Introducing Native Station

The great thing about writing a music blog is that I can help give music an additional voice, this can be for established musicians/bands or some that are just starting out. I am not sure how much my support helps the music I write or talk about on social media (mainly Twitter) but I like to think it does something.

I would like to talk about a new band who I would like to use this voice to show my support to. Let me introduce you all to Greg Benton (lead vocals/rhythm guitarist), Thomas Troutt (lead guitar), Zak Poston (bass) and together they are know as Native Station. Together they create an alternative style of indie rock which has been influenced by musicians from many different genres.

Earlier this year Native Station released their debut EP ‘Vera Vera’ and on my first listen it felt a little rough around the edges and I was unsure how I felt about it, but there was something about it that made me want to listen to it again. On my second listen, things changed as I started to notice their musical talent shining through and I started to appreciate their sound more. From then on, the more I listen the more I enjoyed it, which has resulted in me writing this post.

This 7 track EP does its own thing and this is why I have grown to appreciate its content. Musically, it has a good arrangement and is produced well even though it can feel disjointed at times. Regular readers know that I normally focus on vocals and guitars when I listen to new music and this is no exception on this release. I love how the guys use both electric and acoustic guitars throughout the EP. Some songs have an edgier feel with the use of the electric guitar which also delivers some cool riffs. Other songs have a more laid back feel thanks to the acoustic guitar which also shows off some impressive finger picking skills.

All of this is supported by Greg’s natural delicate vocal tones and impressive range. This can be heard on my favourite song from the EP called ‘Night School’ as he delivers his finest vocals from this release. On this song, his vocals have a genuine emotion which mirrors the great unplugged feel of the music. This also the type of song which I feel the band sounds at their best.

Other stand out tracks include the catchy ‘My Addiction’ which has a slight pop feel that would sound great on the radio. ‘The Optimist’ is another great track which demonstrates the bands lyrical talent. From the first time I heard this song I was instantly drawn in by the little story which is delivered by more of Greg’s great sounding vocals.

Overall ‘Vera Vera’ may not grab everyone on the first listen as it did not with me, however I would give it a few more listens as this is definitely a grower. I am now glad that Native Station’s EP is part of my collection as it gets better with every listen. Head over to their Bandcamp page (click HERE) where you can listen to ‘Vera Vera’ in full or you can download for free (or name your price).

I have spoken to the guys on many occasions on Twitter (as they are cool guys) and I know that they are currently working on new material. They have also shared some of these new songs on their YouTube page which you should check out. I am liking their new songs as it shows that they have a lot more to offer as they continue to grow and focus their sound. I am confident their next release will sound even stronger and when its released then you will read about it here. You can also find out more on their social media sites Facebook and Twitter. Go say hello to the guys of Native Station as they like to talk to their fans.

I recommend that you give some time to the music of Native Station. and as always, if you enjoy the music then support it. Remember, the music will only continue if we help it to grow.