Introducing Jaylis

I was first introduced to the music of Jaylis after its founder Sandra Loerincik Barrat got in contact about her music. From the moment I first heard her voice on the song ‘Precious as the Diamonds’ I knew that I needed to hear more. I headed over to the Bandcamp page of Jaylis (click HERE) and what I heard was a beautiful and delicate sound shared with a captivating vocal prescience.

Sandra played in several bands while growing up, originally as a drummer before moving in front of the microphone. During this time she bought herself a guitar, took singing lessons and started to create her own sound. She began playing solo gigs in 2011 under the name Jaylis which she enjoyed, then in 2012 she met Raphael Noir and this is when her music began to evolve. Their collaboration was fruitful and resulted in Jaylis‘ debut album ‘Precious as the Diamonds’ which was released in 2013.

The first time I listened to ‘Precious as the Diamonds’ in full I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the lyrical side as I got lost in the albums overall delicate and beautiful sound. The music and vocals have a wonderful atmosphere that swept me away. What Jaylis delivers is an indie folk sound which at times has this retro feel that reminds me of music from the 60’s. I guess its the laid back feel that the album offers which is one of the main reasons why I really like what they have created. On the surface they have created a sound which is simplistic and captivating but it has been carefully arranged with its various instrumental layers to draw the listener in. A great example of this is a highlight song for me called ‘In the Sky’ which also has a slight country feel. I must add that I did pick up on the lyrical content which offers a subtle story telling quality with depth that interweaves nicely within each song.

It’s difficult when talking about the music of Jaylis not to mention the vocal talent of Sandra. She has the beautiful delicate tone that feels so natural and effortless. No song demonstrates this more than my favourite ‘My Hand’. It has such a gentle tone that it is almost a whisper and it never fails to spellbind me with each listen. The music delivered on the keys and organ produces a tender atmosphere which helps to make this song so flawless to me. My only problem is that this song is way to short and would like it to be about 5 minutes long due to its great sound. Overall, a beautiful album from start to finish!

2015 saw the release of the EP ‘My Lonely Shadow’. With such a strong debut this release had to raise its game and personally I think it did. This EP may only be 4 songs but they offer a new depth in sound as well as lyrical content. This EP has a different feel than the previous offering with a more diverse collection of sounds which manage to flow effortlessly together. A good example of this new sound in the song ‘Whatsoever’ which has a reggae vibe which seems to work with the bands folk sound. This song also features a very cool guitar solo. There is something about this song that I find irresistible even though I am not normally one for a reggae sound. Even though the EP offers so many different sounds it shows the musical talent that is on offer especially in the way the songs and EP is arranged. One thing that hasn’t changed is Sandra’s amazing voice. My favourite song called ‘Spleen’ brings back that wonderful delicate tone. I like how the music is subtle which let’s her vocals take the spotlight. There is a nice use of backing vocals for an additional layer to the songs sound. Again, this is another release that has that natural charm that is simply irresistible.

I strongly recommend that you check out both releases from Jaylis on their Bandcamp site (click HERE) which is where you can also purchase their music (as well as other online stores). With music that has been crafted with a lyrical depth, stunning vocals and a captivating musical atmosphere you can hear why you need the music from Jaylis in your collection.

So, what does the future hold for Jaylis? Well, I got the chance to ask this to Sandra and she told me ‘I am currently touring with the Trio Formula in small venues with a very intimate atmosphere and I am loving it! I hope to be able to continue for a while. Also, I’m hoping to get some new music out soon, so watch this space’.

I am looking forward to hear how the music by Jaylis with grow as I really like what they have done so far. I have spoken to Sandra on several occasions and I love the way she talks about her music, you can tell this is something special to her. If you want to find out more about Jaylis including future gigs then check out their website at Alternatively, go find them on their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

If you like what you are hearing then don’t forget to purchase the music by Jaylis. Not only that but tell the world all about their wonderful sound using social media, word of mouth or any other way you can think of. Independent music is not supported by the money men or corporations and rely on the help of the of their fans for support. So go on, support the music that matters to you today!