Introducing Gitta De Ridder

Towards the end of 2014 I was introduced to the music of Gitta De Ridder after someone recommended that I watch her video for the song ‘’Mr Yesterday’. While watching the video, I was so impressed with Gitta’s unique vocal style and beautiful tone that I needed to find out more.

This singer songwriter from the Netherlands has always had a keen interest in music ever since she was little. While growing up she learned to play the piano and guitar which helped her fulfil her dream of writing music. At 18 she moved away from home to study vocals and song-writing at The Rock-academy in Tilburg, a journey that took her from the Netherlands to Germany, to Italy, Greece, Ireland and the UK ending up in London in 2008 where she has lived ever since. She has been described as “An engaging singer-songwriter with an honest and warm smile, an open heart and an open door. Her folky pop songs are sure to get stuck in your head and your heart.” I think this is a great way to describe Gitta and her music.

Gitta has recently released her EP ‘Come Find Me’ which is 5 wonderfully crafted songs that are beautifully delivered by her mesmerising voice. Each song has the same winning formula of a natural acoustic sound that lets her vocals take centre stage to deliver her great lyrical talent. This can be heard on the stand out tracks ‘Wished for Stars’ and ‘Come Find Me’. My favourite track ‘This is now my Home’ shows off a more personal side to her music and delivers an emotionally filled performance that is simply captivating. I have learned that this song does have a special place in Gitta’s heart, which will be discussed later in the post.

This is an impressive EP which I already feel will be a personal musical highlight of 2015 for me, thanks to Gitta’s unique and wonderful vocal ability. Check out her EP in full at her Bandcamp site (click HERE) to fully understand why this is a must hear release. You can also grab a copy there as well.

I had the opportunity to speak to the lady of the hour and ask her a few questions about her music. This is what she had to say.

I love your music, especially your vocal style. Who is your musical and vocal inspirations who have helped to create your sound?

Thanks. When I was growing up I was a big fan of No Doubt and then listened a lot to Bjork, Moloko, Lamb, Anais Mitchell and Ane Brun to name a few. I think they’ve all had an influence on me as a female artist and singer. I tend to listen to a lot of male singer-songwriters too such as Iron & Wine, Patrick Watson, Jose Gonzalez, John Martyn and Fink and also love love love listening to older records by artists such as the Beatles, Frank Sinatra and Aretha Franklin. Quite a few musical love affairs over the years I’d say.

What were your goals when your started working on the EP and how did you feel when your heard the finished version of it?

I wanted to capture a real heart felt performance exposing the songs as they are. After doing my debut single ‘Mr Yesterday’ with Jeremy Stacey which we recorded live in one take I was very much after a similar feel and I really wanted to see if it would work to have the whole band together in one room playing live. Sound wise being in one small-ish room together meant we compromised on some things such as the guitar sound which I do hear when I listen to the EP now but I am really happy with it! I love how there are little mistakes in there which remind me of the session, we had a wonderful time in the studio and it was great going for the one-take performances as you cannot be so picky and go for the feel rather than perfection. I particularly love ‘All My Mind’ ‘Come Find Me’ and ‘This Is Now My Home’ as they have all surprised me one way or another.

What is your favourite song from the EP and why?

I’d say ‘This Is Now My Home’ as it holds most emotion for me, I wrote the song after my dad was in hospital because of a heart attack (he’s OK now!) and I couldn’t go and see him because I live in a different country.

Do you have any musical related goals that you want to accomplish?

I dream to actually make a full length album which I have never done. Many projects I have worked on reached the EP release phase but I never stuck with these projects long enough to release anything more than that as I was very much searching stylistically and kept moving on. I’m now completely back to basics focussing on my intuitive expression, the song and the performance so it feels like the right time to work towards that elusive album I have always wanted to make.

What are your future plans for your music? I’m hoping a new ep or better still, an album.

I’m working on a second EP, currently demo-ing about 25 songs trying to work out the sound and direction. I’m hoping to release the second EP in September and then a full album in 2016, I’m really looking forward to the recording process it’s so much fun hearing things come together! I haven’t got many 2015 gigs booked in currently but that will change soon, I’ll be great to do lots of shows this year, hopefully some festivals and nice intimate shows too. Some good times and musical adventure ahead that’s for sure!

I’m looking forward to the follow up EP from Gitta and I am curious to hear how her music will develop. When it gets released, you can expect to read all about it here.

If you want to learn more about this talented songstress then you can visit her website at or her social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. There is something special about the music from Gitta De Ridder and I am confident that she is one to watch. If you like her music as much as I do, then don’t forget to show your support by telling the world about her great music today!