Introducing Dustin Prinz

I have recently stumbled across the music of Dustin Prinz. All I can say about this is WOW! He has the simplistic acoustic sound that oozes musical talent on so many levels. When you really listen to his music you hear a sublime vocal ability and a guitar style that has me addicted. The way his uses his guitar is so impressive, but I will talk about that more later in the post.

I found his music while doing a random search on Reverbnation. I watched the video for ‘Angry Breakup Song’ on his page and I was loving what I was hearing. My foot was tapping along like crazy with the song. The quality of the video, which shows him playing each instrument, was pretty awesome. I clicked the link to his YouTube page to watch some more. Again, I was blown away as Dustin has made so many more top quality music videos which feature a great mix or original material and covers. I love how these videos shows off Dustin’s humorous personality but also manage to show how professional he is when it comes to his music.

While watching his videos I couldn’t help fixating on his guitar and watching how he produces these wonderful sounds, he is liked the pied piper with a guitar. I have not been hypnotised like this by a musician since the awesome John Butler (from John Butler Trio band). These are the type of musicians who inspire me to play guitar (even though I still sound terrible).

He has done LOTS of cover videos which deliver so many different sounds and styles. I really like how he has been able to put his own spin and personality to each one. I have not watched them all as there are so many, but from the ones I have watched, my highlights are Look What you’ve done (originally by JET) and Everlong (originally by Foo Fighters), click the links to watch these videos. My favourite cover was the song Cult of Personality (originally by Living Colour), I don’t mind the original but I prefer Dustin’s version which really shows off his guitar skills. I have added this video for you to check out.

As much as I like what Dustin does with his cover songs on his videos, I do prefer his original material. I listened to three of his original tracks and I needed to add his music to my collection. I headed over to his website at and purchased his three albums.

In 2009 he released his debut album ‘Learning to Love Yourself’ which can be a little erratic with its diverse sounds at times, but overall this is a solid album that shows Dustin is an artist who is not afraid to follow where his music takes him. There are so many stand out tracks on this album which include ‘Follow me’ and ‘Missing Person’. My personal highlight from this album is ‘Let her Go’ which shows Dustin’s gentle side with this heartfelt song.

He followed this up in 2011 with the album ‘Drugs’ which has stepped up its game with an even stronger collection of songs. He has fine tuned each part of his song writing ability to deliver an album with so many great sounding tracks that it has been difficult to choose my favourites. On my last listen, ‘Walk Alone’ and the live version of Missing Person’ stood out for me which continue to showcase the talent this artist possesses. ‘No Warning’ always grabs my attention on each listen and I think its the reason is the vocal combination of Dustin and Anna Kinder (who features on a few songs). They harmonise so well to deliver this song about breaking up. I need to mention the song ‘InstruuuMental’ as this is another example of his crazy cool guitar skills, click HERE to watch these skills in action. I have been told by Dustin himself that this album can be enjoyed in conjunction with the videos on YouTube as some of the tunes are more performance pieces e.g. “You +Me=Drugs”.

His latest release ‘Eleven’ is his best work so far and listening to album was an audio delight from start to finish. As I am new to his music I have recently listened to all three albums in release order and because of this I have been able to listen to his music grow and evolve which has been interesting and amazing to hear.

‘Eleven’ delivers a more focused sound that is more intricate than his previous works. The overall sound of the album feels like the production value has improved as I can hear his guitar skills more clearly which is awesome for me. Dustin’s song writing and vocals feel as if he is more comfortable and confident in his abilities as they have resulted in an honest sound that is easy for the listener to connect and relate to.

From this album, ‘Angry Breakup Song’ stands out as it was one of the first group of songs I heard from Dustin and its video always puts a smile on my face. Another highlight is ‘Northstar’ which shows off his softer side with a great vocal performance. ‘Next Time you’ll Know’ is my favourite track and feels like the type of song that John Butler Trio would have wrote and confirms my earlier comments about his guitar style. This track gets my foot tapping along as the energy from this song is so infectious.

‘Eleven’ is such an impressive album and if you are a fan of great acoustic music then this should be part of your music collection. This album is that good that it is a serious contender for my top 10 albums of 2014, I might even say it will be in the top 5!

I strongly recommend your check out the music of Dustin Prinz as he is such an amazing musical talent. He is definitely amongst the cream of the crop of musicians which I have featured since I started my music blog adventure. Check out his website at and his YouTube to learn more about him. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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