Introducing Pigeon Park

Let me introduce you all to my new favourite band called Pigeon Park who got in touch and asked if I would check out their music. After watching the video for their song ‘Break Me’ I was instantly hooked and spent the rest of that night watching more of their videos. I’ve got to say, Nick Weber (lead vocals), Kevin Okabe (guitarist), Artur Leppert (bass guitar), Hunter Elliott (drums) and Logan Pacholok (guitar) really know how to make music that ticks all the right boxes for me! Pigeon Park got together in 2008 and they have been working to deliver their own style of hard rock and receiving great reviews from their gigs which has included support slots with Aerosmith and Slash, The Tea Party, Sam Roberts, Big Wreck, and Scott Weiland. Pretty impressive if you ask me!

There is the standard stuff about the band on their website but I wanted to learn a little more, so I emailed them for more information. Kevin from the band got in touch and was kind enough to answer any questions that I had. We talked about the bands name, influences and a little more. This is what he had to say.

How did Pigeon Park come together and is there a story behind the name?

We came together as separate groups of friends in high school, a mutual love of music brought us together as band. The name came from a park in Vancouver, it’s kind of divides the seedier area of town with the more upscale part. It’s a big part of Vancouver’s core and it’s history so we felt it’s a good indication of where we come from. Plus it rolls off the tongue nice too.

How would you describe the bands sound and which musicians have helped influence this?

I would describe the sound simply as “Rock” but it’s also inspired by the different kinds of music we listen to on our own, which I think gives it a different element as well. Our mutual influences stem from bands like Led Zeppelin, The Parlor Mob, Band Of Skulls etc. Having said that, we’re all over the map to what we each enjoy listening to and what inspires us, I think that’s really important as a musician, to listen to all different kinds of genres as it draws in to the music you create as a unit.

Which is the bands favourite song from you EP’s you have released and why?

I think we would all agree with “Come Down Slow”, that’s a staple of our live set and I think it’s the most “us” song that we’ve recorded. It’s always a blast to play live and it was just one of those songs that came together pretty easy. The lyrics also hold special meaning for because it touches on alienation, substance abuse, and just feeling disconnected from the world which I think is something we all feel in the day to day.

If you were headlining a world tour, which 2 musicians/bands would you choose as YOUR support and why?

Living or dead? That’s a tough one to answer… Band Of Skulls would be in there for sure because I just respect what they do so much, their songs are incredible and just the way the harmonies blend so seamlessly together… that band really makes me feel, which is what music is all about. If we could find some way to resurrect Jimi Hendrix & get him back with The Experience, that would be my next choice. Except we’d probably just let them headline, you can’t really follow that act.

The things that man can do with the guitar still blows my mind, a true virtuoso and just an incredible songwriter. Plus then we could hang out, do some acid, and jam together.

What are the bands future goals for their music?

We hope to keep ascending higher, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far together but there’s always the whole “aspire for higher” mentality that I think all humans have rooted in themselves. We’re never satisfied and when we accomplish something big its always kind of like, “Whats next now” which can drive you crazy too. When we first started the band, we had adolescent dreams of touring the world, selling out arenas, and connecting with people all around the world with our music. Being able to do all that would still be great. Ultimately I’d say for me, I’d like to be able to make a living playing music with these four guys, tour the world together and to make a difference in peoples lives with the music we create.

After becoming totally addicted to the music of Pigeon Park I have added three of their EP’s to my collection. Their 2012 self titled release has so much to offer and its is more than a one trick rock pony. The guitar solo’s are awesome, the beats are heavy and loud and lets not forget the killer vocals that are on show. I absolutely love the song ‘Only Us Fools’ which is a really cool blues filled rock song that has this weird mix of riff tempo, but I like it! I also like their song ‘Hopeless’ which shows a softer side and has a slight John Mayer meets Lenny Kravitz feel to it. This EP feels like they went where the music took them and I like that it shows so many different sides to their sound.

2013 saw the follow up EP ‘Black Widow’ which feels more focused as it sounds like these guys knew the type of music they wanted to deliver. When listening to this release it feels less wild than their previous EP but this new sound is a lot stronger. They still deliver the same impressive elements from their previous release including some sexy guitar riffs and outstanding vocals which are better than ever! I can hear why all this has helped to give a more professional bluesy rock sound which as a result has taken their music to the next level. If you need evidence of this then check out the songs ‘Feel the Rain’ and my favourite ‘Come down Slow’.

The bands latest offering ‘Stripes’ EP has once again stepped up to the plate and knocked one out of the park, I don’t really get baseball but I do like this term. I have respect for musicians who continue to grow and release a stronger collection of songs from the last release as it shows how serious they are about their craft. What ‘Stripes’ offers is a fine tuning of the sound they produced on ‘Black Widow’. It is less bluesy than before but gives a no nonsense rock offering that has a more radio friendly core that will appeal to a wider audience. I do miss their older sound but this is still pretty awesome! One thing that stands out the most with this EP is that it has more of a sing-along quality to it as a lot of the songs have a stadium anthem kind of feel thanks to some catchy lyrics and melodies. No song demonstrates this more than the song ‘Break Me’ which was the first song I heard by the band and is also my favourite from the EP. You should also check out the titled track ‘Stripes’ which also shows how much this band means business. Overall, this is their strongest collection of songs and needs to be in your collection if you call yourself a fan of rock!

If you like rock and the music by Pigeon Park is right up your alley then head over to their Bandcamp page (click HERE) to purchase all 3 of these EP’s. I recommend buying all 3 then listening to them all on shuffle to get a true showing of their impressive range to their sound. If you need a little more convincing then you can also listen to their music while you are there. As a fan, I can only praise how good their music sounds but if I took a step back this is a band who delivers an impressive rock sound. With each EP their song writing talent gets stronger and really shows what Pigeon Park is all about. This is why they are continuing to win new fans and receive great reviews. So go on, check out the music by Pigeon Park today!

These guys have continued to release great EP’s and I am confident that there will be more to come. With music this good what other prediction could I make? To find out what the future brings for Pigeon Park or you want to know where you can catch them live then head over to their website at You can follow them on Facebook or Twitter and while you are them feel free to say hello as they like to interact with their fans.

Pigeon Park are a band that deserve the support from their fans and if you are one of them then it is your duty to help spread the word about their music. So go tell the world that Pigeon Park are here and thy know how to ROCK!