Introducing Matt Fryers

I want to introduce you all to the music of Matt Fryers. I was first introduced to his music after listening to his songs on the Scruff of the Neck compilations which I have previously featured on the site (click HERE to find out more). Since then I have become a huge fan of his music which has a heartfelt sound that is delivered with his soulfully gritty vocal ability.

To find out more about this musician, I decided to ask the man himself about his music, inspirations, his plans for the future and much more. This is what he had to say:

Can you remember the moment or the reason why you wanted to become a musician?

I started doing music when I was at school. My cousin started learning the keyboard, and not to be outdone I had to learn it too. I ended up sticking with it, he didn’t. I ended up at music college and it was there that I found out I could actually sing too. After a while it became clear that music was where my talents lay, and I’ve been singing in bands and performing solo ever since.

How would you describe your sound to any new listeners and who are your influences?

I’m really poor at describing my own sound but here goes. It’s acoustic based rock/indie music. I have quite a loud voice, which I think makes my act a bit different to some others. I’ve been influenced by a large range of styles including metal, soul, indie, blues, and various other weird styles I’ve listened to over the years. I grew up listening to a lot of Oasis as a kid so obviously Noel Gallagher inspired the first few songs I wrote. But since then I’ve been more influenced by people like Maynard James Keenan, Aaron Lewis, and James Vincent McMorrow.

When you write new music what is the important part to your process and what helps you get passed writers block?

When I’m writing it’s important for me to have no distractions so I can immerse myself fully in what I’m doing. Most of my lyrics are very personal, so I have to get my head completely into the feeling or situation of which I’m singing about. I’ve had writers block before. But that’s only with lyrics. I’m always writing bits of music here and there. And it’s those little riffs and melodies that inspire me to eventually put pen to paper. Just a few notes or chords that I’ve not played before can suddenly open up the floodgates and I’m away.

Which is your favourite track that you have wrote and why?

Up until the end of last year it was Rabbit Hole. The whole song is basically just a bit of social commentary as to what I see around me in some of the areas I go to. It got me a lot of attention when the song was released, and as it was my first proper release it’ll always be one of my favourites. But I’ve written a couple of songs that will be going on the next ep which are on another level as far as I’m concerned. I can’t wait to see if people like them as much as I do.

Is there anyone you’d like to write a song with, or collaborate with?

I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with quite a few people, most of whom have been talented musical friends that I have. There are son many amazing artists out there at the min, I’d love to work with them all. And I will be doing a lot more collaboration work this year. If it’s a famous person we’re talking about, I’d love to write a song with Maynard James Keenan from Tool. The guy has such an amazing musical brain though I’d probably just be in awe of him the whole time.

Do you have any musical goals you wished to achieve? If so, would you share some of them with us?

I’d say my main goal is on going. Its to keep getting better. To constantly improve my skills and to keep raising the bar with the performances. I think personal progression is important in anything we do. One day I would love to play alongside a full orchestra. Its something I’ve always wanted to do. Not so much of a goal though more just something high on the wish list.

What’s the future plans for your music? I’m hoping for an album but I’ll be happy with an EP.

I’m currently working on the new EP. I’ve had a few setbacks, but all being well that should be released in late February/early March. The main objective is to get an album out by the end of the year. But rather than just take all the songs that I have and compiling them together, I’m planning to write a whole album as a stand alone project. I’ve got some interesting collaborations coming up this year which I’m looking forward to, and I’m also hooking up with my old friend Trev Curley (ex High Nines lead guitarist) for some of the bigger gigs of the year to add a bit of extra dimension to the set.

I’m in the process of booking gigs for the coming year, and I’m hoping 2015 is going to be very exciting.


Matt has yet to release an album/EP but this will change, as he mentioned during the interview. I am excited to hear the release when it is ready as the music on his Soundcloud page shows us what an amazing songwriter he is. His Soundcloud page offers a great variety of sounds which include both covers and original material (both available free to download).

His covers have a great variety of genres which shows off Matt’s impressive vocal range (check out his cover of To Build a Home) and musical talent (listen to Mr Writer). My favourite cover is his version of ‘Man of Constant Sorrow’ as I did not expect him to cover this style of song. I love the film ‘O Brother where art thou?’ and I totally approve of his version.

For me, Matt’s music really shines when it comes to his original songs which have a wonderful honest sound that is delivered using either his guitar or piano. It doesn’t matter which instrument he uses as they deliver the right emotion to mirror the lyrics. His great way with words are delivered by Matt’s impressive vocal abilities which sounds like a soulful rocker. His songs ‘Top of the World’ and ‘Useless’ are a great reflection of his song writing and vocal abilities. In my opinion his finest song is ‘Paper Planes’ which uses his fantastic piano skills to deliver a heart felt song that pulls the listener in, highly recommend you listen to this song.

Going off the strength of his previous releases, I am more than confident that Matt’s debut EP will not disappoint and you can expect to read the review here when it is released. I will also go as far as predicting that it will be a contender for my top 10 featured releases of 2015.

To find out more about Matt including gigs then visit him at his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. Like other music that matters to me, I will continue to support the music from Matt Fryers by telling as many people as possible and if you enjoy his music then you should too.