Interview with Rainbreakers

Let me introduce you to the cool bluesy rock delivered by a band called Rainbreakers. I love their sound which they describe as ‘a fusion of dynamic elements, bridging the gaps between Blues, Rock, Pop and Soul, exemplifying a diverse and ever-growing musical palette’. Because of this, I thought I would tell you all about them, and at the same time explain why I am a fan.

Back in 2012, Ben Edwards (Lead vocals, guitar), Charlie Richards (lead guitar), Peter Adams (Bass) and Sam Edwards (drums) got together to form Rainbreakers and bring their own style of blues rock to the world. Since their beginning they have been developing their sound which has been influenced by the likes of Black Keys and Gary Clark Jr to name a few. They have been busy performing across the UK including support slots for the likes of Corky Laing (Mountain), The London Souls and Laurence Jones. They have been receiving a lot of great reviews which has included a feature in The Blues Magazine and Blues and Soul magazine.

As a fan, I wanted to find out a bit more about Rainbreakers so I reached out to the guys to see if they would answer some questions I had for them. I’m pleased to say that they were more than happy to do so and this is what they had to say:

How did Rainbreakers come together and is there a story behind the name?

Sam: Well the band formed in 2012, but Ben, Pete and I had been playing as a band for a few years, just playing mostly covers in pubs and clubs around Shropshire. It wasn’t until after we had all finished Uni and had proper jobs that we all decided we wanted to put our effort into making our own music and see if we could make a real go of it!

Ben: Yeah, and once we’d decided to push it, we felt we needed a strong lead guitarist to round off our sound, which is when we found Jack Cooper. After 3 years, he unfortunately decided that life on the road wasn’t for him, but that’s when we found Charlie, and we’re over the moon with how he’s fitted in with our sound and more importantly as a good mate.

Pete: It’s always been important to us for our songs to be considered as just good music rather than simply trying to write hit songs for people to latch onto briefly, and I think that’s sort of where the name came from, we wanted to break through the mass of music that’s out there and the huge plethora of bands that exist. But it’s also a reimagining of a Counting Crows song because the name Rain Kings was already taken by another band.

Which musicians have helped to influence your music and its sound?

Ben: Our sound has grown a lot from when we first started out. I had previously been in a folk trio and a lot of my influences were from the singer/songwriter perspective and bands like Counting Crows, Show Of Hands and David Gray. So I was still playing the acoustic for a long time before I finally jumped over to the electric guitar! Right now though I can’t get enough of Doyle Bramhall II.

Sam: Then when we formed Rainbreakers, all of our influences poured into what we were creating, drawing inspiration from bands like The Black Keys, Gary Clark Jr., The London Souls, Monophonics, Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie, Free and Pearl Jam.

Charlie: There are so many bands that have inspired all of us, which is why we always describe ourselves as a blend of Rock, Blues and Soul. But we don’t really like restricting ourselves to specific genre or sound, we always like the song to take precedent. So if a chorus calls for a heavy guitar riff then alls good, but sometimes a soft soul vibe might be needed. So our sound is always subject to change and grow.

For new fans out there, what have you released so far?

Pete: Our debut EP is called Blood Not Brass, and we’ve been so happy with how it’s been received by everyone. It’s seen us play to thousands of people at gigs like The Great British Rock and Blues Festival at Skegness and from that we’re now even playing the Main Stage at the Show this year on January 23rd 2017!

Sam: Yeah and that release even got us a nomination for Best Emerging Artist 2016 in the British Blues Awards! Not that we’ve ever really considered ourselves to be much of a blues band, more of just a band really!

From the songs you have created, which is your favourite and why?

Ben: Well my personal favourite is one off our next EP, Waiting on You. It’s just a song that I’m really proud of because it’s just a great track.

Pete: It’s the same for me to be fair, it’s a bit of change of pace for us but it still has the gravitas to draw the audience in.

Charlie: For me, it’s Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On because it’s just got so much energy and it’s great fun to play live.

Sam: I’d say my favourite track is On My Knees, every time I hear or play that track I just get this imagery of being lost in a desert and the way the track builds in our live shows gives it this powerful energy too.

What can people expect from your shows?

Ben: You can expect a raw energy mixed with soulful vibes that creates an engaging and energetic show for our fans.

Charlie: We just loving playing our music live for everybody and for us it’s the core of being of being a band so it’s just as important for us as it is for our audience to see and feel the music!

Pete: I remember we played a gig in Chester and this little lad was watching us sound check, it was the first time he’d seen any live music, and he said how amazing it was to feel the music through his legs. That sums up the importance of live shows for me.

Sam: It’s always been important to us that our live shows be as raw as possible because we love bands like Gary Clark Jr. and Free where it’s just four guys and their instruments playing some music!

If there was to be a movie about the band, which actors would be chosen to play you all and why?

Sam: well that’s a tough one… I think Ben would have to be played by Micheal Fassbender because he’s just got that right mix of a serious hard-working nature but knowing when to have a laugh with it!

Charlie: Pete just has to be Zach Galifinakis, mainly just because they’re both ridiculously funny!!

Pete: Seth Rogen is gonna be perfect for Sam. They’re both big and hairy and have that laid back attitude to life.

Ben: Charlie said he wants to be James Dean and we actually think that’s a pretty good fit, classically handsome and reckless! We’d have to get our van driver involved too and he’s basically The Dude from The Big Lebowski aka Jeff Bridges. Not sure if that film will happen though…

What are your future plans and goals for your music?

Ben: Well we’ve got a new EP that we’re hoping to release in early 2017, we’ve had some new material that we’ve been playing with for a while and it’s finally ready to be shared with all our fans. This time we’re actually getting our fans involved from the beginning by using a crowdfunder to help raise the funds needed to record.

Charlie: Yeah, we kicked off the IndieGoGo crowdfunder a few weeks ago and so far it’s going really well. People have really got involved and showed their support, but there’s still long a way to go for us to reach our target and we still need new and old fans to help us reach more people and create another record.

Sam: There are loads of rewards available for the donations as well, because we don’t expect anyone to just give us the money! It’s practically being used to pre-order the next record. More importantly, I just couldn’t be more excited to get back into the studio for it! It always feels nice when you finally get those tracks laid down and you can leave them to rest.

Pete: We just want to keep creating music, playing live and getting meet people that like what we all like. Great music. Hopefully when we get this record out, people are gonna love it as much as we do and we’ll get to play everywhere off the back of it.

Finally, is there anything you like to say to any new listeners out there or maybe to fans who are reading this?

Ben: I’m pretty sure I can speak for all of us and say, that we just want to say Thank You to everyone that’s supported us so far and to keep spreading the word out about Rainbreakers.

Sam: Yeah we just love performing and creating music and it wouldn’t be possible if there wasn’t anyone to play to or for. So thanks for everything guys and keep up the good work. There’s still nothing better than word of mouth for getting new fans involved.

2015 saw the release of Rainbreakers debut ‘Blood Not Brass’ EP and as a fan of blues rock this ticks all the right boxes for me. When it comes to this genre of music I look for two things, the vocals and the skills on the lead guitar. Blues is all about the soul and Ben brings this with his cool edgy vocals that know how to pack a punch when required. When you listen to my favourite song ‘Ain’t Nothin’ On’ you can hear this talent at work and man it’s good! This song also showcases the amazing energy this band can produce and it’s so infectious. These guys really know how to blend together to give the listener something special. As for the guitars, just listen to the song ‘On My Knees’ and you will hear how Charlie makes that six string sing with a sexy blues tone. The guitar licks on this one speak for themselves.

‘Blood Not Brass’ EP is a great introduction to this band and even though it is way to short for me, it gives quality over quantity. There are many blues rock bands out there but this is one that definitely stands out and the recognition they have been receiving shows it not just me who thinks this. Check out some of their music from their on YouTube or Spotify pages. If you like what you hear then you can grab a copy of the EP from Amazon or iTunes.

The guys mentioned during the interview that they are currently looking for their fans to help support their next EP by using the crowdsourcing site IndieGoGo. If you like what you have heard from Rainbreakers then show them some love for their new release. I have done this and choose the perk for both EP’s on CD as you all know I like my music in physical form. Check out their project by clicking HERE and see what perk catches your attention.

If you want to learn more about the guys, keep up to date with the progress of their new music or upcoming shows then head over to their website at You can also find this information from their social media sites (Facebook or Twitter) and while you are there, don’t be afraid to say hello to the guys.

If you really like what you hear from Rainbreakers then don’t forget to spread the word about their music. As fans, it is our duty! So, go on and tell the world about them TODAY!