Introducing Amber Dee

I love it when you accidentally stumble across music that you end up really liking. A great example of this is the music created my Amber Dee. While attending the Great Escape Festival this year I had time to spare so I searched for a venue before my next planned gig. I found this cool little pub which had this guy performing a nice acoustic set so I decided to stick around for a bit. Next up was Amber and from her first song, I could hear a very cool musical talent. Throughout her set she was sharing some amazing songs and after she was finished I wanted to find out more.

So far, Amber has released two EP’s which both sound so good that I had to feature them and write this post. Unfortunately you will have to wait a bit longer for my reviews on those as I want to share a little interview with the lady herself. We spoke about her influences, music and much more which gave us a glimpse in the musical world of Amber Dee.

Who or what inspired you to become a musician and which musicians have influenced your sound?

I’ve always loved music and singing ever since I was very young. I used to play my Mum’s CDs all of the time and sing along dancing around the living room. Fleetwood Mac and Phil Collins were my favourites.

I think in terms of becoming a musician, it took a long time to build my confidence. As I grew up I suffered really badly from stage fright. It was only really when I was 18 and met a bunch of touring musicians that I realised I could do that if I worked for it, and by rehearsing and doing small gigs and open mic nights I began to feel less nervous.

Your music has an genuine feel about it, is this quality important when you write new songs?

Thank you. I find it difficult to write about things that don’t affect me or haven’t affected me in some way, at some point. I feel like I have to connect on an emotional level with it somehow. I feel to be able to relate to it is incredibly important.

Talking about writing songs, which is you favourite song you have written and why?

I think one of my most recent ones, but then I’ll probably always say that! Either ‘5 In The Morning’, of which there’s a version up for free download on my Soundcloud page or ‘The Way We Play’, which is on my live set list but hasn’t been recorded yet.

Is there anyone you’d like to write a song or collaborate with and why?

So many people! I love to write. I think rather than just say another acoustic artist (mainly because there’s so much choice and I can’t choose!) I’d like to try something different, write with a band or something. Mallory Knox perhaps? I loved their last album, songwriting included.

What are your future plans and goals for your music?

I’m going to be touring with a band around Europe this Summer, so I want to be writing lots of new music on the road for my return to the UK in September. I have plans to start working with a band of my own upon my return and we’ll start recording by the end of the year. I have no other plans to tour this year, but I can sense at least a mini solo tour in Autumn if time allows. I can never stop gigging for too long! The goal, as always, is to play music and be happy. 🙂

In 2013 Amber released her debut EP called ‘About Time’ and even though it is rough around the edges its sound is wonderful to listen to. This release focuses on Amber’s vocals which is supported by a stripped down guitar sound. The gentle tone and impressive control by Amber really makes this EP shine. This is used effectively to deliver some wonderfully written lyrics including the ones featured on my favourite song ‘I Don’t need this now’.

Towards the end of 2014, Amber released her latest offering called ‘Somewhere In Between’. This EP is a slight change in direction as she swaps her original stripped down sound to one which has more depth and layers. Her new partner in crime is an electric guitar which is used to bring a delicate and at times an emotional tone to reflect the content of the lyrics. Another addition is an improved production value through out the EP which makes Amber’s voice sound even better. It now gives the listener the opportunity to hear her amazing natural tone which is filled with emotion and a subtle control. This is what I heard when I saw her perform live.

One song that show’s off Amber’s impressive song writing ability is ‘Last Song’ from the EP. This is my favourite track which has so much emotion and I get the feeling that there is a story behind this song when it was written. I love the delicate vocal performance and equally gently support from her guitar. Such a beautiful song.

All of these new additions are blended together to create a must hear sound but I wished she included one acoustic track to give the EP a little more variety. Overall, there is something about the song writing style of Amber Dee that makes her stand out. I strongly believe that her music will go from strength to strength and I can see from her social media pages that she is playing music on a piano. Yes, this lady is adding another musical instrument to her collection which will result in added depth to her sound. Can’t wait to hear what her future releases will sound like.

To listen to both of her EP’s in full then head on over to her Bandcamp site (click HERE), you will not be disappointed.

If you want to find out more about Amber and her music then head over to her website at You can also visit her on Facebook and Twitter. Go and say hello, she is pretty cool to chat to.

Remember, independent musicians need the support of their fans to help tell the world about their music. If you like the music by Amber Dee then tell your friends and more about her music as music this good needs to be heard.