Introducing Lilac’s Daughter

Lilac’s Daughter is the creation of Sif Jacobsen, and her music is simply beautiful. I was contacted by Sif and she asked if I could give her music a listen. As you all know, I am a huge fan of  discovering new music and I was curious to hear what see had to offer. What I heard was this wonderful blend of Americano folk and vocals that would grab anyone’s attention. With every additional song I heard the more that I needed the music by Lilac’s Daughter to be part of my music collection.

Lilac’s Daughter started when Sif was fifteen and her musical adventure began. Since then she has performed gigs around the world including Scandinavia, Germany, United Kingdom and the USA. It is said that it was her lonesome days on the road that gave life to the beautiful melancholy soul that shines through in her folky tunes. In 2014 she released her album ‘Youth’ which I will talk about in more detail later in the post. I love that this musician is self taught and is independent of any record labels.

Sif is currently studying for her degree in music while creating new records. She is a very busy lady who lives for the music and I am pleased that she has taken some time out of her busy schedule to talk to me about her sound, her debut album and much more. This is what she had to say:

Who or what inspired you to become a musician and which musicians have influenced your sound?

Music has always been a magical thing to me for as long as I can remember, and it has always been a big part of me. Many different artists (fx. Tina Dickow, Anaïs Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and Will Varley), people and places has inspired me along the way but I do not think becoming a musician was ever inspired by one thing or one person. It was just like the music would not leave me be and then I decided to give in to it and become it.

When you write new music what is the important part to your process?

The most important thing for me when I write new music is to be alone and to be in the now with myself and my thoughts. Writing in remote places seems to be easier to me as no people or social media is there to distract me.

Talking about writing music, which is your favourite song you have wrote and why?

I think the song I am most proud of having written is December Nights. Possibly because it is not about one specific situation or person but about many different things, and so it becomes more of a general feeling or ramble of thoughts.

What album are you addicted to at the moment and why?

I am completely addicted to Marty O’reilly’s Pray for Rain and his new EP Preach’em Now. I only just discovered him recently when I attended Fell Foot Sound Festival and was just blown away by the musical brilliance and emotional content of the music. I rarely feel so sucked into a performance as I did with Marty O’reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra.

What are you future plans and goals for your music?

I am currently studying at Leeds College of Music so a lot of my time will be spend doing the best I can do there, but other than that I am looking forward to be playing as many gigs, as possible as many places as I can and hopefully most of them will be with my new band. I’m also hoping to be able to release more music next summer, but all that and more can be read about on my blog on

Let’s talk about the album ‘Youth’. This is one of those wonderful albums that when you press play you will instantly relax as the music sweeps you away. This is helped by the various instruments including the violin which intertwine to create this wonderful folky sound. On this album, the violin sets the mood for each song like a conductor (great job by Sonja Lind and Alexander Kraglund) and it is a personal highlight from this release. As much as the music sounds great throughout this album it is Sif’s vocals that steals the show for me. She has a gentle tone with an impressive range and a control that is used to perfection to help deliver the right emotion for each song. This emotion is needed to reflect the mood of the lyrics. The song writing on show by Lilac’s Daughter has a storytelling quality which together with the other elements described earlier which combine to create this must hear sound.

Standout songs from this album include Alaska Man and Lavender Heart which perfectly demonstrates what makes the music by Lilac’s Daughter sound so good. My personal favourite is Horse Chestnuts and Riversides. I have huge love for this song which for me are the best vocals on the album which blends effortlessly with some wonderful violin playing. The feel of this song can only be described as beautiful and I don’t think my words can do it justice. My advice is to listen to it and let it speak to you.

If you love your music with an honest folk sound with a spellbinding vocal display then the album ‘Youth’ is for you. If you want to listen to more of this album or better still purchase a copy then head over her Bandcamp age (click HERE). Add this album to your collection today, you will not be disappointed.

I really hope that we do not have to wait too long for new music from Lilac’s Daughter. If you want to find out when the new music will happen or where to find out more about this talented lady then head over to Alternatively, you can head over to her social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

Independent music can only continue with the support of its fans. This can be done by purchasing the music and other merchandise, going to gigs or spreading the word of the music that matters to you. So, if you are enjoying the music by Lilac’s Daughter then help show your support about her music today!