Introducing Lucy Kitchen


I want to introduce you all to the beautiful vocals of the songstress Lucy Kitchen. It was suggested that I listen to her music, and from the first 10 seconds of the song ‘Blue Eyes’ I was instantly captivated by her gentle acoustic style.

This singer songwriter from Southampton creates an irresistible folk sound that has been influenced by musicians such as Joni Mitchell, Laura Veirs, Nick Drake and Beth Orton. She may have been influenced by these talented musicians, but there is no denying that she has a sound that is her own.

I have been able to preview her upcoming debut album ‘Waking’ and I can confirm this is an album to watch out for. From the moment the album begins with the title track ‘Waking’ you are instantly aware of Lucy’s great musical ability.

The album has a simplistic feel which is a result of it being recorded as a live album.  I feel this helps to give it an honest charm. The music is built around Lucy’s great voice and her gentle guitar style, which is the main reason that her music appeals to me. The way the guitar sounds is so delicate and it adds to the emotion in her lyrics which are written from her own personal perspective. The vocals on this album are outstanding and some of the best female vocals I have heard in a while. The ways she delivers an emotional and haunting tone with such grace helps to make this album stand out.

Overall, Lucy has created an impressive 10 track album that ends too quickly, I wished it was about 10 minutes longer. However, this album is filled with so many stand out songs that it has made it difficult to choose my favourites. ‘Waking’ and ‘Blue Eyes’ both standout because of their great sound and lyrics. My favourite track is ‘Stranger’ which tells a story about a woman who finds it difficult to settle down and delivers everything I like about Lucy’s music in one song.

If you like what you are reading and listening to then you can pre-order her new album ‘Waking’ from her website at Remember it’s not available until 28th March but it is worth the wait. If you want to hear more then you can check out her Soundcloud page.

I’ve been lucky enough to catch up with Lucy and ask her a few questions about her inspirations, the new album and a little bit more….

Who or what inspiration for getting into music?

‘I played flute and piano classically growing up and used to want to be a professional flautist. Then my Dad brought home Nanci Griffith’s Little Love Affairs album when I was 15 and I was totally inspired. I started listening to lots of American folk and country and started writing lyrics/poems. Then when I was 16 my Mum and Dad bought me a guitar and I taught myself a few chords and started writing songs.’

Which track off the album is your favourite and why?

‘Tricky one as it has changed! I probably have a few favourites but I am really happy with how Here turned out. I really wanted a violin on it and I’d tried a couple of people and been let down so I was really pleased when Matt sent me his part – it just completed the song for me and gave it the feel I’d been looking for.’

When you write a song, what do you start with? lyrics or sound?

‘I don’t have any kind of set process when I’m song writing. A lot of my songs start with lyrics but some come in what I call a ‘splurge’ where I get lyrics and music all together which is always quite something! Feels like I’ve plugged into something other than myself. I have a few lyric books though that I’m always writing ideas in and a lot of those become songs.’

If the end of the world was near and you had enough time to listen to one album, which would you choose?

‘I had to think really hard about this as there are so many! It’s a toss up between some early Joni Mitchell, Mazzy Star, Lamb or Neil Young but it all depends on the mood I’m in. Or, I might just put my dance playlist on and dance my way to eternity!’

Now you have released your new album what else do you have planned for 2014?

‘Getting out there and playing live! I’m hoping to book in some more festivals for the summer and then I’m looking at booking up a tour to play new places and travel a bit. And a holiday would be nice!’

With the musical ability that Lucy possesses and such an impressive album to support her music, I am confident that she will have a very busy year.  If you want to find out more about Lucy Kitchen then go and visit her website at You can also find out more at her social media sites at Twitter and Facebook.

I highly recommend that you listen to Lucy’s music and grab yourself a copy of album ‘Walking’. With many female singer songwriters out there at the moment this is one that stands out of the crowd for me.