Introducing Lee Gordon

11011958_10153827507117985_6288011903351748356_oLee Gordon is a musician who has recently caught my attention with his wonderful acoustic sound partnered with his sublime vocal talent. After watching the live video for his song ‘Beach House’ I knew this was a musician with a serious talent that I needed to support.

So who is Lee Gordon? From an early age Lee always knew music would be a major part of his life and has played in various bands since the age of 13. This journey has not been easy with many highs and lows, but his desire to create music has never faded. To help talk more about this journey, Lee was kind enough to spare some time (as he is busy recording new music) to answer some questions I had for him. We talked about his inspirations, song writing and more. This is what he had to say:

What inspired you to become a musician and who has helped to influence your sound?

I could always sing, I think. Well, I always liked to sing. One of my first memoires was singing along to Michael Jackson with my head right in the cone of one of the old giant wooden speaker that sat on the questionably patterned beige, brown and black carpet in our front room. I loved the feeling of being immersed in the music. No one in my family is musical. I didn’t grow up in a house full of music. My Mum did love Motown and Stax though and I still have her old Otis Redding vinyl. He is definitely an inspiration and an example of exuding pure soul into your music.

I first new I wanted to play when I was around 11 and at a friends house. His uncle turned up with a red Fender Strat and showed off to us playing questionable versions of old Clapton and Cream. I was hooked. I knew this was for me! I got a cheap copy of a Strat for the next Xmas and spent hours a day trying to play it. I had my first band at 13 I think. This began my journey into music and all of its genres. I started with Clapton, which led to Blues (Muddy Waters/ Robert Johnson), then Guns and Roses and Rock music which led to Metallica (the good stuff, Master of Puppets, Ride The Lightening etc) and metal (Slayer, Anthrax, bay area stuff). Around 15 when grunge hit it blew me away, the guttural angst of it all, the lyrical style, just struck a chord with me especially Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. I’d say their sound still influences me to this day. Eddie Vedder is a hero of mine for sure. It was late teens when I got my first acoustic guitar and wrote my first ‘singer/songwriter’ song. Then the likes of Neil Young, Jeff Buckley, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, Counting Crows, Ryan Adams. I grew up on Rock, Metal, Grunge and Singer/songwriters coming out of America and I can hear all of them in what I write now and have written previously. I have been told, rather accusingly, that I have an ‘American’ sound. I don’t know why that is a bad thing! Growing up in the 90’s America led the way musically (unlike these days when we have some serious Talent!) I suppose it was inevitable given my taste. I write from the heart. Its not stylised in anyway. It is 100% me.

When you write new music what is the important part to your process?

I do always seem to right in a certain way. Fiddling about on the guitar will give me a chord progression or riff of some kind, which will kick start a melody and top line which I will just vamp on, then the lyrics will slot in over all that. Lyrics are very important to me and I put every ounce of energy and brain power I can muster to really throw myself heart and soul into the words. I love a hook also. For me a song has to have a real good hook somewhere. My songs always come from an emotive place. Song writing is my first love and real catharsis for me and what ever I may be feeling is laid bare in my process. I, like most others like me, write better when life sucks!

Talking about writing music, which is your favourite song you have written so far and why?

Wow that is tough. Which is your favourite kid! I have a couple of songs I am very proud of which I wrote in my last band. We were a 3 piece and very loud, melodic and emotive. I loved that band and the direction we were heading in.  One was called ‘A Lost Michelangelo’ and the other ‘The Tide’. Versions of them on my Soundcloud page. Heartbreakingly I never really got a chance to do anything with them before the label collapsed which led to the band splitting. I will fine tune them and bring them back from the ether. Both have lyrics I’m very proud of and big monster hooks! People seem to spend a lot of time stylising things to fit into moulds, whether that be for success, popularity, money, fame. I cant be arsed with all that. This is me people. In song form. I do it because I have to, because I’m shit at everything else, because if I didn’t I would go mental, I share it because I’m insecure and long for approval and, like all musicians, I’m a bloody show off! If people like it that is cool, really cool!! If not that is cool also, I’ll carry on regardless because I’m stubborn!

If you were headlining a world tour, which 2 musicians/bands would you choose as YOUR support?

Damn that is another tough one! I’m gonna keep it kind of realistic. 2 people I love right now are Bears Den and Foy Vance. So I’m going to stick with them. If we are talking anyone ever I’d have to go with Jeff Buckley and Robert Johnson because, well, that is bloody obvious why!

What are you future plans and goals for your music?

I am going to write the best songs I can and put them out there, whether that is live, on video, on record, I’m not sure, which ever way is best at the time. I have no grand plan right now. I have been back writing and working hard for 6 months now after a 3 year break when the label we were signed too went bust, the band split then my dear Mum got and lost her fight with cancer.  I have a family now, an amazing wife and little boy. They are my entire world and a constant inspiration everyday. I have simple aspirations. I would love to make my passion for music my career.  Waking up everyday to my family and being involved in music 24/7 would be a dream come true. I would love to be able to support us by playing and writing music. That is my dream. I don’t want to be rich and famous. I wouldn’t say no obviously but it is not an end game. I don’t want to create a new musical landscape.  I’m going to see if its possible to make a living from doing the only thing I’ve ever been good at. I will always write songs though and will keep working and exploring the art of creating music because I love it. Bucket list though: Play at the Royal Albert Hall anywhere on a bill, Sell out The Borderline in London, be involved in the soundtrack for a Film, have a signature series acoustic guitar.

People who know me can confirm that when it comes to music there is nothing better than when you hear a musician who really connects to his music. The likes of Glen Hansard and Jeff Buckley are great examples of this. For me, Lee brings this quality to his music which is why I rate his music so highly. The soul and emotions he applies to each song feels so genuine that it’s difficult not to join him in the journey he takes you on with each song. His latest single ‘Beach House’ is a personal favourite of mine and shows off this talent. This soul drenched offering is near perfection and goes up there with one of my favourite songs I have had the pleasure of featuring on my site (I should make a playlist with all my favourite songs). Like all of his songs his voice steals the show, but it is supported by a wonderful blend of musical layers which include his mesmerising guitar style. He has shared a few of his newer songs on his Soundcloud page (click HERE) which showcase his must hear talent. I recommend you listen to them all especially ‘The Other Side’ and ‘Bad Design’. Just immerse yourself into his music and you will appreciate the talent that he possesses.

I have spoke to Lee about his music and I can confirm there is more new music in the works. The way he has spoke about what he is working on gives me the impression that we are in for a treat and I am excited to hear the end result. If you want to find out when his music is released or where he is playing next then head over to his website at Alternatively, head over to his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

When music sounds as good as this it deserves all the support it can get. For me I will be giving the music by Lee Gordon my full support through my social media sites and you can also expect to hear more from him on my site in the near future so stay tuned. Remember, independent music needs the support of their fans to continue and grow. So go and support the music that matters to you today!

‘Beach House’ is released on 22nd Feb 2016 and available from usual online stores like iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify etc. I’ll be grabbing my copy and hope you will be too.