Introducing Dave Fidler

Towards the end of 2014 I was contacted by David Brown who is a fellow music supporter and runs the music site ‘Even the Star’ (I recommend you check his site out, so much great music awaits you). He suggested that I check out the music of Dave Fidler, and as I trust his great taste in music I hit the internet to check out this must hear musician.

I found his music on his Soundcloud page which has a blend of country, Americana, soul and blues. This combination of sounds was definitely up my street. I tried to find out more about this musician but I was unable to find much so I thought I would ask the man himself. I asked Dave about his music and a little more, this is what he had to say:

What was your inspiration for getting into music and which musicians have influenced your sound?

I remember finding an old tape in my house when I was around 10 years old and when I put it in the player it was the B side to Abbey Road by the Beatles. I can remember sitting there and rewinding it over and over, I’d not really heard anything like it before in my life. It was that medley of songs running into each other that really got me into music. I have no idea where the tape came from, Abbey Road had been recorded onto it by someone and was left lying around. Neither of my parents were musicians but my older brother bought a bass when I was around 13 and started learning Cream and Hendrix bass lines, so I got an old nylon strung guitar and started to play along with him….and that’s where the musical journey started. The first single I bought was Huey Lewis & the News Power of Love on vinyl! Nowadays my big influences are Fleetwood Mac (both line ups), Bob Dylan and finger style players like Bert Jansch and Tommy Emmanuel.

I’m not Here’ is your debut album, how did it feel when you heard the final version of the album in full.

It was a new recording experience for me as me and a good friend Sam Jones who owns some great vintage recording equipment decided to record the record on reel-to-reel in one day. I wanted to capture the sound of my live show that I’d been touring with John Bramwell from Kloot who also steered the direction of the recording and overall honest sound. He used some beautiful mic’s and what you hear recorded is all live, me in a room with a guitar, harmonica and some foot tapping. We had the album pressed onto limited edition vinyl and the best feeling was sitting down and hearing it played through a 70’s record player, the album makes the most sense then.

Talking about your album, which is your favourite song from it and why?

I don’t have a favourite song but the one I’m most proud of is Ailsa. I normally write songs fairly quickly but I spent around a year piecing that one together and it took several different forms before I settled on the name and melody. I feel like I captured a feeling in that one that is different to the others.

Do you have any musical related goals that you want to accomplish?

The feedback has been amazing from I’m Not Here and I’ve loved touring with John Bramwell and playing the songs to audiences up and down the country. I wanna keep writing songs that people can relate to and who knows what the future holds. I have tour dates for 2015 up on my site and there will be more booked soon so keep an eye out for those. I don’t want to say too much but there are a couple of potential tours in the pipeline this year that could be brilliant.

Now your album is launched, what do you have planned next?

The first single from my debut album is released on iTunes on 17th February and I’m doing a launch Strangebrew in Chorlton. If you’re in the area come down it’d be great to see you.

Dave Fidler has released the album ‘I’m not Here’ which is impressive and I can understand why his music was recommended to me. When I first listened to the album I could really hear the influence of Bob Dylan in Dave’s story telling and lyrical abilities. I may have heard this influence but there is no denying that Dave still brings his own sound to the table. I really like the music that this album provides with its different elements but personally, I think his music really shines when he shows off his bluesier side. Maybe this is because I love my blues music! Dave is a talented guitar player and when he plays those blues riffs he takes these skills to another level. Listen to the song ‘Tommy’ to hear what I mean, simply amazing!

Each song is delivered with his delicate and inviting vocal tone as well as his wonderful guitar skills. This musical combination makes it difficult to select my favourites from this album. However, ‘Ailsa’ stands out as it shows off Dave’s vocal abilities and ‘Tommy’ gives us that wonderful bluesy edge. My overall favourite is ‘Taking Over’ as it stood out instantly on my first listen. This song has that old school bluesy feel that speaks to me with some awesome blues riffs that sound damn sexy. I love this song!

Do yourself a favour and grab a copy of this album at his website at Trust me, if you love music with an americana blues feel, then this is the album for you!

I really love this acoustic bluesy sound that Dave creates and I am already looking forward to more music from him. As I am following him on his social media pages at both Facebook and Twitter I will find out when new music will be available as well as his future gigs. You can also find this information from his website at

As always, you should always support the music that matters to you. I am a big believer of this and I show my support to all musicians I feature on my site, including this musical talent. Go on, show your support to your favourite music today and hopefully this includes the talented Dave Fidler!