Introducing Climbing Trees

Let me introduce you to the band Climbing Trees. Before I begin, I need to confess, when I first listened to the music by these guys I was on the fence as they were OK but there was something there that deserved another listen. I am not sure why my ears/brain did not take to this impressive band the first time around, but I’m so glad I gave them another chance as it resulted in me being the fan I am today. Now, let’s talk about Climbing Trees.

In the summer of 2011, Matthew Frederick (Piano, Guitar, Vocals), Colenso Jones (Guitar, Bass, Vocals), Martin Webb (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and James Bennetts (Drums, Percussion, Vocals) formed to create Climbing Trees. Together they deliver a sound that can’t be pigeon holed in one genre as they blend so many different ones including folk, soul and a slight gospel influence. Even saying these genres does not seem to fully describe their sound. Due to the impressive calibre of their music they have gained nothing but great reviews for their albums, had their tracks played on high profile radio stations and perform at festivals including Green Man Festival, Festival No.6 and The Hay Festival.

August 2013 saw the release of Climbing Trees debut album ‘Hebron’ and after listening to this I can understand why it received so many great reviews. The guys say that they provide an acoustic driven folk sound¬† but when you listen to the track ‘Burning Candle’ you a treated to a wonderful blend of folk and soul which is delivered by some stunning vocals and a very cool bluesy guitar solo. The rest of the album is filled with so much sublime vocals/harmonies which are a delight on the ears. Musically the relaxing tone is set thanks to some nice work with acoustic guitars and piano. I highly recommend you check out ‘River Home’ and the sublime instrumental ‘Hebron’ which will convert you into a fan.

This year saw the release of the bands new album ‘Borders’. The first three songs on the album offer something a little different from the debut release but this is a band who continues to let their music grow. These songs offer more of a indie rock feel which took me a few listens to get my head around as I had become used to their previous works. These songs are not bad, not at all, in fact they are really good and show how much the bands songwriting has developed,¬† especially when you listen to their latest single ‘Amber’. After that, we venture back into familiar territory with their beautiful sound that sweeps you away supported by great vocals and harmonies which the songs ‘Fall’ and ‘Coda’ perfectly showcase. This album treats you to some instrumental tracks and this shows how good they can sound especially when you hear the song ‘Caesar’. These also prove what an impressive talent they have with their musical arrangements skills.


Overall, this is an album that is one to watch and it is not just me who thinks this as they have been shortlisted for the Welsh Music Prize (good luck guys). There are so many positives that can be taken away after listening to this album which I have already mentioned but its the vocals that never fail to impress me. My favourite song from the band called ‘Heading South’ demonstrates how good the guys can SING! I love the use of strings and the piano that set a delicate tone which slowly builds up to a great finale to the song. When this happens the sublime solo vocals from Matthew are supported by the rest of the guys to give you something special. Easily one of my favourite songs I’ve heard this year!

You REALLY need to check out this album, do so by visiting their Bandcamp page (click HERE). From their site you can also listen to their debut album ‘Hebron’ and if you like what you hear then you can purchase the albums digitally or on CD from there.

If you are listening to the music from Climbing Trees but want to learn more about the guys including future releases and upcoming shows then check out their website at Alternatively, you can find this information as well as connecting with the band at their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. If your ears are loving what they hear then don’t forget to tell the world all about Climbing Trees today!