Introducing Emma Crowder

Singer songwriter Emma Crowder got in touch with me through Twitter and asked if I would check out her music so I headed over to her Spotify page to listen to her work. I found out that this Sheffield born musician had released her debut EP ‘Seasons’ last year so I journeyed into the unknown and pressed play.

As soon as the first song ‘I Still Feel’ began I was introduced to an acoustic pop sound which I thought was OK but then when she started to sing, she had my full attention. Her beautiful tone glided throughout the song and left me wanting more when it finished. Emma followed up with the title track ‘Seasons’ and again her vocal style steals the show with a heartfelt display which sounds even more stunning with the use of the piano in support.

Next up is ‘Back Home’ and this one stands out the most for me. When I first listened to the EP this was the one which put a spotlight on the way she moulds her words to share stories. The emotion and details within the lyrics are impressive and the way Emma mirrors its tone with her voice makes this song sound so good. Last up is ‘Rose Tinted Spectacles’ which has a similar feel with how the release began and wraps up a wonderful collection of songs.

It is easy to understand why this musician has been making waves with ‘Seasons’ EP and I highly recommend you head over to here Soundcloud (click HERE) or Spotify pages to listen to it in full. Then, if you agree with me and need her music in your collection then it can be purchased from iTunes or Amazon.

Its not just me who rates this EP so highly as it reached an impressive position at number 11 in the iTunes chart. This lead to her songs being played on various radio stations and for her to gain support slots for the likes of Emma Stevens, Gabrielle Aplin and Jack Savoretti.

I know from her social media that Emma is busy working on new material and I can’t wait to hear what the end results will sound like. To find out when this will be ready, learn more about this talented musician or get dates for upcoming shows then check out her website or her social media sites (Facebook or Twitter). Don’t forget, if you like what you hear from Emma Crowder then help spread the word about her music today!