Introducing The People The Poet


It is my absolute pleasure to share with you the music from The People The Poet. I have been a fan of these guys for a few years now after discovering their music while researching the Great Escape Festival in 2014. Unfortunately due to the location of their gig and conflicting shows, I was unable to see them which I am still gutted about, but I’m trying to find the opportunity to catch them live. So, why do I rate these guys so highly? They deliver this infectious rock sound which at times can have some folk/Americana mixed in and the vocals are insanely good! Think Bruce Springsteen meets Pearl Jam!

So, who are The People The Poet? These Welsh rockers have been together since 2008 which has seen some changes in band members and band names before becoming the band we now know. The band is now made up by Leon Stanford (vocals), Tyla Campbell (guitar), Pete Mills (bass) and Lewis Rowsell (drums). Together they have been receiving well deserved praise for their music and live shows which includes a second appearance at the famous SXSW Festival in Texas. They have also released the album ‘The Narrator’ and their new EP called ‘Paradise Closed’ which I will talk about a little later in my post.

I had the opportunity to talk to the guys about their music, the band and a little more so I could get you an insight into the world of The People The Poet. This is what they had to say:

How did The People the Poet come together and is there a story behind the name?

3 of us attended the same school and came from the same area but with our local music scene having so many bands it weren’t really until after we had left school the 3 of us come together to start a band. We went through a few names and line up changes until becoming a four piece and adding Pete Mills on bass. The People The Poet was the name we settled on just before releasing our debut Album “The Narrator”. The album is a concept album which was written based on our fans life stories which were sent to us on request. By the time we had finished the album we had matured a lot more as a band and felt we needed a name which would have some meaning behind it, a name which would pay tribute to our fans who trusted us with their life stories.

How would you describe the bands sound and which musicians have helped influence this?

We collectively listen to a big range of music from Phil Collins to ACDC, Stevie Wonder to Sigur Ros, Earth,Wind and Fire to Blur but not all of our influences come across strongly in our sound. We have drawn comparisons to many bands in the past such as U2, Kings Of Leon, Coldplay, The Dave Matthews band and Pearl Jam. All these bands we respect and they definitely play a part in influencing our sound. I suppose our main genre is Rock music but we always like to test ourselves with all different genres to tell the story or to portray how we are feeling that moment in time.

Which is the bands favourite song from your album ‘The Narrator’ or EP ‘Paradise Closed’ and why?

Both releases are a spread of completely different songs but I think we all feel incredibly proud of “Same Heart” from the new EP “Paradise Closed”. From the first time we heard Tyla’s riff we knew the song would almost write itself and be one of our best! I’d been holding onto the lyrics for a good year or two waiting for the right music to attach them to and when it all come together it just felt perfect.

If you were headlining a world tour and you could choose are 2 support acts, who would it be and why?

Phil Collins so he could help us write our next album whilst being on tour. Secondly Counting Crows so we could just watch them every night and learn from them.

What are the bands plans and goals for your music

Same as it’s been for the last year or so, just enjoy writing music together and playing shows.

2013 saw the release of the bands debut album ‘The Narrator’ which took 3 years to complete. You may be wondering why it took so long to accomplish this but it was due to it’s content. They asked their fans to send in their personal life stories which the band used to create into songs. This album talks about issues like cancer, drink/drug driving, eating disorders and more, but it also brings hope and positivity too. Due to the emotional content they had available it gave the band the opportunity to create something that would showcase their songwriting talent and gave us something special. This is a beautiful album from start to finish and it is regularly played amongst my collection ever since I purchased it on CD. Speaking of the CD, this is one of my favourites as it is displayed in a detailed story book which is beautifully illustrated. I recommend that you grab a copy of the CD, press play and read the lyrics from the book while you are listening.

Obviously the lyrical content stands out on this album but the band also offer so much more in other areas of their songwriting talent. These words would be lost without the right vocals. Leon has an impressive set of pipes on him and I can understand why his vocals get compared to the likes of Caleb from Kings of Leon and the legendary Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. He has this tone that pulls you in with it’s likable charm and a range that will surprise the listener. He can deliver a delicate performance as shown in the song ‘Pink Ribbon’ which is required as it talks about the topic of cancer, while on the other end of the scale he shows power and control with another highlight called ‘The Unwinding Thread’. All of this is supported by the band who add so many different layers to bring the right atmospheric feel to each song. Overall, this is an outstanding album and when you listen to my favourite song ‘Molly Drove me Away’ you will understand why you need the music of The People The Poet to your collection.

After listening to their debut album so many times due to it’s great sound, the news that the guys have finished their new EP ‘Paradise Closed’ made me excited and nervous. I wasn’t worried that it would sound bad, but more that they wouldn’t meet MY expectations. As I’m writing this review you can guess right that it sounds really good. This EP did meet my expectations but not in the way I expected. It was always difficult to follow an album which has such a personal and emotional theme but I am happy that he guys did not try to emulate this but instead they give us something equally special.

This EP feels so different as it is upbeat and gives us more of a rock sound than it’s predecessor. There are times when this new sound reminds me of the music from Gaslight Anthem which is good for me as I am a fan of them too. From the get go the song ‘Happy Being Miserable’ instantly introduces you this upbeat feel which will get you singing along to it’s hook before you know it. The band switch the mood with my favourite song ‘Club 27’ which reminds me vocally and musically of The Boss (Bruce Springsteen). It has that anthem feel with it’s sing along lyrics which again show off Leon’s awesome local talent. The rest of the EP continues to offer this great mix of sounds but still showcase the impressive sound from the band. I also recommend that you check out the song ‘Same Heart’ which is another highlight of mine from this release. Overall, the guys show us that they have so much to offer us with ‘Paradise Closed’ EP which will not disappoint. Unfortunately you will have to wait until April 1st for it’s official release, but you can pre-order it from the usual online stores.

As you can tell that I am a big fan of The People The Poet and when you listen to their music you will understand why. I strongly recommend that you check out their music on SoundCloud, YouTube or other music streaming sites to appreciate their musical talents. Once you have done and agree with me about how good they sound then you can purchase their music from the usual places like Amazon or iTunes. You can also purchase their music from their website by clicking HERE.

If want to learn more from the band then you can head over to their website at or alternatively visit their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. These are also great places to find out about future releases and upcoming gigs. Personally, I can’t wait to see these guys perform live and I WILL get to one of their gigs in the near future which I will no doubt talk a lot about on my social media sites.

I can’t express how much of a fan I am of this bands music and strongly recommend that you open your ears to let their music into your life. I will continue to show my support towards their music by spreading the word about The People The Poet by any means possible including the use of my social media sites. So, if the music from The People The Poet sounds so good and you are a fan, then tell the world about them today!

The guys are also showing their support towards the charity Cancer Research UK by selling T-Shirts with the slogan ‘Music is My Medicine’. This is connected to the story behind the song ‘Pink Ribbon’. To find out more about why the band are supporting this charity and to purchase a T-Shirt for yourself then click HERE.