Introducing Ellie Ford

12806079_975153965912306_5833884422561806545_n Let me introduce you all to the sublime singer songwriter that is Ellie Ford. This Brighton based musician is a solo performer who delivers a captivating folk sound with the help of her guitar, harp and vocal talent. Thanks to the musician Lloyd Williams who first introduced me to her sound a few year ago. I was so impressed with the title song from her 2013 debut EP ‘Show Night In’ that I listened to the EP in full and was blown away with not only her voice, but her lyrical abilities. I highly recommend you give this EP a listen (click HERE), especially the song ‘Words to the Wise’ as it’s stunning!

Last year I noticed that there was a lot of buzz about the work she was doing on her debut album ‘The Other Sun’. Well, the album is now released but before I share my review with you all I want to share a chat I had with Ellie. We discussed her music, the new album and more. This is what she had to say:

Who or what inspired you to become a musician and which musicians have influenced your sound?

I can’t remember one specific time that made me decide to be a musician. I do it now and always have done because I enjoy it and music and writing and playing interests me and I want to have an interesting life!

You have a great song writing talent, do you have a set process when writing songs?

I haven’t quite figured out how it works myself yet! I have lots of ideas, all of the time, they come together (or don’t come together) almost randomly. With my band we have a bit more of a process though, I’ll bring the song in it’s simplest form (vocals and one instrument) and we’ll work on it together from there, each person writes their own parts.

Talking about writing songs, which is your favourite from the new album and why?

I like a song called ‘Old Best’ I like the pairing of harp and drums. There’s something special happening there.

If you were headlining a world tour, which 2 musicians/bands would you choose as YOUR support?

I’d love to go on tour with another band who played a load of instruments, we could set them all up on stage and just play for hours, one long set! That would be fun.

What are you future plans and goals for your music?

We’ll be touring the UK and Europe later on this year…until we get tired, then I’d quite like to disappear and write some more songs for a bit!

‘The Other Sun’ is a delightful collection of songs that will sweep you away with it’s folk sound that offers more layers and depth to it’s predecessor. This has been supported by the additions of Freya Bowes (clarinet/vocals), Harry Haynes (guitar/vocals), Andrew Stuart-Buttle (guitar, keys, violin, mandolin & vocals), Harvey Summers (bass, harmonium & vocals) and Freddie Hills (drums/vocals) who have joined Ellie on this release. As soon as the album begins with ‘The Sweet Life’ you are instantly taken on wonderful audio journey that is tender and filled with so much goodness. The way this orchestra have blended together shows that they share Ellie’s vision of how she wants her creations to sound and execute it with perfection. This has resulted in something that is a delight to listen as soon as you press play until the album finishes up with ‘Blackout’. A great example of how these musicians have blended together is on the instrumental track ‘Reprise’. I am not normally one for this type of sound as I do prefer vocals in my music but each instrument shows off it’s own voice and I like it.13086807_1012327688861600_5288548018935092975_o

When it comes to talking about the music of Ellie Ford it is difficult not to talk about her voice as it is simply beautiful. Her effortless tone has a soulful feel which always maintains a soothing control about it. This talent is used to showcase her poetic way with words with a detail that creates imagery and emotion to give her music its wonderful depth. When you listen to the song ‘How Do You Know’ you will hear this great way with words in action.

Picking my favourite song was a little difficult but I would say it has to be ‘My Bird Won’t Sing’. I remember watching the video for this song last year and it instantly grabbed my attention. Since then I have shared it on my social media sites because it perfectly demonstrates the talent that Ellie has to offer to the world. It’s stripped down sound matched with her authentic vocals is something special and I don’t need to say anymore as this song is that good it will talk for itself.

Overall, ‘The Other Sun’ is a beautiful album which has been put together with care and it really shows with it’s arrangements, lyrics and more. I will be surprised if this album does not get the attention that Ellie Ford deserves as it offers so much and I feel it can easily compete with mainstreams giants of folk of today. I recommend that you head over to her YouTube channel to listen to some of her new songs or you can head over to Hidden Trail Records Bandcamp page to listen to some of the songs from her album. You can also purchase her album from this page too, I highly recommend that you do so.

I have heard nothing but praise for Ellie’s live performances that I really like to experience this for myself. Luckily for me, she is performing during this years Great Escape Festival in Brighton so I will be able to hear her talent for myself. No doubt you will hear me talk about it on my Twitter account (as well as other acts I will see during festival).

If you would like to find out when and where Ellie Ford is performing or want to find out more about her music then visit her website at or visit her social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. And remember, if you like what you are listening to then don’t forget to help spread the word about the music of Ellie Ford today. Music that sounds this good should be out there for the world to hear!