Introducing Heir

0006661495_10Let me take the time to introduce you all to the music of the five piece band called Heir, made up by Tom Hammond, Sam Luca, Harry Vernon, Ste Fisher and Samuel Newham. Since forming in 2015 when they met at Leeds University, they have been busy honing their sound which Harry from the band describes as ‘Alternative, vocal driven, indie pop music. We love HAIM, they are a big influence in how we write. Fleetwood Mac and Paolo Nutini are another couple of other artists who are always on in the car! We’re also listening to quite a lot of Bombay Bicycle Club at the moment‘. Listening to their music you can hear how these influences have helped to shape what they have created. They have also been busy catching people’s attention with their live performances which has included support slots to Honne, The Dunwells and Karima Francis and featured nationally on BBC Radio.

Not long after getting together the guys released the debut single ‘All Comes Down’ and it’s B-side ‘You were the One who Drove Here’. Both songs show off the bands gift with their vocals, not only by the frontman Tom but as they blend together with infectious harmonies. The way these are used to help give their music an irresistible sound surprises me as they haven’t been together that long.

We did not have to wait too long for more new music as Heir released their debut EP called ‘When The Lights Went Out’ in March of this year. The first track ‘Call off the Search’ instantly draws you in with their wonderful harmonies, carrying on from where their single left off. I really don’t get tired of the way their voices blend together, and you get this wonderful combination on each song from this 4 track EP. Tom’s lead vocals have such a great tone and the effortless control he demonstrates on each song is a delight to listen to. Lyrically, the band have a nice balance between catchy lyrics and depth which is guaranteed to have you singing along after a few listens.

Musically, the band offer their indie pop sound that has a good variation in tempo with ‘Scrapped Paper’ having more of an upbeat feel while ‘Third Man on the Moon’ slows things down with a tender moment. Again the band proves that they have a lot to offer and I can’t wait for future releases as I think they will get even better as they grow. My favourite song ‘When the Lights went Out’ has a slight funky pop feel that had me singing along after one listen. I have to mention the vocals again as they sound amazing. This song has everything that makes the music of Heir sound so good and stand out for me.

Overall, Heir are a great sounding band full of infectious indie pop goodness that will have you singing along with their stunning vocals. Head over to their Bandcamp page to listen to all their music (click HERE) and you can also purchase it while you are there. Alternatively, you can buy it from the usual stores like Amazon and iTunes.

I am looking to forward to seeing what the future holds for Heir and I hope new music is not too far away. I know the guys are touring soon and I already have plans to see the guys so keep an eye on my social media sites for more information. I asked Harry ‘If you were headlining a world tour and you could choose 2 support acts, who would it be and why?’. He replied with ‘The first time we went on tour we had the pleasure of supporting Karima Francis, so we’d love return the favour! Her latest album ‘Black’ is absolutely class so it’d be great to share it with the world. Then it would have to be McFly as they would be great fun and we would know the words to every single song!‘. Sounds like an interesting gig if it happened.

If you want to follow the adventures of the band then check them out on their social media sites on Facebook and Twitter. Here is a band that have a lot to offer but they need our help for them to grow. If you like what Heir have created then tell the world about them today!