Interview with The Teskey Brothers

I’m going to jump right in with both feet to say I am obsessed with the music of The Teskey Brothers. I have only recently became a fan of their sound after our paths crossed while I was looking for something new on Bandcamp (one of my favourite places to find and purchase music). I clicked play on ‘Pain and Misery’ and I was blown away by the vocals which had this wonderful retro soulful feel. Not only that but the tone of the song from the band was equally as good to listen to, I was hooked.

The Teskey Brothers are a four piece band from Australia who deliver this wonderful blend of soul and blues. There is something special about how Josh Teskey (vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica), Sam Teskey (lead guitar), Brendon Love (bass) and Liam Gough (drums) share something that has so much soul that its difficult not to get swept away with what they create. It all feels like an homage to the greats like Otis Redding and Al Green.

Since forming in 2008 they have been busy creating stunning music which has seen them release the album ‘The Teskey Brothers’ and EP ‘Pain and Misery’. When you listen to the outstanding tracks ‘Your Love’, ‘Pain and Misery’ and ‘Sweet Sixteen’ you get to really appreciate their talents.

Now the guys have kicked off the new year with the album ‘Half Mile Harvest’. But before I talked about this new release I want to share a little chat I had with the guys as I wanted to learn a little more about them. This is what they had to say about the world of The Teskey Brothers:

What’s the story of The Teskey Brothers, how did you all come together?

The Teskey brothers came together after meeting as teenagers around the town of Warrandyte north-east of Melbourne. We formed a love of music having grown up listening to our parents record collection. Sam and Josh, being the brothers in the band, busked and then played at country pubs in the blues scene when growing up, taking influence from the local older generation of musicians and developing their dynamics, within a context of live performance.

How would you describe your sound for new fans out there and which musicians have influenced the band with what you create?

We have honed our sound through the ten years of playing together into what we would consider traditional blues, soul and gospel. Between us we have very eclectic tastes. Josh being heavily into Otis Redding, BB King, Donny Hathaway and Stevie wonder. Sam’s influences include Peter Green and Freddie King.

Brendon finds himself heavily influenced by Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke. Liam taking influence from more of the British Blues Invasion side of music from Led Zeppelin to Savoy Brown.

You have an impressive collection of songs including what is featured on the new album. Which is the bands favourites and why?

We really enjoy playing “Pain and Misery”. We feel it represents the melting pot of styles which makes our sound. This was one of the last songs to come together on the album and ended up being one of our favourites. Sometimes the best songs just come together spontaneously and easily, which we tried to keep that aesthetic throughout the album. We made a fun home video for Pain and Misery trying to capture the feel of our studio and home in Warrandyte.

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If there were a movie to be made about the band, who would you all choose to play yourself and why?

If there were to be made a movie showcasing the life and times of the Teskey Brothers, the casting of actors would include Johnston Taylor Thomas as Josh Teskey for his 90,s boyish good looks. Adam Sander’s witty banter and ill temperament as Brendon Love. Grounds Keeper Whilly as Liam Gough for obvious reasons. Doc Brown from back to the future as Sam Teskey for his over enthusiasm and knowledge of dangerous old horse driven equipment.

Finally, what are your future plans and goals for your music?

We hope to tour Australia nationally on the back of this album Half Mile Harvest and pick up some more festival slots this year. Festivals are our favourite shows to play as we thrive off of the festival energy and environment.

We have begun writing our next album which hopefully will be ready for release early 2018. Most importantly we plan to continue making the music that we love for ourselves and if people continue to enjoy it that’s a great bonus for us.

The bands new album ‘Half Mile Harvest’ is so good that I expect it to be in my top 10 releases for 2017. I know its only January and there is a long way to go but this is a tremendous collection of songs that oozes so much soul that it will take something extra special to beat it.

While listening to the album its hard to decide which sounds better, the vocals or the music. It feels like a constant duel between these two elements. There has only been a handful of modern-day artists that have been able to capture that classic soulful tone without making it sound like a karaoke and Josh is someone who’s voice has that special something that really stands out. When you listen to him perform on ‘Crying Shame’ and ‘Pain and Misery’ the emotion and control to his voice has SOUL. I like how this feels so effortless throughout the album as he can be so delicate one moment but then he can switch it up when needed.

As for the band, everyone chips in to ensure their sound is nothing but amazing. ‘Reason Why’ has a slow, sexy bluesy feel that pulls you in which is aided by some wonderful guitar work from Sam. This helps to show off The Teskey Brothers’s softer side but they have more to offer than that. They can then raise the tempo and bring some energy which ‘Louisa’ is a great example. I love the infectious feel of this one, my foot can’t stay still to it.

This is an amazing album and I’m so glad it is part of my world of music. I strongly advise that you head over to Bandcamp (click HERE) to listen to their album as well as their previous releases to understand why I rate these guys so highly. As always with Bandcamp, you can purchase music while you are there.

If you like what you hear and want to find out a little more about the guys then you can visit their website at or from their Facebook page. These places will also let you know about any new music and upcoming shows.

Hopefully after reading this and listening to their music, you are now a fan. If you are, then help spread the word by telling the world about The Teskey Brothers TODAY!