Interview with Willow Robinson

While listening to the podcast ‘Release the Sounds’ (check it out on iTunes) they played a song called ‘Eternal Youth’ from Willow Robinson. The song begins with a captivating guitar style that pulls you in and when Willow’s vocals come in, WOW! I can definitely understand why he has been compared to Jeff Buckley with his vocal style and sound, but this musician has enough talent to step away from this comparison. Delivering a blend of soul, rock and folk which is full of raw emotion, it is hard not to appreciate his talent.

So, who is Willow Robinson? There is not much that can be found about him on the internet but from what I’ve picked up he was born in Los Angles but now lives in the UK. 2015 saw Willow catching a lot of peoples attention with his music and has supported the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain and Killing Joke.


As there is not much else that can be found about Willow Robinson, I thought I would get in touch with him through Twitter. He is a very easy going guy who likes to connect with his fans and he was more than happy to answer what questions I had for him. We talked about his music, influences and more. This is what he had to say:

Was there a moment or someone that inspired you to become a musician?

I have played guitar since before i can remember, it has always been an extension of my body. I have never even considered a different career, music runs in my veins. My dad was probably the one who sparked my love of guitar by constantly playing Stones and Beatles albums, he always reacted to them in an ecstatic way making the songs appear profound.

Once this decision was made, were there any musicians who help influence your music and it’s sound?

Definitely The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and the Beatles, these were the initial bands that i yearned to live up to; a big ask i know! My sounds stems from these groups, incorporating their guitar driven sound, melody and lyricism, whilst introducing my own strong personality and flavour.

For new fans out there, what have you released so far?

I have released 2 EP’s and 2 singles so far. The first being called Stones. Ocean Blue is my most recent release, its an epic building song that ends in a climactic way. I love songs that end with a bang.

What is your favourite song you have wrote and why?

One of my favourite songs is called My Burdened Mind, simply because it was the first i wrote that really started to express who i was becoming as an artist. I recorded it completely alone in the studio, and was slightly shocked that i could achieve such a mature professional sound. I wrote it sat on a balcony in LA looking out over the city skyline, during my first period of time away from home, and it really encapsulates that feeling. Its very nostalgic for me and always revives the incredible memories i have of living in California.

What can people expect from your shows?

My shows are a contrast of high energy rock anthems and melancholy slow burners. I try and cover every area of dynamics and take the crowd for a ride. Diversity is key in my performances, and its always a good time.

What are your future plans and goals for your music?

I want to play live as much as possible, hone my band into a indestructible live force. Keep releasing music and continue sharing it with an ever growing audience. I may have just secured a booking agent in the US, so perhaps ill be taking my music on the road there soon.

If you could choose any musician/band (alive or dead) to learn from and support one of their shows, who would you choose and why?

I would support Bob Marley, the man is a god, perhaps he could share some of his songwriting mastery with me. Also his guitar player was one of the greatest, id happily acquire a lick or two from his book.

Finally, is there anything you like to say to any new listeners out there or maybe to any of your fans who are ready this?

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and appreciation! The music business is a hard beast to conquer, but amazing fans make it all worth while. I won’t let you down. Keep sharing the love and ill keep putting out good music.


When I first listened to Willows debut EP ‘Stones’ my first reaction was that this guy’s insanely talented for his age. By this I mean he has such a mature sound that you could expect this calibre of songwriting from someone much older, this is a huge compliment from me. I don’t just mean by his lyrics or voice but with his guitar style and how he puts his music together. I can definitely understand why this collection of songs was receiving great reviews. Listen to my favourite song ‘Eternal Youth’ to hear exactly what I mean.

‘Ocean Blue’ is the latest EP from Willow Robinson who delivers yet another stunning collection of songs. At first listen, not a lot seems to have changed from his previous offering but when you listen carefully you can hear the fine tuning he has made to his songwriting craft. Lyrically is where I feel he has got a lot stronger followed by his guitar skills. ‘Stupid & Beautiful Love’ is a great example of this as he delivers a wonder story which his guitar steals the show for me.

The more I listen to this EP to more I fall for its charm and its soul drenched sound, especially when you listen to his killer cover of ‘Feelin Good’. If you are going to cover a song like this then you need to bring your own style to it and Willow definitely accomplishes that. Each song offers the listener something special and the one that speaks to me the most is ‘I’ll Tell You Tonight’. There is something about the emotional tone set by his guitars and vocal talents that is so good that I’m actually struggling to find the right words to do it justice. Just give it a listen and you will understand.

Willow Robinson is a musician that you really need to check out so visit his YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify sites to listen to his work. Really, you will not be disappointed. If you become a fan like myself then grab copies of his EP’s ‘Stones’ and ‘Ocean Blue’ from Amazon or iTunes.


I am so happy to hear that Willow is already looking to the future even though he has just released his Ocean Blue EP. Fingers crossed he does well in the US as I know from the reviews I have read about his live shows, he is someone who thrives in a live environment. I do hope I get to catch one of his shows soon and I will be checking in at his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter to find out if he plays in my corner of the globe. You can also visit these sites if you want to learn a little more about Willow, new releases and much more.

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