Introducing Brooks Dixon


I can’t remember how I cam across the music of Brooks Dixon but its now been part of my collection for over a year, and I thought it was about time that I shared his great sound with you all. Brooks started as a solo artist while he was a student as Clemson University. He began writing his own music which he recorded on home equipment. In 2012 he performed his first show, after that he decided to take his music more seriously and began to focus on his songwriting. This led to his debut EP ‘Stone Piles’ which has a laid back Americana vibe about it. When you listen to the song ‘Anyone Like You’ it shows you this cool sound as well as his great lyrical abilities. This EP also offers a softer side to his sound which the stunning ‘Stone Pile’ offers, also my favourite from the release.

Now Brooks has come back with his new release ‘Weather the Storm’ which I will talk more about later as I want to share a little chat I had with this talented musician. We talked about what got him into music, the new EP and a little more, this is what he had to say:

Who or what inspired you to become a musician and which musicians have influenced your sound?

The first time I remember wanting to be a musician was after my first solo show, I played at a local coffee shop in my college town and so many of my friends came out to the show. I remember thinking to myself, “hey, this worked out, I suppose I’ll keep doing it”. So here I am, still doing it the best way I know how. My sound is influenced by a very broad background, my parents were some what of disco kids, so I grew up listening to bands like Earth Wind & Fire, The Spinners, The Tams, and Michael Jackson. Then as I started playing guitar I really enjoyed Folk-Pop icons like James Taylor and Jim Croce, but I also loved Classic Rock. When I began writing songs in high school and college I was influenced a lot by Country and modern Singer-Songwriters, as well as bluegrass. I think it all results in a pretty broad musical lens which has really helped develop my songwriting.

You always seem to write songs to an impressive quality, do you have a set process when writing to achieve this standard?

The process is always different, I’ve had some songs that took 30 minutes to write, while others have taken months and months. Sometimes I’ll write a whole song, then scrap all the lyrics completely, then write new ones over the exact same structure. I’ve found the most consistent thing that works for me is write down concepts or lines as they come wherever that may be, that way when I sit down to write I have lots of starting points. So in other words the process is embrace chaos.

Talking about writing songs, which is your favourite from your album and why?

It’s tricky to say because most of the songs off Weather the Storm are very personal, however, if I had to pick one, I think it would be “Begin Again”. That was one of those songs where I had to structure in place for a long time and I was waiting to find the right words. For me it came out of a time of needed to remind myself of what are the most important things. Every time I play it or hear it it reminds me that I am not bound to be anything, I am who I am striving to be everyday.

If you knew you were going to be stranded on a desert island which 2 albums would you take with you to listen to and why?

That’s a hard one because I am pretty sporadic when it comes to listening to music, but I’d have to say “The Times They Are A’Changin” by Bob Dylan, and “Gossip In the Grain” by Ray LaMontange.

What are you future plans and goals for your music?

My biggest goal is to simply keep growing in some shape or form. I think the toughest part about being a musician is faithfully doing the little steps that amount to big growth. It’s not always easy to see the strides, but when you do see personal growth, you tend to look back and see all the little things that worked out. I want to keep playing shows, I want to keep writing good songs and getting them heard as best as I can, so the best way I know how is to just keep looking for new and innovative ways to do just that.

Brooks Dixon’s latest EP ‘Weather the Storm’ at first felt like a natural progression of his sound compared to his debut release. However, after a few more listens I noticed that there was a change to the way this musician has created his songs. He seems more confident in his songwriting abilities as there is more of a connection to them which can clearly be heard in the way he sings them. There is more emotion within his music as he shares a more tender sound which can be heard on the beautiful track ‘I’ve Got You’ which is about that 12728996_437881333089537_6222202507133241141_nspecial someone. Lyrically he has fine tuned this side of his game, giving the listener even stronger stories than before. I want to quickly mention that as well as his songwriting talent getting stronger, so has his voice. He still keeps that authentic sound but there is more conviction and belief in his tone which helps to show why Brooks is a musician to watch out for.

As for the music, he gives the listener more variation as he can deliver a tender sound as mentioned before, but he can also give us something a little more upbeat. The song ‘Smile’ brings us this upbeat and playful sound which was a grower on me but it’s now one of my favourite songs from the EP. Talking of favourite songs, I have to say ‘Begin Again’ hits the spot for me. I like it’s delicate retro feel which also features a great use of his guitar and violin to add more atmosphere to his lyrics. The way he has assembled this song shows how he has learned from his musical influences to give us something special. Overall, Brooks Dixon is a hidden talent that deserves to be in the spotlight as he is a songwriter with a great talent. Head over to his Bandcamp page (click HERE) to listen to ‘Weather the Storm’ as well as ‘Stone Piles EP’ in full. As always, if you like what you hear then you can grab yourself a copy of these EP’s while you are there.

I really like how his music has progressed to give the listener a stronger collection of songs. From the way he has talked about his music and wanting to continue to grow as a musician, then his future releases should be something special. As I am following him on his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter then I will keep up to date with any new music and more. If you like what you are hearing from Brooks Dixon and want to find out more about him then check him out at his social media sites as well as his website at These are also great places to find out about his future shows too.

A quick reminder to support independent and unsigned music as it needs our help so it can get out there and grow. So, if you are a fan of Brooks Dixon then tell the world about him today!