Interview Tim McNary

Last year I chose the album While we were Waking by the Americana musician Tim McNary as one of my favourite albums of the year. He has this wonderful ability to write music with so much soul that you can’t help but connect to the music due to its personal feel. His album is filled with so many great songs that it had to make my end of year short list for 2013. You can read more about this amazing album on my post Introducing McNary.

Since his stunning debut, Tim has continued to write more outstanding songs including ‘The Other Man’. This song is a huge personal favourite of mine which I have championed a lot on social media as in my opinion, this is one of the finest songs he has ever written to date. It is a great example of outstanding song writing.

I know Tim (McNary) is currently working on a new album ‘Above the Trees’ and he is using the fan funding site Kickstarter to make this happen. I had the chance to speak to Tim about his music, the new release and using a fan funding project. This is what he had to say:

What is your process when you are writing new music?

Songs are born in different ways. Usually a melody or lyrics comes to me and I build everything around that aspect. I record melody and lyrical ideas into my phone often and probably 1 out of 20 ends up becoming a song. There is a lot of repetition and experimentation in the process for me. I rarely write songs in an hour or even a day’s time. Normally I work on them for a few weeks or even months before I decide that they are finished. Once I have an idea that I like, I like to do a home demo on Garage Band and then decide if the structure/dynamics are working.

Your music is filled with emotion, is this important when you write new music?

I don’t write a song if there is not a strong emotion there. My relationship to music is tied to feeling. The kind of music I strive to write and the kind I appreciate, demonstrates emotion and often vulnerability.  People often listen to music hoping to hear someone talking about what they’re feeling, have felt, or want to feel. They want to connect, and in connecting with a song feel that they are not so alone.  It’s the songwriter’s job to write in a way that makes that connection possible.  A song doesn’t have to be sad or melancholy to demonstrate emotion. There is realness in happiness and joy as well.

Is there anyone you’d like to write a song with, or collaborate with (alive or dead) and why?

I greatly admire singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle. I’ve been listening to him/following him for about 4 years now since he gave me a record of his back in Atlanta where we are both from. His voice is present and pure, his writing is accessible yet intelligent, and his melodies are lovely. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping we do get to write together at some point in the next couple of years.

What has been your favourite moment of your music related journey and why?

That is a tough question to answer…..Probably opening for the Civil Wars 3 years ago. The venue was packed and listening intently. I was nervous before the show started but found calm once I was onstage and felt oneness with my band members, the music, and the audience. The venue was really cool too. It is called The Melting Point and is located in Athens, GA here in the US. It is a small but beautiful concert hall with upper deck seating. It was like a theatre you’d imagine from the early 1900s.

Do you have any musical related goals that you want to accomplish?

I plan to  build my fan base to the point  where I can tour European, South American, and USA(nationally). I plan to get my songs licensed my in television shows, movies, and commercials over the next couple of years. This will help me build my fan base exponentially and enable more touring, collaborations, and opportunity in general.

I hear you are working on a new EP, can you tell me more about it?

My upcoming EP,Above The Trees, will mark a fresh direction for me. The songs ponder a variety of topics including loss and longing, healing from emotional abuse, and the effects of imperialism on 3rd world countries. The tunes on this EP were primarily written in the 2.5 years period I was touring the Southeastern United States full-time. The 5 songs to be recorded are Sara Rose, Missus, Above The Trees, Be With Me, and The Heist.

This EP is be funded using the fan funding site Kickstarter, what does it mean to you to have direct support from your fans and do you have a message for them?

I am extremely grateful  to my fans and friends for their generosity in helping me bring songs to life and move forward in my career. Being supported in such a way pushes me harder to produce songs that are meaningful and a pleasure to listen to. It’s a BIG responsibility. My main message for them would be that I will utilize every penny wisely and promise to provide them with something that is as pure and honest as my team and I are capable of.

As you can guess, I am giving my support towards this project and have pledged for the following perk:

Signed Copy of Above The Trees with Exclusive Kickstarter updates and videos.

Words can’t express how much I want this project to hit its target so Tim can release his new music to the world. I will be using my voice on my social media sites to help show my support towards his goal. I highly recommend that you take the time to listen to the music that Tim creates and hope you appreciate this amazing talent.

If you still need to learn more about the music of McNary then head over to his website at or you can listen to his debut album at his Bandcamp site (click HERE). You can also follow his progress of his project on his social media sites of Facebook and Twitter. While you are there, say hello to Tim as he is a cool guy to chat too.

Help spread the word about the music of McNary and his Kickstarter project which can be found at: