Introducing Ali’s Love Child


Ali’s Love Child are a kick ass five piece rock band from Newcastle (UK) who have been part of my music collection for a while now. I thought it was about time that I introduced you all to the guys and to their music. Founded in October 2014, Jack Donnelly (Lead Vocals), Jordan Smith (Guitar/Vocals), Al Hall (Guitar/Vocals), Will Nutting (Bass) and Dom Visser (Drums/Vocals ) decided they needed to unleash their style of rock music on the world. As there isn’t a lot of information on the internet about these guys I thought that I would get in contact with them to ask a few questions. Al from the band was kind enough to provide me with more information about Ali’s Love Child. Here are the answers he provided.

In you own words, how did you guys get together and is there a story behind the band name?

The band came together quite gradually. Myself and Jordan were in a band which fell apart and then kinda morphed into the band we have now. We got Jack in on vocals and Dom on drums, and then Will joined us on bass relatively recently. It took a while to get a line-up that properly worked, but we’ve finally got there and it’s a good feeling.

The name is a bit of a weird one, and it usually raises a few eyebrows, but I’m afraid there is no great story. We spent ages trying and failing to find a name, and then as a joke Jack suggested “Ali’s Love Child”, and it kinda stuck.

Who influences the band musically and why?

Musically we root ourselves pretty firmly in hard rock. The greatest influences on the band are bands like Guns ‘N’ Roses (the real Guns ‘N’ Roses, not the modern incarnation!), The Rolling Stones, Britney, Led Zeppelin and then more modern bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age and Velvet Revolver. All of these bands have had a big impact on the genre and sound very different, but also all obvious blues roots, and we’re all big blues fans.

When you are writing new songs, is there a process you follow or do you go with the flow? Does anyone take charge of this process?

There is no real rigid process when it comes to writing songs. Usually the music side of things originates with Jordan or me, but this is rarely a finished song. If one of us comes up with a riff we then take it to the other guys, and it usually evolves into something completely different because everyone has their own specific influences which come through in their playing. Jack then adds his lyrics, and we just keep playing around until we are happy with the finished song.

Out of the songs you have written so far, which is the bands favourite and why?

Our favourite is a song called “Hyde”, which is a relatively new one. We’re actually currently in the process of recording this song as a single, with another of our tracks “Crystal Methods” as a B-side. We think ‘Hyde’ stands out amongst our tracks sonically, it’s just a bit different from anything else we have done. We just hope that everyone likes it as much as we do once the single is out!

What are the future plans and goals for the band?

The next big thing on the horizon is our headline gig at the Newcastle O2 Academy on February 13th. This will also serve as the single launch for “Hyde”, and we can’t wait for it. We’ve got fantastic support bands in the form of Like A Wookie, Death To Indie and Love The Sinner, so it’s shaping up to be a great night. Past that, we’re just gonna keep doing what we always do gigging and enjoying ourselves. But we’re serious, we want to take this as far as we can, so we’ll be sending the single off to record labels and producers to see what they think.

In March 2015 Ali’s Love Child released their debut EP ‘Cupid Lay Dead’. This release may be rough around the edges but their no nonsense rock sound is very clear to hear. It feels more of a taster of things to come as it only features 3 songs, but what it does is leave you wanting more. The EP starts with ‘Black n’ Blue which instantly grabs you with its awesome guitar riffs and wild drumming style. You can tell these guys are fans of traditional rock that does not mess about. This combination also features on the following two tracks. Mistress Malice caught my attention due to it’s instrumental section in the song which really shows off the bands skills. Rock n’ Roll’er is my favourite with its catchy hook and overall awesome sound! Head over to their Soundcloud site (click HERE) as you can download a copy of this EP for free.

They followed up with their latest EP called ‘Locked In’ which was released June 2015. It might have only been 3 months between releases but it sounds like a lot has changed. No longer rough around the edges, an improved recording quality means this is the best set of songs from Ali’s Love Child. Musically the guys sound great together and it feels like they are performing to each others strengths. The intro on the song ‘Locked In’ is a great example of this with its awesome riffs and thunderous drumming, my favourite song from the EP! With the improved sound quality I feel the biggest improvement with this EP is the vocals. Jack sounds so much better and showcases his vocal talent. Like all great rockers his voice packs a punch which at times demonstrates a great level of control which is clear to hear on the song ‘You Better Let him Sleep’. Overall, an impressive EP that shows what rock music is meant to be. I highly recommend that you head over to their Bandcamp site (click HERE) to give the EP a listen in full and buy yourself a copy if you like what you hear!

The guys do sound great but I know they are going to get better and stronger. I am predicting that their next release will be confirm this. To find out about their future releases or want to follow their adventures then check them out at their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. I do have plans to see Ali’s Love Child perform live and when I do you will hear all about it on my Twitter account.

Remember independent musicians and bands require the help of their fans to help spread the word about their music. If the music of Ali Love Child ticks all the right boxes for you then tell the world all about them today!