Introducing Jeremy Squires

I would like to introduce you all to a talented singer songwriter called Jeremy Squires. April from Common Folk Music PR suggested I have a listen to Jeremy’s music as she said his music is something special. She was not wrong!

Jeremy is a self taught musician who had a love for music from an early age. He played in a few bands in the 90’s but after taking a break from music in 2001 he decided to focus on family life. The following years were a challenge as he had to deal with some personal issues. However, he used music to turn his life around by originally writing poems which then turned into the music we hear today.

I was surprised to find out that Jeremy has released 2 albums and an EP within the two years, that’s a lot of music in a such a short time. Here is a mini review of each release:

A Place to Hide (January 2012)

The first thing I noticed when listening to this album is that it had a home recording feel, but I felt that it gave the album an honest charm. You are then introduced to raw acoustic sound which is a combination of emotional filled vocals, delicate finger picking style guitar work and some heartfelt lyrics. Even though the sound quality may not be perfect, there is no denying that Jeremy is a talented musician. This is a special debut release as it feels so genuine and it’s sound is a pleasure to listen to.

Highlight tracks: ‘Hurry Up’, ‘So Close’ and When you close your eyes’

In the Dark (May 2012)

Straight away you can hear an improvement in the production of the music and his guitar style too. This album continues to take us on his emotional journey with his lyrics feeling as honest as ever. You can feel the heartbreak and sadness making it difficult not to empathise with what Jeremy is sharing which is a credit to his song writing ability. Musically, it feels like lessons have been learned from his debut release as every layer to each song sounds stronger including his vocals.

Highlight tracks: ‘Mirror’,’Come Back Down’ and ‘The loneliness’.

Central Nervous Station – EP (Jan 8, 2013)

Jeremy continues to surprise me as his music keeps getting stronger. This EP has a more professional production with a more of a studio sound which lets us listen to the improved depth in his music. We are treated to yet another collection of songs that shares Jeremy’s feelings in the special way he has with words and how he can express his emotions with his guitar in such a tender way. How he continues to keep his music so modest is a sign of the talent that this artist possesses.

Highlight tracks: ‘Collide’ and ‘Run’

I wanted to get a little more information about the man himself and I was lucky enough to get Jeremy to answer a few of my questions.

You have a wonderful acoustic sound, who are your influences?

Thank you.  I like a lot of different music and my influences don’t really reflect my sound, but I would say Richard Buckner, Dinosaur Jr., Jay Farrar and Red House Painters’ album (Songs for a Blue Guitar) are great examples of my influences because they’re artists that I consistently return to through the years and they’re each very meaningful to me in different ways.

You have released a lot of music, what’s you secret when it comes to writing so many new songs?

The foundation for most of my songs comes from me playing guitar or piano and singing together.  Most of the time I start with a chord progression and I will start singing and harmonizing random words to come up with vocal patterns until eventually I grasp onto something and I go from there.  I never sit down with a set idea in my mind because I like everything to come naturally.  Everything I’ve ever written happens spontaneously and I will probably always do the same.

Which is your favourite track that you have wrote and why?

I would have to say the song “I Am Still Here” from my upcoming album is one of my favourites.  It is about a person who has given up on everything and is tired of battling with their demons and an angel in the form of a person (or loved one) comes to take him and he instantly knows who and what it is and he decides at that moment he isn’t ready to leave.  He realizes how much he would lose if he did.

You have a new album on it’s way, what can we expect from it?

Yes, my new record is titled “When Will You Go…”.  The album is a bit different than my previous recordings and has a darker, cleaner and more winter-like tone.  Writing and recording “When Will You Go…” was very therapeutic and I think people will be able to relate more to this album.  Even though it is extremely personal to me, I feel that it can be personal to everyone else as well.  I’m hoping to release the album this October / November.

As Jeremy has just mentioned, he has a new album called ‘When Will You Go’ which is due to be released soon. Taken from this album is his recently released track called ‘Oblivious’ which is a great taster of what is to come.

As I have described earlier each album has shown that he continues to learn on his musical journey and I am predicting that his new album will be his best work yet. I will share my thoughts on it’s release and I am confident that it will be another success for Jeremy Squires. Until it’s release, keep in touch with what this amazing singer songwriter is up to by going to the links below. If you like what you have heard then show your support by spreading the word of Jeremy’s great music.