Introducing Leonard Sumner

Thanks to the recommendation from the musician Bet Smith I have become obsessed with the sound of Leonard Sumner. This musician is an MC/Singersongwriter from the Little Saskatchewan First Nation who brings his brings his own style that fuses Roots, Hip-Hop, Country, and Rhythm & Blues.

After the recommendation I headed over to YouTube and checked out the video for his song ‘What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?’ which had this wonderful authentic acoustic feel with a cool gentle rap flow. This song had something special about it and I couldn’t wait to hear more. After some research I found out that Leonard Sumner had released the album ‘Rez Poetry’. After listening to the album in full I was blown away with his songwriting talent and I was a fan!

‘Rez Poetry’ is a wonderful collection of songs that has so much to offer any fan of music will appreciate what he has created. Everything about it feels authentic and open from the stories he shares to the soundtrack that supports them. There is something about the soul of this release that has it all for me.

Throughout the album you are treated to an nice variation in tone and tempo which does not stray far from the grounded acoustic sound he offers. One side of his music delivers a country vibe then gives him the opportunity to show off a softer vocal display, check out Prairie song which is a good example of this. Then the other side is an edgier sound where he brings his own hip hop style which to me is when Leonard really shines. With an acoustic driven album I was surprised to hear his switch to the piano for the song ‘Questions’. The emotional tone and lyrics are stunning, a personal favourite of mine.

What impressed me the most about the music of Leonard Sumner is his way with words as he is not afraid to deliver stories with a personal content. The way he expresses himself with his lyrics always seems to capture my attention at a level that not many musicians achieve. With songs ‘Like Questions’ and ‘Tears and Time’ you get to hear the depth to this talent. My favourite song ‘They Say ft. Wab Kinew’ perfectly shows the personal content that he shares and the way he does so confirms how good his songwriting talent really is.

There is no weak track on this album in my opinion and I highly recommend you give it a listen. Head over to his website and let your ears absorb ‘Rez Poetry’ (click HERE). If you like what you are listening to then grab yourself a copy from his store (click HERE) or from the usual online stores like iTunes and CDBaby.

I am excited to learn that there is new music due in 2017 from Leonard Sumner and I can’t wait to hear what he has to offer. If you want to find out when this will be released or want to learn more about this musician then head over to his website Alternatively, check him out at his social media sites at Facebook or Twitter.

As a fan, I’ll be doing my part to help spread the word about the music of Leonard Sumner. If feel the same about this musician then tell the world about him TODAY!