Interview The Survival Code

The Survival Code are one of a few rock bands that have really caught my attention this year and as I love to spread the word about great music it seemed only right to talk about them with you all. This London based band comprised of Gary McGuinness (Lead Singer/Guitarist) Tom Cook: (Drummer/Backing Vocals) and Michael Eden (Bass) have been busy gaining a reputation for their energetic live shows, as well as for creating a killer rock sound which they say ‘combines passion, quality musicianship and rawness with dynamic focus’.

To give you more of an insight into the world of The Survival Code, I got in touch with the guys to see if they like to talk more about the band and their music. They were more than happy to do so and this is what they had to say:

How did The Survival Code come together and is their a story about the name?

Gary: I moved from Dublin Ireland to the UK to set up the band. I had a good few ideas and songs ready to get going so used that to make a demo, which was then used as the band’s first release. It didn’t take long to get the lads involved and the name is released to why we do the music in the first place

Which musicians have helped to influence your music and it’s sound?

Gary: There are far too many to be fair, but ones that jump out would be: Alkaline Trio , Deftones , Biffy Clyro and QOTSA. Most of the influences in our sound draw broadly from metal and pop. Metal was so big in the early 00’s and the inherent focus on guitars and drums is something we still hold dear despite our music being more mainstream. Despite the metal feel, we have always liked the contrast offered against brighter vocals and strong melodies

For new fans out there, what have you released so far?

2012 – Everything But today

2015 – MMXV

2016 – Broken Strings

From the songs you have created which is your favourite and why?

Tom: Our latest single Broken Strings! We love playing this tune for it gets a great reaction live and has also had the best feedback from press and radio so far as it happens. The song was always going to be the title track of the EP but the radio play and video along with the live aspect make it a lot of fun

What can people expect from your shows?

Michael/Tom: Bring an umbrella

Gary: Energy, honesty and sweaty

If there were to be a movie about the band, which actors would be chosen and why?

Gary: I think Tom would have to be played by Stephen Merchant!

Tom: Gary would be Christoper Walken or Steve Buscemi, it’s all in the eyes

Michael: I’d be Chewbacca

What are your future plans and goals for your music?

Gary: We have just released our short EP and have one more single to unleash this Jan called ONE. After that we hit the studio in Feb for a full length album with esteemed producer Simon Effemy and hope to have a pile of new songs videos out for this Summer (17)

Finally, is there anything you like to say to any new listeners out there or maybe to fans who are reading this?

Michael: Lots of new songs and shows on the way, keep an eye on any of our socials for updates. New single ONE out mid January

As the guys mentioned during the interview, 2012 saw the release of the debut EP ‘Everything but Today’ which is a solid collection of no nonsense rock tracks. I do recommend you give this EP a listen to hear how The Survival Code began and check out my favourite song ‘Love is Burning’.

This was followed up in 2015 with their full length album ‘MMXV’ and this in my opinion was a game changer for them as it gave a true showing of what these guys are about. Two things for me make this album stand out, the different styles of rock that is offered throughout and the vocals. Unlike most rock albums out there, this album has a good variation in styles by offering pop punk, grunge, classic rock and a few other rock sub-genres thrown in. Add to this a vocal style that fits each musical style to perfection, and always delivers an impressive performance. Give ‘Rat Race’ and my favourite ‘Catalyst’ a listen as they show how good these guys sound and why you NEED to listen to this album!

Now let’s talk about their brand new EP ‘Broken Strings’. As soon as the title track starts it instantly slaps you and tells you to listen. I love this song as it takes no prisoners as the guitars and drums are relentless on the ears, in a really good way. ‘One’ eases off the tempo a little and gives a more controlled performance that lets you focus more on the lyrical talents. The EP ends with ‘Lost Cause’ which is the softer track of the three but shows that this band can offer a great variation to their sound. This is yet another strong release that proves this is a band that deserve your attention.

If you are a fan of rock then you NEED the music of The Survival Code in your collection. Even from the early days this band showed that they meant business and continued to release songs that takes no prisoners as ‘Broken Strings’ EP confirms. Get yourself to iTunes or Amazon (coming soon) and grab their new EP as well as their previous releases, they will not disappoint. If you still need a little more convincing then head over to their Soundcloud page to give their music a listen or visit YouTube to watch some of their cool videos.

I’m looking forward to hearing what the new album has to offer from The Survival Code. I’m confident that it will be their best work yet and will make 2017 an exciting year for the guys. To find out more about the band including current/future release and upcoming shows then visit their website at You can also find this information through their social media pages (at Facebook and Twitter) and if you do so, then say hello to the guys. Don’t forget, if you are a fan of The Survival Code then don’t forget to tell the world about them TODAY!