Introducing Highchair Kings

Let’s not mess about here, Highchair Kings are an awesome alternative rock band that deserves your attention.

I was first introduced to this band after Enola Fall¬†shared a tweet about them so I thought I would give them a listen. I found that Highchair Kings had a Soundcloud page which featured their self titled album (released June 2016). When I pressed play on the song ‘Soundtrack’ I was introduced to a killer sound with a 90’s indie rock vibe which ticked all the right boxes for me. I found that the rest of the songs continued this awesome trend and I was hooked. I do recommend that you give this album a listen as it has so many amazing tracks including ‘Suckers of the World’ and my personal favourite ‘#STUMPS’ which really shows off the bands lyrical talents. Head over to their Soundcloud page to listen to it in full (click HERE).

So, who are Highchair Kings? They are fronted by the mastermind who is Trevor Lettman (Singer/songwriter/guitarist) who grew up listening to the likes of Frank Zappa, The Band and whatever his hippie aunt brought over. After being introduced to metal in the 80’s he decided to set up his first band at the age of 14. From then on music became a major part of his life and over the years he was in various bands of which The Lyndales were a major highlight. He then took a step back from the music world but returned back to it in 2015 with the band Highchair Kings and was joined by Rob Wales (guitar), Jared Hedberg (bass) and Matt Gusmer (drums).

So, let’s talk about the now. Highchair Kings have released their new EP called ‘DEEP’ and at first I thought this offering felt like a natural continuation from the debut release, I was wrong! The core still remains the same with its 90’s indie rock vibe but this feels improved as I guess the guys are getting used to each other and playing to each others strengths. A good example of this is one of my personal favourite tracks ‘Orlando’, which is a top notch tune with an infectious energy about it. I love the guitars on this one.

Apart from the bands overall sound, I really like the lyrical content that Trevor crafts within his songs. For me, this is the biggest development as these collection of songs have more depth and more of a personal feel about it. Each song offers a different story that will grab your attention and my favourite song ‘Transplant’ does this with every listen. I know from speaking to Trevor that this song tells a story about him getting to grips from moving away from his parents (missing out on time with them) as he was creating a life for himself. Listen to the song and let him tell the rest of his story.

Overall, this is a great release and shows that Highchair Kings are going from strength to strength. Just do yourself a favour, head over to their Soundcloud page and give ‘DEEP’ EP a listen (click HERE). While you are there why not check out their debut album. If you are hooked like me and NEED the music of Highchair Kings in your collection then you can grab them from the usual online stores of iTunes and Amazon. The more I listen to these guys the more I become hooked with what they are created and I will give some big praise here and say that they are one of my favourite rock bands that I have featured on my site. Yes, they are that good!

I know from their social media sites than they guys are already working on new music which I am excited to hear. If you want to find out how these new songs will sound or want to find out more about the band or upcoming shows, then head to their website at Alternatively, go find them at their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

As always, the usual reminder to support independent and unsigned music that matters to you. As a fan of Highchair Kings I will be spreading the word through my social media sites and hoping to add their releases on CD to my collection (as I currently have them on digital). So, if you are liking what you hear from Highchair Kings and you are now a fan, then it is your duty to tell the world about them today!!!