Introducing Marcio Novelli

Through the world of social media I became aware of the name Marcio Novelli and with it a reputation of a lyricist who writes from an honest, vulnerable place. He uses this form of expression as a therapeutic outlet and by doing so, hopes it can help people through similar experiences. I decided to learn more about this highly rated musician.

Here is someone is in not only a singer songwriter but he is also a multi-instrumentalist. His talents do not end there as he also produces and mixes records, directs music videos and documentaries and co hosts the video podcast ‘Bridge the Atlantic’ which features stories from people within the creative industry. Marcio is one busy guy but his heart is always with creating music.

After coming across his Bandcamp page I discovered that he had released ‘The Overture’ (2006, under the name Euporia’s Depression), Break Me EP (2009) and the album ‘It’s Not An Excuse, It’s A Reason’ (2012). All of these releases have a core sound of pop meets rock with an acoustic twist. There are many gems to be found from this collection which is thanks to his lyrical talent. From them all, I personally recommend you listen to ‘Remember Love’, This song is not for you’, ‘Celebration’ and ‘Break Me’.

Marcio has recently released ‘The Reimagining: Vol. 1’ EP which is some of his older songs rearranged and stripped down in an acoustic manner. I have seen a lot of artists revisit old tracks and give them a new lease of life, but for me the end result has not always been for the better. However, there have been some musicians like Marcio who are able to remould their work to produce something as good, and at times, better the original.

I think the reason why this works for Marcio is that this stripped back sound has given him the opportunity to create something more intimate and heartfelt. As he is someone who writes honestly and openly then this has set the stage for some of his emotionally packed songs to shine brighter in this new environment. For me, the track that really benefits from this is ‘Doctor, Please’ which is about his battle with mental illness over the years. I am not sure if something changed while he worked on this but now it feels more personal as he seems more connected to the lyrics. As a result, this has now become my personal favourite from him.

One thing that did surprise me about ‘The Reimagining: Vol. 1’ EP was Marcio’s vocals. He has always sounded good but he is now better than ever. Maybe its through experience that he is more controlled and gives more emotion within his tone or that he has become more connected with his art. Whatever the reason, it helps to make this EP stand out even more.

Overall, this release may have an impressive new audio landscape thanks to his change in arrangements but its core still shows off his lyrical talent that you need to hear. So, do yourself a favour and head over to his Bandcamp page (click HERE) to listen to ‘The Reimagining: Vol. 1’ in full. While you are there, check out his previous releases to really grasp his talents. If you need to add the music of Marcio Novelli to your collection then you can purchase it all from the same site. Alternatively, it can be bought from iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.

If you like what you have heard from Marcio Novelli then don’t worry as there are more new songs on the way. He is currently in the process of writing his new album which his fans have helped to make a reality through Pledge Music. You still have time to show your support by heading HERE. I would recommend you do so as the way he has been speaking about it on his social media sites, this could be his strongest work to date.

If you want to learn more about this talented artist then visit his website at You can also find him at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you should go say hello as he enjoys connecting with his fans. Don’t forget to tell your friends and the world about the music of Marcio Novelli TODAY!