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Introducing Daughters of Davis

Earlier this year I visited The Great Escape festival in Brighton. While doing my research for the festival a female duo by the name of Daughters of Davis caught my attention. It was the way they blend their vocal abilities to deliver lyrics that are filled with soul that made them stand out for me. Due to conflicting performance times, I was unable to see them. I was gutted that I could not hear their amazing voices live.

Adrienne and Fern Davis are sisters hailing from Winchester who together bring us the acoustic Soul/Folk sound that is Daughters of Davis. In 2012 they released their debut album To the Water which has been receiving great reviews thanks to their outstanding vocal abilities. I recommend you check out the album, especially the songs ‘Just let Go’ and ‘Nothing like I thought I was’.

Since this release they have been keeping busy touring the UK and now they are back with their new album ‘British Soul’. The title describes exactly what the album delivers as it is filled with a soulful sound from the British shores with a little country and folk. While listening to this album, their was something familiar about its sound and feel. After my second listen I was able to pin point that the album reminded me of an all female version of the band Civil Wars. As a fan of Civil Wars, this is high praise from me to Daughters of Davis.

This album has a more mature sound that has greater focus and direction than its predecessor. I think it also showcases how their musical abilities have developed not only in their vocals but in their song writing ability too. Musically they give us a good mix of sounds from the genres I described earlier, as well as a good mix of tempos and this is one of the many reasons I enjoy this album. It gets me tapping along one moment then the next song can have me engrossed with its tender soulful tone. Obviously, the vocals and harmonies is the reason why their music, as well as this album, stands out. I think they could literally sing the phone book and still sound great.

The title track ‘British Soul’ is a highlight with its toe tapping energy as well as ‘Catch me if you Can’ which has this cool sassy feel to it. My favourite track ‘Bathsheba’ stood out on my first listen of the album. It’s delicate feel supported by the banjo is such a nice touch which lets us focus on the amazing control and range in Adrienne’s and Fern’s voices. Such a great soulful track with a slight country feel.

I am so glad I discovered the music of Daughters of Davis as ‘British Soul’ is an amazing release. You should grab a copy of this album from most major online stores including iTunes and Amazon.

Their two albums demonstrate that the Daughters of Davis have a great gift when it comes to music and I’m confident that their future releases will continue to get even stronger. If you want to find out more about Daughters of Davis including any future releases then head over to their website at or check out their social media sites at Facebook Twitter. I hoping that I will get the opportunity to hear their amazing vocals performed live and when I do you will hear all about it on my social media sites. If you love music with outstanding soul filled vocals with a country/folk feel then Daughters of Davis are for you!