Introducing Hot Moth


Hot Moth are rock band that I am now obsessed with but I must admit it took seeing them live for me to really appreciate their sound. I was originally contacted by the band to check out their EP ‘Small Fires’ and at the time I liked it but it wasn’t blowing my mind. However, while on holiday in Brighton the guys invited me to check out their gig and I though why not as they do sound good. Their live show was a lot more than I expected as the energy from the band really impressed me and the music was insanely good! I left the show with such a buzz and I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable rock gigs I’ve been to in ages. The next day I listened to the EP which sounded like a different beast. I was now a big fan and had to show my support towards the music they have created.

So, who are Hot Moth? This Brighton based band formed in 2015 are made up of Matt Sparkes (vocals/bass), Matt Metcalfe (guitar) and Freddie Hills (drums). Together they create a noise (in a good way of course) that they describe as alt-rock which I would agree with as their sound has a few different sub-genres of rock all fused together to create the Hot Moth sound. As there is not a lot of information about the band I thought the best place to find out more was to ask the guys themselves. They were very cool and answered the questions that I had for them. This is what they had to say:

How did Hot Moth come together and is there a story behind the name?

Matt (Sparkes) and Matt (Metcalfe) decided over a random WhatsApp conversation in February of 2015 to form some sort of three-piece project.

The natural choice for drummer was Freddie Hills whom Sparkes had played with in many previous bands. Our song which we made a video for – Levelling The Tales – was the result of the very first jam the three of us had, so it was pretty clear we were gonna work well together. The name Hot Moth was pretty random really, it came into Fred’s head and we all just went for it. Although we’re taking the band seriously, we’re not ‘serious’ people, so the name seemed quite fitting to that and people seem to like it in a funny kind of way.

How would you describe the bands sound and which musicians have helped influence this?

It’s heavy, but not alienating. One if my (Sparkes) friends said that we have a “timeless” sound because it can’t be likened very easily to current or past bands.

Sparkes’ main influences would certainly be Biffy Clyro, Led Zeppelin and Rush. For Metcalfe – Pantera, Tool, Michael Jackson and Savage Garden. For Fred – Mars Volta, RX Bandits, The Velvet Teen & White Denim. All of us share these influences plus many more.

Which is the bands favourite song from the ‘Small Fires’ EP and why?

We all really like “I Miss The Missed” as from a lyric writing point of view, it’s both personal and ambiguous at the same time. Also because musically we all get to shine and have our moments sort of thing, it’s a very dynamic song and fun to play live.

If you could have any musician to feature on a new song (vocals or playing instrument), who would it be and why?

Simon Neil from Biffy…to get that awesome screaming thing he does live at the end of phrases! (Sparkes. )

Casey Deitz – drummer from The Velvet Teen, he’s an absolute beast and has quite a similar style to me creatively speaking. (Fred)

Matt Metcalfe didn’t answer this question but he would probably say something like “bring dimebag back from the dead” or “savage garden, mate.”

What are the bands plans and goals for your music?

To naturally play to as many people as possible, and to become a full-time project. Keep writing and hopefully get an album recorded by the end of 2016. Touring Europe would be great but can be tricky DIY. Does someone want to manage us?

‘Small Fires’ is the debut release from the guys that is 3 tracks of no nonsense relentless rock. Each member of the band take no prisoners with their musical instrument of choice as they bounce of each other to create their sound. Like I said, the first time I heard their music I did not fully comprehend what they had to offer but watching them at work made me notice how each member offers so much but at the same time takes their full collective effort to bring what makes this band sound so good. On the surface they offer an infectious style of rock but underneath there is an impressive set of foundations which is used on each song.
Freddie is relentless on the drums as he thunders through each song but at times shows a control as he slows the pace down when needed. Joined by Matt S with his infectious bass (also one of the most energetic bass player I have seem live) together they help shape a rhythm that grabs you and does not let go until they choose to. Matt M is as energetic as the other guys as he uses his guitar like a war cry bringing a good variation of riffs to help give each song its own edge. I do find it strange in a day when rocks bands have 5/6 bands members to bring the noise that Hot Moth can deliver it with 3.

Vocally, Matt S has a great power in his voice which is impressively controlled as you can hear in the song ‘I Missed the Miss’. But this is not just a one man show as again the band blend together to offer some great harmonies within each song which adds so much to their lyrics. Talking of which, with each listen I have started to notice more of their wordmanship as they seem to have the ability to mould their lyrics which are catchy and at times feel anthem-esc. Nice!

Each song is so strong which is a credit to their songwriting talent as a whole. But, if I had to choose one of their songs to showcase their sound then I would choose ‘Levelling the Tales’. This song stood out for me when I first heard the EP and sounds amazing live. The variation in tempo as well as its arrangement is seriously impressive. When you listen to the song carefully to can here what each member offers and how well they blend together. This helps to show that this is a BAND who work together like a machine, no, like V8 engine that roars! Just listen to hear why I rate this song so highly and don’t blame me as you get hooked.

‘Small Fires’ EP is a gem of an EP which gives a glimpse of the talent that Hot Moth have to offer and I can’t wait to hear more. I think this is a dark horse to sneak into my top 10 releases of 2016 but we will have to wait and see. Give the EP a listen for yourself by heading over to their Bandcamp page (click HERE) and grab a copy while you are there. It will not disappoint.

I have my fingers crossed that the guys get the opportunity to release a full length album as from what I heard during their gig they have a lot of top songs to offer. Obviously, if they do then you can expect to read about it here! If you want to find out the progress of their album or want to learn more about the band including future shows then head to their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

As always the usual reminder to support unsigned / independent music. Music like Hot Moth need the help of us fans to support their work and help spread the word. So, if you like what you are hearing by Hot Moth then go tell your friends and the world all about their killer sound today!