Introducing Pawnshop Kings

Recently, someone recommended that I check out the music of a band called Pawnshop Kings. Not knowing what to expect, I found the video for their track ‘Fall Apart’ and my ears were loving what they were hearing.

Pawnshop Kings is the musical combination of the brothers Joel and Scott Owen. Together they create this wonderful sound that is a blend of Americana, gospel and some blues that is delivered with soul. You can understand why they produce this sound because of their influences which include The Beatles, Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder.

Pawnshop Kings are no strangers to the music scene as they have been creating music since 2007 when they released their debut album called ‘Locksley’. Then in 2009 they released their self titled EP which was followed by the Gospel EP in 2011. I have listened to each of these releases and it was great to hear the development of their sound as well as their talent. If you decide to check out their earlier material then I recommend you listen to the tracks ‘Angels Anyway’, ‘Child’ and ‘Believe I’m going Home’ which are all great examples of their musical talent. From the tracks I have heard ‘You and No Other’ was by far my favourite track.

Pawnshop Kings have recently released their new EP called ‘PSK’ which I can confirm is their best work so far. It may have been 3 years since their last release but time has given them the opportunity to fine tune their skills to take their music to a whole new level.

The EP starts off with ‘Love Like Jesus’ which has a great upbeat and enthusiastic gospel feel. Next is ‘Gonna Let You’, and when I first heard this track the vocals instantly grabbed my attention as they have such a great likeable tone. This track’s simplistic and honest feel combines with some cool lyrics that makes this a must hear track.

‘Fall Apart’ instantly drew me in with its killer chorus which now gets me singing along to the lyrics ‘C’mon take me home yeah let me fall apart with you’. I also like the way the brothers blend their vocal abilities to give us some great harmonies. ‘When you’re Holding Me’ shows us a softer side to the band. The mood is set with some great piano and guitar work. Again we get to hear some more great vocals which helps to give this a more emotional tone. The musical theme continues with the track ‘Make Me Whole’  which is a great way to finish this EP.

Here is an EP that if filled with great vocals, soul filled lyrics and an irresistible sound. With an EP that sounds this good I expect that these guys will be getting a lot more attention. ‘PSK’ sounds so good that it has become another early contender for my top 10 EP/albums for 2014.

With another great showing of their musical talent I am already looking forward to their next release, I have my fingers crossed that it will be a full length album.

If you like what you have heard and wish to hear more then you can head to their website at or go visit to listen to their previous releases. You can also follow their musical adventures at their social media sites of Facebook and Twitter. If you like what you have heard then support the music of Pawnshop Kings by telling the world about them. We need to share their great sound!