Interview with CueCliche

CueCliche are here and they are bringing their infectious pop punk music with them! I do love this type of sound which can be found amongst my own collection with bands such as Jimmy Eats World and Bowling for Soup. There is something about its upbeat fun energy that makes me smile and I like that.

Terry Rytz (bass, lead vocals) wanted to start a band and needed someone who could add music to his lyrics. Along came Jake Leigh who replied to an advert in Gumtree and not long after they created a few tracks. They were still missing a drummer and after another advert, Keith Hackett (drums) joined them and CueCliche were complete. Since then they have been busy writing songs and performing. This led to the creation of their debut EP ‘One Last Chance’.

Before I talk about their release I wanted to shine a light onto the band by getting them to answer a few questions. I’m a happy to say that Terry Rytz (TR), Jake Leigh (JL) and Keith Hackett (KH) were all game to take part. Here is what they had to share:

Is there a story behind its name?

TR: I went to see Blink’s acoustic show in Kingston and got inspired to go on the hunt for musician’s to play with so put an add online and that brought us all together. The name is a bit of an ironic play on words, Cue as in auto-cue and Cliché is a reference to the fact we’re a Cliché of our genre and unashamedly so, although the name came before we wrote any songs and now that I hear the songs I’m not sure that’s true anymore? Still love the name it’s something I’ve had in my head for years.

How would you describe your sound for new fans out there and which musicians have influenced what you create?

JL: It’s like a 2002 Pop Punk revival.

KH: Yeah those kind of band’s who were big then and most of which made a big come back last year.

TR: Definitely bands like Blink, Alkaline Trio, Yellowcard and Sum 41

You have recently released your debut EP ‘One Last Chance’. Tell us a little about it and which is the bands favourite songs from it.

KH: 10th of July because it’s fun to play

JL: A Song for Charlie because it’s got the least amount of Terry vocals

TR: Same as above for the same reason. No, that’s a tough one it’s like choosing a favourite child there’s a great story behind each song, if I was pushed I guess, Crazy Little Princess because of the story behind the song and the story of how the song actually came around to even existing. I hated it when I first recorded lyrics so came close to deleting it. When somebody tells me it’s their favourite it means a bit more than if they chose one of the others because of this.

Your music has a great energy about it, I imagine this must sound great live. What can people expect from your shows?

TR: Mistakes and awkward glances.

KH: A slight grin from Jake which if you look through all of our photos is a rare occurrence.

JL: I’m not a happy person

KH: Also you’ll hear me say “Can I have more guitar in my monitors”

JL: Good energy, good crowd interaction and free EPs for the best dancers.

TR: There is one thing you can expect which is unusual, if you look closely at Jake’s feet, you’ll see him stood on his toes like a ballerina for the entire set and I don’t know why but that’s actually a thing he does.

JL: I’d say 65% of the set not the whole time.

If there were a movie to be made about the band, who would you each choose to play yourself and why?

TR: Chris Pratt, It used to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt but after seeing Passenger I made the formal decision to switch. Guardians of the Galaxy followed by Jurassic Park followed by Jennifer Lawrence, I mean Passenger.. quite the streak he’s on.

JL: Vin Diesel, he’s not a happy person.

KH: Shia LaBeouf, no explanation needed

Finally, what are your future plans and goals for your music?

KH: To go busking on Oxford Street

JL: Working on a few new tracks and hopefully put out a follow-up EP pretty soon, we’ve really built a great momentum so it would be great to capitalise on that.

TR: The near future we’re going to hopefully put out a music video. Goals? The Sky’s the limit I guess, my attitude has always been just enjoy what we have but to work hard to get as much out of it as we can. Just make music we enjoy, have fun at shows, work hard promoting the music and hope for that bit of luck that takes us up a level?

‘One Last Chance’ may not be ground breaking but pop punk for me is all about the energy and its feel good vibe. Both these boxes are ticked for me when I listen to this EP and not many bands of this genre have been able to get my attention like CueCliche. With an infectious sound that is matched by great lyrics that include hooks that get you singing along, this is a band that deserves your attention.

As soon as ‘A Song for Charlie’ begins the guys show off that they mean business. Keith sets the tempo high with his thunderous skills on the drums while Jake makes sure he is not upstaged by throwing in some infectious riffs. They do slightly overshadow the great work that Terry does on the bass.

This tempo and energy can be heard throughout the EP which does vary slightly at times, this is the engine that the CueCliche vehicle is built on. The guys sound great and work together really well, they have a lot of talent which one of my favourite songs ‘A Lost Boy’s Anthem’ demonstrates. It starts off at a slower and controlled pace which lets Terry’s vocals really shine. The band then turn up the tempo with the return of their infectious energy and Keith then comes in to add an additional layer of vocals. This song blends together so much of the different sides to the band and proves they have a lot to offer.

I can’t talk about the band and not mention about how Terry and Jake both share vocal duties on the EP. Each provide a different tone to help give their music something a bit different and its good. As I mentioned earlier, Terry sounded great during ‘A Lost Boy’s Anthem’ with a nice control to his tone but liked how he changed it up on my favourite song ‘Crazy Little Princess’. Jake really stands out for me on the epic anthem ‘One Last Chance’ but be warned this songs hooks will have you singing along.

If you want to treat your ears and listen to ‘One Last Chance’ EP from CueCliche then you can do it from their Bandcamp site (click HERE). You can also purchase the EP while you are there or grab a copy from the usual online places like Amazon or iTunes.

I am already hooked on the sound from CueCliche, so like any music fan I am already eagerly awaiting what they will release next. Hopefully, I might even catch them live. As I am following them on their social media site (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) then I can keep up to date with new releases and upcoming shows. You can also find this information from their website

If you like what you hear from CueCliche, then as a fan, go and tell the world about them TODAY!