Introducing Fran Minney

Let me introduce you all to Fran Minney who is a singer songwriter based in Leeds. She got in touch with me via Twitter and asked if I would check out her video for the song ‘Rise’. 20 seconds into the track I was really impressed by her vocal style and tone which continued throughout the song. There was something special about its soft guitar style which let’s Fran’s vocals shine. After listening to this song I went to find out a little more and found her EP ‘Leaving our Bodies’ on her Bandcamp site. I will talk more about her EP later in the review.

I wanted to learn a little more about Fran Minney and her music but I was not able to find much about her music on the internet. I contacted Fran and asked her if she would like to answer some of my questions and I am happy to report that she agreed. We talked about her influences, her EP and future goals, this is what she had to say:

Who or what inspired you to become a musician and which musicians have influenced your sound?

I have an amazing older sister who started playing me music and shaping my tastes from the cot onwards! She’d have Kerrang! on all the time and play guitar and I remember loving it and wanting to play guitar myself, so I would say she really sparked my interest in music in general. As I grew older and started developing my own tastes it was people like Eva Cassidy that got me into the folkier side of things and Regina Spektor helped to shape my writing style. Katy Perry has definitely also played a part and I think it is her influence that brings the pop to my music! The more soulful flavours in what I’ve written recently has come from an obsession with JP Cooper and Allen Stone just in the last couple of years.

When you write new music what is the important part to your process?

Making sure it is meaningful. I want to create things that make people feel something positive – even if it makes them sad in the moment, I want it to give them a release and give them hope. My lovely band is usually the next step after that. I write a complete the foundation of the song(s) on my own and then work with them to arrange it – I find getting new ears (ears I trust!) on it really helps bring songs to life far better than doing it completely solo.

Talking about writing music, which is your favourite song you have wrote and why?

I think ‘Rise’ is my favourite. I woke up one day with that whole song just waiting in my head and just sat and got it out on paper and on guitar in my bed. There has been very minimal editing done to that initial idea. It expressed everything sad I had been feeling at that time in my life and gave it hope and peace. There was something very comforting about writing ‘Rise’.

If the world was going end and you had time to listen to one album, which would it be and why?

That’s a tough question but I’m going to go with ‘Hot Cakes’ by The Darkness. I don’t think I could ever feel sad listening that album – I’d want to spend those last minutes dancing around like a weirdo!

What are you future plans and goals for your music?

I’m currently working on recording a lot of new material for release over the next year or so. I have plans to release either a single or acoustic EP this Winter and big plans for another band EP that I’m ridiculously excited to share with the world! I just want to reach more people and brighten up people’s lives with great music – I plan to tour and keep writing after these next releases and just keep following what makes me feel happy. I can’t wait to see what happens!

‘Leaving our Bodies’ is the debut release from Fran which she describes as’ telling stories about the wild forces of nature and relationships’. These stories have a soundtrack which is filled with a folk pop sound that has a slight soulful twist. I like how the music is carefully arranged to set the mood to each song and at times it takes a step back to let Fran’s vocals to steal the limelight. It is impossible to talk about the music of Fran Minney and not mention her impressive vocals which are filled with emotion. I know many musicians out there have a great grasp of this similar talent but there is something about the style in which she delivers this which impresses me and makes her music a delight to listen to. When you listen to the title track ‘Leaving our Bodies’ you get to hear the soft delivery of her tone which has an effortless control even when she adds a bit of power to her voice. This is a great example of Fran’s vocal magic which is used perfectly to showcase her lyrical talent.

This may only be a 4 track EP but it is all about the quality as there is no weak song. My favourite song, ‘Rise’, stands out by far thanks to the beautiful and emotional tone. The arrangement of this song is very clever as again the music is subtle but sets the tone to the song so well to let Fran’s vocals steal the show. I could listen to this song all day!

I highly recommend that you give this EP a listen in full by heading over to her Bandcamp page (click HERE) where you can also make a purchase if you like it as much as I do. If you appreciate music that is all about the voice then you need to let Fran’s music into your world, you will not regret it!

I am looking forward to hear how the music by Fran Minney grows. She has already provided a nice diversity to her sound and I wonder if she will provide a wider range or deliver a more focused sound on her future releases. As she has mentioned during her interview, there is more music in the pipeline and when it is released you can expect to read/hear about it here. If you want to find out when this new music is released or want to learn more about Fran Minney then head over to her website at or alternately visit her social media pages at Facebook and Twitter.

As always, remember independent music can only continue with the support of the fans. It is our duty to purchase the music, attend gigs and tell the world about the music that matters to you. Hopefully, this will now include the music of Fran Minney, so go tell the world all about her today!