stronger than their earlier works and delivered a sound which was more confident as well as focused. This has a cool indie rock vibe which is a little different to what I usually listen to but when music sounds this good then it can happily convert me. Some amazing guitar skills can be heard throughout the album as well as some really cool vocals. Check out the highlight songs ‘Only a Bridge’ and my favourite ‘Beehive’ to listen to these talents at work.

Now to the reason for this feature which is their latest album ‘Aerial Roots’. As I mentioned, this is an acoustic version of the album ‘Climb Like Ivy Does’ and this is such a different side to their music. I like how this stripped back feel shows off more of the bands talent not only in sound but lyrically to. Musically, the guitars are great as the various techniques on offer are a personal highlight for me especially how the different guitar layers offer intricate skills and well as some infectious rhythms (the song Gift Handed Down for Generations is a great examples of this). As these have been toned down this lets the listener focus on more of the lyrical skills which my favourite song ‘Beehive’ showcases to perfection. E-King’s vocals on this song do not get any better than this in my books. Give this one a listen and let yourself fall into it’s story. Actually the vocals on each song will not disappoint especially on the song ‘When Glances Meet’.

Overall, I am a bit addicted to the album ‘Aerial Roots’ as there is so much to offer and this only confirms why this is a band that is turning a lot of heads. Give this album a listen at their Bandcamp page (click HERE) as well as all of their previous releases and as always with this site, you can purchase the music while you are there.

I am looking forward to hearing how the music of Piqued Jacks will continue as I don’t know if this acoustic sound is a one off or maybe there will be more. If you want to find out more about the band including their future releases then head over to their website at You can also find this information from their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. The guys are planning a tour of the UK so check out their website for more information as well as all other future shows.

As always, the usual reminder to support the unsigned and independent music that matters to you. With our help, musicians like Piqued Jacks can continue to grow which can only be good for us fans. If you like what you hear from these guys then tell the world all about them today!