Introducing Josh Massey

Josh Massey is a singer songwriter from West London who contacted with me with his recently released debut EP ‘Streetlights’. You know me, I love listening to new music as its like travelling into the musical unknown, hopefully for that new fix of amazing sounds. As you can guess, I liked what I heard.

There isn’t much on the internet about this guy, so I decided to talk to the man himself. Josh was kind enough to free up some time and answer a few of my questions about his music. This is what he had to say:

Who or what inspired you to become a musician and which musicians have influenced your sound?

Well I started playing drums at 5/6 and I the first 10 years of my life I  listened to rock, bands like Green Day, Foo Fighters and U2, I then moved to London to live with my Dad,I was then exposed to Soul/R&B, Hip-Hop and Michael Jackson, who is a huge influence for me. So I’ve always been musically ‘In tune’ but it wasn’t until I went to see Ed Sheeran play O2 Academy Brixton on my 15th birthday that I wanted to be a Singer-Songwriter. I came out of the concert completely exposed and inspired by the fact that one man, ginger hair, and a guitar could be so awesome. So from there I started teaching my self guitar and writing songs, a lot of which sounded just like Ed Sheeran’s. As I got older and more mature I started consuming more and more different artist and genres. Different artists and songs inspire certain songs and lyrics of mine. For example the title song ‘Streetlight’ has a lot of inspiration from David Gray’s ‘This Years Love and The 1975’s ‘Heart Out.’ Other inspirations of mine include; James Bay, Nina Nesbtt, Tori Kelly, Saint Raymond, Lewis Watson, Hozier, Jeremy Passion and Amber Run.

When you write new music what is the important part to your process?

Writing new music for me a lot of the time is very frustrating! Most of the time I will start off with an idea of a story or just one line of lyrics and then I generally expand on that playing with the guitar and melody ideas, however I often have so many ideas for one song I get caught up and it takes me a while to finish the song. But sometimes (mostly when I’m hoovering) a whole song will just come to me or I’ll be able to write one very quickly because my mind is just flowing, I have no idea how it works but there you go.

Talking about writing songs, which is your favourite from the new EP and why?

Lyrically I’d say my favorite song from the EP is ‘Paper Planes’ I just think it’s the most honest and vulnerable I’ve ever felt about a song. In terms of an overall song my favourite is ‘Streetlight’ it just embodies everything the song is about and what I wanted it to be.

If you were headlining a world tour, which 2 musicians/bands would you choose as YOUR support?

If i were headlining a world tour I’d probably take Mullally and Shaun Colwill as my supports, these two Singer-Songwriters are incredibly talented and have such unique styles and voices, so yeah them! There is also a really great female Singer-Songwriter called Mary Seganda.

What are you future plans and goals for your music?

Future goals/plans for me is too build a solid fan base around the UK, go on a mini UK tour, release more EP’s and just doing what I’m already doing on  bigger scale. Gaining as much experience as I possibly can.

When I first heard the music by Josh Massey it was his vocals that instantly caught my attention. He has this wonderful gentle tone that entices you to listen. This captivating tone can be heard throughout the EP which is accompanied by an equally gentle guitar style. This combination is the reason that Josh’s music has become a hit with me. There are additional layers to his music but they are subtle as to not distract you away from the guitar and vocals. I must also add that Josh has a good grasp of how to write some amazing lyrics to accompany his music. They are quite deceiving as they seem simplistic but there is so much more to them, give them a listen and you will understand what I mean.

Out of the 4 songs on offer, choosing my highlights was difficult as they all sound so good. Morning Light and Paper Planes (my favourite) both offer that wonderful and captivating gentle sound that makes the music by Josh Massey a must! Paper Planes has a sound that you would expect from the heavy hitters of mainstream music (in a good way of course) and would not sound out of place on the radio. I guess his overall sound has such a genuine appeal that it is hard to resist.

Overall, this is an impressive showing on the song writing talent that Josh Massey has to offer. Each of the 4 songs do not fail to grab the listeners attention and leaves you wanting more, a good quality in my opinion. Head over to the usual online stores at Amazon and iTunes to grab yourself a copy of Streetlights EP today! You will not be disappointed if you like your music with a genuine acoustic sound.

There are so many plus points when it comes to the Streetlights EP but I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Josh’s music. I strongly believe that his music is only going to get better and stronger from the foundations he has created with this release. I can’t wait to hear what he will create next. To find out when this will happen, follow his progress through his social media pages at Facebook and Twitter.

As always, independent music can only continue with the support of its fans. So go on, support the music that matters to you today and hopefully this will now include the music by Josh Massey.