Introducing Andy Doonan

Let me introduce you all to a highly talented singer songwriter by the name of Andy Doonan. I stumbled across his track ‘Here you are’ which is such an impressive song that I decided to find out what other musical gems that Andy has created.

This Yorkshire lad started his musical adventure after he was given a guitar for his 13th birthday and since then he has never looked back. He has developed this intimate acoustic sound that is accompanied by an adsorbing vocal ability. This winning combination has resulted in rave reviews for his music and live performances.

In 2011, Andy released his debut album ‘Lights and Mirrors’. This album feels different from the track that converted me into a fan, but still delivers the great talent that this artist possesses. It is a solid release which has strong stand out tracks including ‘Hurt like This’ and ‘Hell than Heaven Hides’.

2013 brought us Andy’s latest offering with his 4 track EP ‘Sky on Fire’ which is the reason that I am a huge fan. This EP is much stronger than his debut release and shows how much his music has grown over the 2 years. When I first heard this EP in full, I was left bemused on how this artist is not a hit in the mainstream music world.

Andy now delivers an edgier acoustic sound that has a folk rock feel. I like this new sound and for me, its suits his style more which has resulted in his best work to date.

Each track has the same foundations of Andy’s great vocals, cool guitars and an outstanding percussion. I am guilty of not giving the enough credit to drummers or percussionists but on this EP they have helped to add so much more to the music. When you listen to the first track ‘Hometown’ you get to hear these great beats at work.

Every track is carefully put together and shows how much Andy’s songwriting ability has developed with the extra emotional depth he now delivers. ‘Right Now’ is a great example of this which also demonstrates how good his vocal talents are. From this EP I highly recommend ‘Sky on Fire’ and my personal favourite ‘Here we Are’ as both are must hear songs. This is such an impressive EP I expect there will be more great reviews to come. Check out ‘Sky on Fire EP’ today!

Andy Doonan was kind enough to spare me some time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions. This is what he had to say.

What was your inspiration for getting into music?

I’ve always gravitated towards music without really thinking about it since I was a kid, but my biggest inspiration was probably my Grandad. He loved singing and had a great voice. My family always encouraged us to be involved in music, and when I started going to watch rock bands in my teens I became very addicted to it!

This is your second release, did you have a goal in mind before you started writing it?

I love the idea of having my songs in Film and TV, and so I wanted the tracks to be produced in a way that would suit a soundtrack. So far one of the tracks (Here you are) has been used in Hollyoaks, and I’m hoping the others will get some placements in Film.

Which track off the EP is your favourite and why?

Sky on Fire is the closest song to me – as strange as it sounds it came from a dream I had that was so vivid, when I woke up I couldn’t believe that it and the person in it wasn’t real.

If the end of the world was near and you had enough time to listen to one album, which would you choose?

This is the hardest question of all time! After much deliberation I think it would be a tie between Goo Goo Dolls’ Dizzy up the Girl and Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American. It’d have to be a spontaneous decision at the time, so I’ll let you know at the end of the world.

What’s the future plans for your music?

I’ve recently formed a band called Everlatemost of my songs / gigs etc will be going under this name, and we’ll be recording and releasing songs in the next few months, hopefully with a tour at the end of summer. Other than that the plan is to get at least as many fans as Coldplay! Give or take.

As Andy has just mentioned, he has put together a new band called Everlate which includes Sam Smith (Lead Guitar & Piano), James Rodgers (bass) and Si Humphries (percussion). Together they are enforcing the great sound of the EP ‘Sky on Fire’.

I can’t wait to hear what new new music these guys will create together and I’m confident they will appear on my site again in the future as a result.

You can keep up to date with Everlate on their social media pages of Facebook and Twitter. I highly recommend you grab a copy of ‘Sky on Fire’ today as this is an EP that’s not to be missed.