Introducing Lucid Fly


I was first introduced to the music of Lucid Fly after their lead singer Nikki Layne got in touch and asked if I would check out their music. As you can guess, I really liked what I heard so much that I had to feature them on my site. To show how much I liked their sound, I contributed towards their recent project raising funds for their upcoming album ‘Building Castles in Air’. I can confirm that the project was a success and I can’t wait for this album to be released.

This is the part where I would tell you more about Lucid Fly, their sound and more. Well, I am going to let Nikki tell you all of this as she was kind enough to answer the questions that I had about the band. This is what she had to say:

How did Lucid Fly come together and is there a story behind the name?

Lucid Fly was formed in Orlando , FL , in 2000, when I (Nikki Layne-vocals) met Doug Mecca (guitar) through musician want-ads. After many years of playing the FL music scene, we decided to relocate to Los Angeles in 2007 to take our music career to the next level. We knew that LA fit our lifestyle and that there was plenty of opportunity there, so we made the leap…2 months after relocating, we found Aaron Ficca (drummer) and we have been playing together ever since 😉 

The name “Lucid Fly” came from this newspaper headline “Lucid Flies into the Record Book”..about the Astronaut Hall of Famer, female pioneer Dr. Shannon Lucid.  One day a coworker of mine brought in a copy of the Orlando Sentinel. She pointed out the headline and asked what I thought of the name “Lucid Fly”? At the time, we had been pulling words randomly out of the dictionary, and trying to come up with a meaningful name that fit the style of the band. We just resonated with the fact that Shannon Lucid was a female making history, breaking records, and overcoming obstacles. Also, we are fascinated by space, so the name just felt like it was a good match. Since then, all of our album titles have had space themes: Adapting to Gravity, The Escape Stage, and most currently Stasis.

How would you describe the bands sound and which musicians have helped influence this?

We describe our music as alternative progressive rock/metal. Our sound combines intricate and heavy guitars, melodic vocals, with complex rhythms. We like to play around a lot with different time signatures, while still keeping it listener friendly. As a band, we’re influenced by all styles of music (from jazz, to down tempo, to metal and everything in between). We tend to gravitate towards music that is melodic, dark, technical and full of groove. Also, we love a great singer and drums!! If we had to name bands, I would have to say Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, Katatonia, Tesseract, Baxter , and we recently discovered Leprous, they rock!

Which is the bands favourite song from the EP’s you have released and why?

So far, with the songs we’ve released, I would have to say that overall “Waiting” from our latest EP “Stasis” is the band’s favorite. That song is really the first song we wrote with a new approach, where we started messing around with time signatures, subdivisions and a lot of experimentation. Also, it’s mixed by Forrester Savell, one of our all time favorite producer/engineers. He is based out of Australia , and has worked on some of our all time favorite albums like Karnivool’s – Sound Awake and Dead Letter Circus’s – The Catalyst Fire.

You have recently completed a successful project to raise funds for your new debut album. How did it feel to have so much support from your fans?

Yes…Lucid Fly fans are the best! We feel truly blessed to have the support of so many fans from around the world.  When we announced this campaign we had no idea what to expect, and we are truly humbled by everyone’s generosity! With everyone coming together, we managed to raise 104% of our goal, and this money will go a long way toward helping us do a lot of things that we have only dreamt about. We can’t wait to get the new music out into the world and into your ears.

What can we expect from the new album?

The new album, titled “Building Castles In Air”, you can expect the “Lucid Fly” sound…heavy guitars with melodic vocals, but this set of 10 songs are definitely more personal to each one of us. We pushed ourselves and experimented much more – both with technology and the process: lyrically, melodically, and rhythmically. Overall, we hope it will be darkish rock with layers of rhythm and melody, where the instruments and vocals play off each other…and something a listener has to put “on repeat” to really get all the details.

Once the album is out, our goal is to perform and travel wherever we can. We know we can’t help but keep evolving and creating music so our priority will be to find and connect with audiences. We hope to see you on tour in a city near You!

2005 saw the release of their debut EP ‘Adapting to Gravity’ which was well received. A lot of these reviews compared their sound to that delivered by Evanescence, which I agree with, but Lucid Fly still brought their own game to their music. For me, it felt like it was missing something on this release but I can not but my finger on it. However, there was no denying the talent that this band possesses when you listen to this release. With awesome songs like Collide and Para11el you can hear that this was a band who knew how to rock and deliver songs that grabbed your attention. This was followed up in 2009 with the EP ‘The Escape Stage’ where there was a change in music they produced. I am not sure if it was because of lessons learned or experience gathered by the band while touring, or the recruitment of Aaron on drums,  but the sound of Lucid Fly got better than ever. For me it sounds like they have made little improvements to each part of their song writing process which has taken their overall sound to the next level. This was more like the sound that I expected from the debut release. Another improvement was the production value as the vocals sound crisp and the music was more kick ass to listen to. Overall, with so many great song on offer including ‘Back and Forth’ and ‘Means to an End’ it comes as no surprise that this band is causing waves in the world of rock.

Now to the present. Lucid Fly released their EP ‘Stasis’ earlier in the year which feels like a warm up before the main event of their debut album ‘Building Castles in Air’. This EP teases the fans as the music has stepped up its game AGAIN which was a nice surprise for me. Lucid Fly may look the same but there has been some fine tuning of their sound, making their rock engine roar louder than ever! Each of the 3 songs on offer showcase exactly what this band is about and I’m glad they are part of my collection. Check out my highlight called ‘Waiting’ which shows off Nikki’s vocals to perfections as well as the band taking no prisoners with their sound! Every time I listen to this EP it makes me more excited for the new album!

To listen to the music of Lucid Fly in full then you should head over to their Bandcamp page (click HERE) and if you like what you hear then you can purchase their music while you are there. If you are a fan of awesome melodic rock then Lucid Fly needs to be part of your collection today. You can still pre-order the new album from their Indiegogo page by clicking HERE.

From the music that has been released already, and the way Nikki has spoken about the full length album, it is hard not to get excited about their new music. It is safe to predict that it will be their best work to date and when it is released you will read about it here!

To keep up to date with the music world of Lucid Fly you can check out their website at or their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to say hello to them as they love to chat to their fans!

As always, independent musicians/bands like Lucid Fly can only continue with the help of their fans. So go and support the music that matters to you today by purchasing the music, going to gigs and telling the world how awesome this music is to you!