Interview with Alive by Sunrise

Alive by Sunrise caught my attention with their alternative rock sound which reminded me a little of the band NEEDTOBREATHE who are a personal favourites in my collection. Their EP’s ‘The Heart of Love’ and ‘Wanted Man’ are filled with so many great songs that I need to talk about them with you all.

Before I talk about their music, I want to give you an insight into their world by sharing a chat I had with the guys. They discussed the history of the band, their influences and more. This is what they had to say.

How did Alive by Sunrise come together and is there a story behind the band’s name?

Cameron (lead singer): Alive By Sunrise started back when I was in high school. I loved music growing up and when I saw my favorite band The Fray live for the first time I instantly fell in love their performance. After that I started putting a band together. The band started in a small town with a bunch of guys that loved music, but with most things that start in high school, some guys left to pursue other things as life grew around them. Since the band had already been established in our hometown, I decided to keep the name Alive By Sunrise and kept looking for guys to fill different roles within the band. The members that are together currently have been together for 2 years, with three members being together for nearly 5 years now. Even though some guys came and went, I wanted to keep the name Alive By Sunrise because it was never just suppose to be “Cameron” even if it was literally just me playing while I was waiting on the right guys to come along.

The name does have a meaning — everyone experiences tough times and “darkness” but through hope, strength, and faith there is life in the light. So when troubles come, we believe that even through the darkness, we will be alive by sunrise. This idea is based on the bible verse that says, “…though sorrow may last for the night, joy comes in the morning.”

How would you describe your sound for new fans out there and which musicians have influenced the band with what they create?

Our sound is unique to us. We changed our sound up a bit when we did our newest record with Aaron Gillespie from Underoath and the Almost. Some people would think that he would want to make our sound heavier, but he actually went more southern rock. Some of us were a bit hesitant at first while writing but once we starting demoing for the record, the sound stuck. So we would say our sound is a style of Southern rock/alternative rock. We’ve got some twang, but we are far from country, and we have some very deep blues/soul roots that come out in some of our newer songs. People are often surprised when they see us live for the first time because they aren’t expecting the soul that comes out of some college aged white boys. Some major influences of our new and old styles are bands like The Fray, Switchfoot, Needtobreathe, and Chris Stapleton.

Your EP’s are filled with so many great songs, which are the band’s favourites and why?

We personally love Leave the Light On, with That’s Alright and Coming home as close seconds. It’s been really cool to see the connection and crowd response to Leave the Light On at our shows, and we really love the vibe we found when we recorded it. That’s Alright and Coming Home were both written about being out on the road and having struggles while we were away from our families and Cameron’s soon-to-be wife at the time. The lyrics hit really close to the heart and we think the heart is something that everyone can relate to. Wanted Man would be another good one since it was a very different direction from our last record and gave us a little push into our newer style.

If there were a movie to be made about the band, who would you all choose to play yourself and why?

Cameron: Well I love Denzel Washington, it would be a terrible casting, but I think it would be cool to have your favorite actor do something lol.

Dylan: Well since I’m a redhead I guess the go to answer is Rupert Grint. Though I wouldn’t say no to The Rock taking on the role since we have very similar body types.

Joseph: First person that comes to mind for me is Seth Rogen lol.

Jeremy: Mark Wahlberg because he’s one of the best actors.

Evan: Owen Wilson because he says “waaaaw” a lot.

Matt: Sean Penn because why not. But with Sean pronounced as “Seen” for Joseph’s sake.

Finally, what are your future plans and goals for your music?

We plan on releasing some new material real soon. We have a live album coming out in March and we plan on recording sometime between now and the summer. We would love to fly back out to Salt Lake City and do some more recording with Aaron Gillespie. Outside of those releases we have a busy touring schedule coming up for this summer, so that’s always exciting and crazy for us. For future goals, we would love to hit the road with some bigger bands we’ve opened for in the past as openers for their tour. We’ve been really fortunate to have a very busy touring schedule the last few years, and we’ve shared the stage with some incredible artists, but we haven’t toured with another ”big” band so hopefully a tour like that is in the future works. Ultimately the goal is for us to make music that connects with people while having a real living and breathing relationship with the fans. We’re not looking to be “famous”, but the dream is to make our living playing music that people love and enjoy listening to. If fame comes from that, then we’ll embrace that and walk through that door in the right time, but until then, we’ll continue to pursue making music we enjoy, meeting new fans, and playing the best shows we can in order to provide for our families.

2011 saw the guys release their debut self titled EP which if I’m honest is OK but it does include ‘Hero’ and ‘Satisfy’ which are highlights of mine. As Cameron mentioned during the interview, there was a change in the bands line up and with that came a new direction in sound. This resulted in the 2014 offering ‘The Heart of Love’ which put the music of Alive by Sunrise into the spotlight. Cameron Theodos (lead Vocals, acoustic), Dylan VanEaton (rhythm guitar, backup vocals), Evan Rowan (lead guitar), Matt Bolton (guitar, synth), Jeremy Spears (drums, percussion) and Joseph Spears (bass) created a collection of songs that really showed off their songwriting and musical talents. This EP offers a cool alternative rock sound that is filled with infectious hooks and stunning vocals. My favourite’s ‘Someone like You’ and ‘Heart of Love’ show off what this band is all about.

2016 saw the guys set free their strongest collection of songs to date with the ‘Wanted Man’ EP. I have a lot of time for this release which shows how far the band have come. As soon as ‘That’s Alright’ begins you instantly noticed how much more confident they are with their music which also feels stronger than ever. This also features some cool work with the electric guitars including some nice solos. The rest of the release continues to show how good these guys blend together to ensure each track is delivered with maximum effect. The vocals from Cameron are stronger too and his tone has this something about it that helps each song stand out even more. I strongly recommend you give ‘Leave the Light On’ and my personal favourite ‘Wanted Man’ a listen as they have everything you need to know about Alive by Sunrise.

Do yourself a favour and head over to Spotify to give these two outstanding EP’s a listen. If you like what you hear (like I do), then you can purchase them from the usual online stores of iTunes and Amazon.

I’m looking forward to hearing future releases from Alive by Sunrise and from how their sound has grown so far you can predict that they are going to get even better. If you want to keep up to date with their new music, upcoming shows or want to learn more about what is going on with them then head to their website at or by checking out their social media sites (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram).

As always I want to leave you all with the reminder to support the music that matters to you. If you are a fan of Alive by Sunrise then hop onto your social media sites and spread the word about this amazing band TODAY!