Introducing Andrew Valentine

I first discovered the music of Andrew Valentine after checking out the independent record label Independent Ear. I heard great things about this label and thought I would see which of their artists would stand out for me. On the site it had information about Andrew, so I decided to watch the video for his song ‘Castles’. It showcased a wonderful delicate acoustic style which supported Andrews tender vocals. This combination flowed perfectly to help share his lyrical talent and it was his way with words that had me curious to learn more about him.

Hailing from the small coastal town of Eyemouth on the Scottish Borders, Andrew Valentine delivers a sound which is influenced from country, folk and rock. March 2016 saw him release the EP ‘Hand Over Fist’ which is an impressive collection of songs that definitely show off his songwriting and vocals talents. These qualities can be heard on my favourite tracks ‘Just Look Away’ and ‘Winter Song’. This was then followed up later that year with the stunning single ‘Castles’.

2016 was definitely a busy year for Andrew as he supported acts such as Skinny Living, Johnny Hates Jazz, Emily Middlemass and Hunter and The Bear to name just a few. He also performed at various festivals including Lindisfarne and Beadle Fringe but also kept himself busy with his own headlining shows.

Andrew Valentine was not planning to lose any momentum and after a successful Pledge Music campaign he released his follow-up EP ‘Somewhere On the Moon’. Less than a year between releases but within that time Andrew has grown his music to produce a collection of songs that will take him to another level. As soon as the opening track ‘Belong’ begins you instantly notice a change in his sound thanks to an improvement to the production value. Each song feels stronger because of this and helps to show off what he has created.

‘Somewhere On the Moon’ offers more of a variation in sound to his previous works. ‘The Best Decision’ and ‘Rose’ offer the softer side to Andrew’s music and for me, highlights that lyrical talent that helped to convert me into a fan. ‘The Devil Inside’ and ‘Tennessee’ offer more of a folk/Americana vibe which is great to hear. My favourite track was an easy one to pick as ‘Belong’ has a cool alternative rock feel with an anthem-esc chorus. The vocals, guitars and drums all blend together to deliver something I did not see coming but I like it. I would like to hear more songs like this from his future releases.

‘Somewhere On the Moon’ is an EP that will get the music of Andrew Valentine the attention he deserves. It definitely shines a spotlight on his songwriting talent. Head over to his Bandcamp page (click HERE) to give this and his previous works a listen. If you like his sound as much as I do then you can purchase a copies of his EP’s while you are there.

I am hopefully going to catch Andrew perform live very soon and if you want to do the same then find this information and more from his website (click HERE). You can also keep updated with the music world of Andrew Valentine from his social media sites at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget, if you like what you hear then tell the world about this talented musical TODAY!