Interview The Vegabonds

I am excited to learn that the southern rock band The Vegabonds are back and working on a brand new album. As a huge fan of the band and their great sound, this was great news for my ears. If you are not aware of this band then let me introduce you to The Vegabonds who are Daniel Allen (Lead Vocals), Richard Forehand (Guitars/Vocals), Paul Bruens (Bass), Beau Cooper (Keys) and Bryan Harris (Drums).

As fan I have featured every album they have made on my site. So far they have released the albums Dear Revolution, Southern Sons and RCA Studio B (click the links for the reviews).

Now the guys are using the crowd funding site Kickstarter to create their new album and they need the support of their fans to make it happen. I thought I would ask the guys about this project and get an insight into the world of The Vegabonds. This is what they had to say:

How did the Vegabonds come together and is their a story behind the name

We all met back in 2009 at Auburn University in Auburn, AL. We were in two separate bands in the small college town, and we had heard each other play around at the different bars. After a while we got together and formed The Vegabonds and started writing original music from pretty much day one. Now here we are almost 6 years and three albums later, now we are trying to get back in the studio to record our 4th record. It’s been a wild ride so far, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Our name is a mixture of the word Vagabond and the Vega-star. Meaning we are always wandering towards our pinnacle.

Which musicians are the biggest influences on the great sound that you create?

We all have different influences but here are a couple that make up our core sound : The Allman Brothers, Kings of Leon, Led Zepplin, & Jason Isbell. There are way more, but throw these 4 together and thats what we try to go for.

How do you approach writing a new song?

We don’t really have a set approach to writing new songs. Sometimes I’ll have a song that I’ve written and bring it to the rest of the guys or Richard will do the same. And sometimes we just get in a room and start jamming the first thing that comes out. Those jams are some of the most fun times in the song writing process, because we really get to feed off of each other and create something new.

What is you favourite song you have written and why?

Personally my favourite song that we have is one of our new songs for this new album. It’s called “Take a Ride”. It’s a song about enjoying and embracing the struggles of being an artist and also realizing you are doing something you love to do. It’s also about support from your family and going home to recharge and see all the ones you love.

What can people expect from a live Vegabond show?

People can expect lots of loud energy and guitar solos at our live shows! I think to really get a feel of who The Vegabonds are, you have to see a live show. We give it all we have at every show and I think it shines through to the crowds.

I hear you are working on a new album, can you tell me more about it?

We are excited to get back in the studio for our 4th album in 6 years. We are bringing a lot of great songs to this new album. It’s been almost 2 years since we have put out an album and we have been touring around the world spreading our music and soaking up the new music we hear along the way. We plan to re-record a few songs from our previous albums to give them new life after years of playing them live. Fans are offered a chance to help choose these songs through the incentives in our Kickstarter. We fully believe this is going to be our best record yet and we can’t wait to put it out so everyone can hear what we’ve been working so hard for.

This album is be funded using the fan funding site Kickstarter, what does it mean to you to have direct support from your fans and do you have a message for them?

Kickstarter is a great online company that allows fans to help fund their favourite artists projects. We love working with Kickstarter because it gives us a chance to connect with our fans and also allows them to have a hand in making this record come to life. We couldn’t do what we love to do without the love and support that we receive from our great fans and Kickstarter allows us to take our interaction to a whole different level. We want everyone to go by our Kickstarter page and see all the cool incentives we have for you if you pledge to help us reach our goal and make this album!

Why do I think you should support this band and their new album? Simple, they are a great sounding southern rock band that are as genuine as their music. Their earlier music had a cool blend of funky soul meets southern rock which has now developed into a must hear southern rock sound. Each release is an evolution in their sound and I predict the new album will be their best work to date, so if you pledge then you will be in for a treat.

To find out more about their Kickstarter project and show your support then click the link below:


For me, I love their blend of soulful southern rock as it is filled with so many stand out tracks which I have included on this post for your listening pleasure. With their previous 3 albums already part of my music collection, I have made my pledge to help add the new release to my ever growing music collection.

Find out more about the band at their website at or at their social media sites of Facebook and Twitter. If you are liking then head over to their Kickstarter page and show your support. You can also help spread the word of the music and their new project, together we can help make this album happen. If you like you music with a genuine southern rock soul then the music of The Vegabonds is for you!