Interview with 1 in Five

If you are in need of music that is all no-nonsense rock then read on as the band 1 in Five are for you. This Brighton band have been gaining a reputation for their live shows and EP’s that do not hold back. Together Jay (Vocals), Mike (Guitars), Chris (Keys/Guitars), James (Bass) and Martin (Drums) offer their own style of hard rock blues to the world.

To give you more of an insight about 1 in Five, I enlisted the help of Mike from the band who was happy to get involved with this feature. We talked about the history of the band, their name and much more. This is what he shared:

How did 1 in Five come together and is there a story behind the band’s name?

We’ve all known each other for a long time and been in different bands with each other for over 15 years now. We took a break a few years back while a couple of us had children and things like that and after a while the itch just gets you and you have to play again so we formed 1 in Five.

The band name comes from us wanting to make a serious point. We don’t write many songs about girls, drugs, booze, nights out and all that like we did when we were younger. Now we write songs about the world around us, corruption in politics, injustices, the gap between the rich and the poor, and that sort of thing. So we spent ages trying to think of a band name that suited what we were writing about – most of them were pretty throwaway and not very memorable.

One of the things we discovered was that the world child mortality rate shows 1 child dies every 5 seconds (1 in Five) from preventable causes such as starvation and malaria, a child in this case is someone under 5 years old. That’s awful, absolutely shocking, and yet no-one ever talks about it. There’s enough money in the world to solve that instantly if we wanted to. It really stuck with us, so we took the stat and now every time someone asks us where the band name comes from we tell them this story so that more people become aware of what it means. Perhaps if enough people know about it we can do something about it.

How would you describe your sound for new fans out there and which musicians have influenced what you create?

We play Hard Rock Blues. It’s a genre we invented on the spot in an interview once but it works really well. The hard rock bit is a hat-tip to bands like Guns n Roses, Iron Maiden etc that have that real riff quality going for them. But we have the keyboard and we use it more like Deep Purple or The Doors rather than a lot of indie bands – it sits right up there instead of a second guitar rather than a background instrument. So our music has this real classic rock and blues feel to it. Hard Rock Blues is kind of Classic Rock brought up to date and on speed I think. If you like proper rock music you’ll probably dig this.

Your latest EP has a different feel to your debut. What were your aims with the Ep ‘Evolve’ and which is the bands favourite track from it?

We recorded the Hold On EP almost straight away, we did things backwards and recorded some tracks first then started playing live. Mostly because we were still forming the band when we started writing it and thought why not. We then toured it for nearly 2 years, made a bit of a name for ourselves, and wrote loads of new songs along the way. By the time we came to record Evolve we had matured… Evolved if you like… It was the right moment in time to capture what we were all about and introduce us to a wider audience so we went for it.

We’ll each tell you we have a different track, and then the next week it’ll all change again. Actually in truth we always like the new stuff so our favourite tracks are the new ones getting their live debut on 24/2 at our headline show in Brighton!

I see you guys are always busy performing live. What can people expect from your live shows?

Playing live is what we do. A couple of us put our first live gig on when we were 15, we rented a hall, booked a load of local bands (including our own), sold tickets to our mates and blew the roof off. Since then it’s basically been in our DNA. It’s the main reason we do what we do. We have all this energy we need to burn off and the only way to do that is to thrash out some music and jump about!

Recording is good fun, and we enjoy creating a ‘studio’ sound and then translating that into a live show. But we have loads of fun live, the crowd get involved, have a dance, let off some steam, and it’s all good.

We don’t just love playing though, one of the best things about being in a band is you get to see loads of other cool bands play for free. So you’ll always find us in the crowd before our set enjoying the other bands.

Finally, what are your future plans and goals for your music?

We’ve been lucky enough to play some good festivals over the years and we’re playing The Sussex Music Festival in July, we always go down well at a festival so lots more of those would be good. There’s a single in the pipeline that’s a bit different, a little more pop-y which might help broaden our audience further. We might stick that one Spotify and see what happens. I can’t tell you too much about it at the moment but there are some cool B side ideas flying around as well. There’s a good chance there will be another EP or possibly even an album after that. But we’ll see. That’s a world exclusive by the way, we haven’t told anyone any of that officially just yet!

It was last year when I was first introduced to the band after they recommended I check out their debut release ‘Hold On’. This was a collection of music was that was on a mission to rock out! Some of them have a cool bluesy undertone which my favourite song ‘Black Lake’ highlights. You should also check out the title track which was another personal highlight from this release.

September 2016 saw the release of 2nd EP ‘Evolve’ which they said ‘Promises to be even more energetic than the first with 5 fast paced proper rock songs touching on climate, corruption, injustice, and power’. Well, they weren’t wrong about that as this is what they delivered. It has a more focused and slightly heavier sound than their debut release. There are times when you can hear the influences of Iron Maiden, which is not a bad thing. Some of the guitar work throughout the EP sound so good and ‘Three Day’ shows off these skills. But to be fair, these songs are more than the guitars as the whole band chip in to bring their style of no-nonsense rock.

One thing about the EP that stood out for me was their way with words. I have to be honest, I never really appreciated this side to their music until I listened to the title track ‘Evolve’. This one flipped a switch as the details in the lyrics really grabbed my attention. From then on with every song I heard from them this talent began to really stand out. Obviously I need to mention that this would not sound as good without the amazing vocal talents from Jay.

Overall, this is a great little EP that you need to check out and do so by listening to my favourite track called ‘Messiah’ which was a slow burner for me but now it ticks all the right boxes. Head over to Soundcloud and YouTube pages to give their music a listen. If you like what you hear then head to their website at as you can grab a free copy of this EP today.

I am curious to listen to this new single that Mike mentioned during the interview as I can’t think of how 1 in Five would sound with a pop edge. If you want to find out when this is available to check out for yourself or you wish to find out more from the band including upcoming shows then head over to Alternatively, you can find them at Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to say hello as they do like a bit of banter with their fans.

Don’t forget that musicians and bands like 1 in Five need the help of their fans to spread the word and help them grow. So, if you are a fan of these guys then hit your social media sites and spread the word TODAY!