Introducing Bad Touch

The great thing I love above social media is that I get to discover amazing musicians like Bad Touch. This rock band made up of Stevie Westwood (vocals), Harry Slater (lead guitar/vocals), Daniel ‘Seeks’ Seekings (guitar/vocals), Michael Bailey (bass) and George Drewry (drums/vocals) made it onto my radar after I checked out their track ‘99%’. This song had a cool bluesy rock vibe that reminded me of The Black Crowes and this is very good thing in my books. Due to this, I was curious to find out more.

Bad Touch were formed back in the days when members were at school and college, these guys worked hard getting their music heard. In the early days this involved playing rock covers in pubs while sneaking some of their own material into their sets. Things started to look up as they started to get noticed and this resulted in them releasing their limited edition debut EP ‘Born to Please’ in 2011 (now sold out). This and other releases were compiled and featured on the 2013 album ‘Down & Out’. I’m a big fan of this album as it has some raw but epic tracks including ‘One Last Chance’, ‘Set the Night on Fire’ and my personal favourite ‘Mirror Man’.

2015 saw Bad Touch return with their first official album (all new material) called ‘Half Way Home’. This confirmed that they meant business and their style of blues infused rock was stronger than ever. If you need convincing of this then check out ‘Waste my Time’ and ‘Good on Me (Jean’s Song)’. For me, their track ‘Preacher’ has everything that makes Bad Touch rock in one song . It has cool harmonica playing throughout and the way the thunderous drums and guitars combine will make any rock fan very happy. Well worth checking out!

Now to their latest offering ‘Truth be Told’. It’s hard to listen to this album and not hear their influences which include Black Crowes and Lynyrd Skynyrd, but this is not a bad thing. They do not look to copy them and instead it feels more of a nod to these legends which have helped to build their foundation. This album’s heart is true rock n’ roll and through its veins is a cool bluesy vibe. This partnership of genres help to make this a great album that deserves the praise it is receiving.

When you listen to ‘Heartbreaker Shaker’ and ‘99%’ you get to experience how good everyone blends together to deliver their must hear combination. Harry and Daniel bring nothing but killer guitar work with include some amazing riffs. Michael and George bring a heartbeat to the songs with their infectious basslines and thunderous drumming. When you listen to ‘Outlaw’ and ‘Take Your Time’ the spotlight switches to Stevie who is untouchable with softer vocal performances that ooze so much soul. Don’t get me wrong he sounds great when the guys rock out and he adds power to his voice. However, when he switches from power to a delicate and controlled tone then he can vocally compete with the best of them.

There is something about this album with its old school feel that continues to grab my attention and never disappoints. So, spare some time and give these guys a listen by heading over to their Soundcloud, YouTube and Spotify. See if they have all the right ingredients for you. If you like what you hear then support Bad Touch by purchasing their albums. Digitally they can be found at the usual places like Amazon or iTunes and if you prefer CD’s like I do, then visit their store (click HERE).

I am sure that a new album is in the pipeline and when it happens I expect a copy to be joining my collection as I will be shocked if it doesn’t sound as epic as their previous releases. If you want to find out about their music, upcoming shows and more, then visit their website at You could also find this information from their social media sites at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While you are on your social media sites, don’t forget to show your love for the band by telling the world about the awesome Bad Touch TODAY!