Interview with Nuclear Lullaby

As soon as I heard the song ‘Upgrade’ from Nuclear Lullaby I instantly knew that I needed to write the following review. It had this cool grungy tone that has been influenced by 90’s alternative rock bands including Nirvana.

Who are Nuclear Lullaby? They are Brad Hunter (vocals/lead guitar), Charlie Sale (guitar), Leo Polisena (bass) and Conor Wilkinson (drums). Since forming in 2014 they have been busy performing at gigs and festivals which has led to release their debut album ‘Keppoch 59’.

Before I talk about the album I wanted to learn a little more about Nuclear Lullaby because there is not much information to be found about them. I got in touch with them to see if they would answer what questions I had. I’m glad to say they were more than happy to do so and this is what they had to say:

How did Nuclear Lullaby come together and is there a story behind the name?

We met while studying at university. Me and Brad first met at Revs Club in Cardiff. We had both been desperate to start a band and had been searching for ages so as soon as we found each other we cracked on! We couldn’t decide on a name, we nearly used The Accidents (my old band name) but we decided to try something new. Brad went on a name generator and found a couple of things, we just kind of merged a couple of them together and came up with Nuclear Lullaby.

How would you describe the bands sound for new fans out there and which musicians have influenced what you create?

Fans call it melodic grunge. It’s beautiful at times, it’s ugly at times, it’s super powerful at times. We aim to send people through many emotions throughout our gigs – we want it to be as memorable as possible. We really enjoy it. Mainly inspired by Biffy and Foo Fighters but we are in love with smaller bands like Slothrust, PABH, Allusondrugs, Pinegrove. We are definitely alt-rock.

What were your goals when you began writing the album ‘Keppoch 59’?

Our goals were to make it as big as possible and to get it as far and wide as possible. We want as many people to hear it as possible, the album meant so much to us when we were writing it and it still means so much to us now and to see people enjoying it makes us very happy.

Talking of writing, which is the bands favourite song from your album and why?

Charlie: that’s hard. ‘One of Many’ we love because it’s such a ballad and it’s always emotional to play and it seems to be a fan favourite. We love playing ‘Upgrade’ and ‘Zeus’ too… it’s a tough one.

Brad: I agree it’s tough…I’d say ‘Gamblin Goblin’ for me personally though and then ‘Zeus’ and ‘Upgrade’.

I imagine your music will sound great live. So, what can people expect from your shows?

Lots of energy and laughs too. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we like to enjoy what we do and have a laugh with people who turn up. We have some new songs, so people can expect to start hearing those too.

Finally, what are your future plans and goals for your music?

We’ve written a second album already so we plan to finish writing that and get it recorded. We have a few gigs coming up over the summer (all on so we will keep pushing the band and ‘Keppoch 59’. We are very excited for the future.

The album ‘Keppoch 59’ begins with the track that made me a fan ‘Upgrade’, one of my favourites. The guitars gently ease the listener in with Brad’s vocals coming in to support before they step up the tempo with an edgy rock growl. There is a roller-coaster of tempo throughout the song and shows that this band can bring the noise but also give a great controlled performance. ‘One of Many’ shares a similar sound and is another highlight of mine.

From start to finish this album showcases a band with some serious musical talent. Brad’s vocals add so much with an impressive range that packs a punch but can also deliver a softer display when required. There are times while listening to these songs it feels like there is a strut within his voice with the confidence it gives off.

I am a big fan of the vocals but this album belongs to the band as a whole. For a fairly new band they have a conviction to their sound and know exactly what they want to achieve. If I had to choose one song to help showcase this strength it would be ‘Nuclear Lullabies’. The vocals are to a minimal and lets everyone loose onto the listener. Great bass-lines, variation in drumming styles and dirty riffs including some cool solos will impress. It feels like they are slapping you in the face and saying ‘hey, we are Nuclear Lullaby and this is how good we are’.

Do yourself a favour and take a trip over to Bandcamp and listen to ‘Keppoch 59’ (click HERE) in full. This is an album that showcases a band that has so much to offer and will not disappoint. If you like what you hear then grab a copy of the album while you are there.

I can’t wait to listen to the new album once it’s ready and I’m confident it will be more impressive than their debut. If you want to find out when this will be ready or wish to learn more about the guys or upcoming shows then check out You could also follow their adventures on their social media sites at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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