Interview Scott Michael Cavagan

I first became aware of the music of Scott Michael Cavagan through his social media accounts. When I learned he was a local musician I thought I would check out his music. I headed over to his Bandcamp site (click HERE) and gave his debut solo EP ‘Neon Lights’ a listen. I was instantly impressed with how his sound has a 90’s indie rock feel, but blends with a slightly 80’s vibe. These are normally elements that wouldn’t interest me, but for some reason this combination has really grabbed my attention. I also like how he has created some infections songs that lyrically have depth but also get you singing along with its hooks before you know it. Check out my favourite songs ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ and ‘Weapon of Choice’ to let his music talk to you.

I have spoken to Scott on many occasions about his music, and I admire him as someone who has been around the music block but his passion for music is stronger than ever. I wanted to share this information and more about Scott so I asked if he would like to take part in an interview. I am glad to say that he said yes and this is what we talked about:

Was there a moment or someone that inspired you to become a solo musician?

Well, I have always hated the thought of being a solo artist and it was never something I had thought of or planned to do but it just kind of ended up this way. I had had a long break from music after growing a bit disillusioned with the whole thing but I started to record bits and pieces on an iPad and really loved the results, some friends of mine were really encouraging so I decided to go in and record some songs in a studio just to see what I sounded like. When I got the mixes back I put them online and sent a few to some radio stations and they picked them up straight away, that was inspirational enough to be honest because it meant that people actually liked them. So I knew I wanted to write and perform again but I just didn’t have the time or patience to form a new band, I thought it would suit me better just call in favours as and when I needed to play live and I’ve found that’s what works for me now, its so much easier.

Once this decision was made, were there any musicians who help influence your music and its sound?

I just wanted to satisfy myself to be honest, I wanted to really go back and rediscover the bands that originally influenced me in the first place, so there is obvious references to bands the Manic Street Preachers in there and I wanted to start adding synths here and there because I am hugely influenced by 80’s pop and new wave stuff. I made a conscious  decision to try and stick to 2/3 minute songs because that what I love about bands like Oasis, The Beatles and the reason why I love punk so much, because there’s nothing complicated about them, the point is made, straight to the point in two or three minutes, no fucking about.

From the research I have done I can see that you have been in the music game for a while now. Could you tell me about your adventure in the world of music?

To cut a long story short, like many of people my age I started my first band with some school friends while Oasis were the biggest band in the world, a great time! Eventually we all formed new tastes and ideas and went on to form a band called Laconia and we had some fantastic times, we were always received very well by audiences and the press which was always handy but we just didn’t get a big break unfortunately. I was also the singer for a band called Dryll for a few years who were formed by Jeff Mantas (Venom) we wrote a lot of songs for an album which sadly never saw the light of day, but that was also a fantastic opportunity especially to work with someone who is a legend in the metal world.

When you write new music what is the important part to your process and what helps you get passed writers block?

Well in my previous projects I was only responsible for writing lyrics, so I only ever really finished songs off, so its really cool to create something from scratch and see it grow, of course when it comes to rehearsing for a gig the live band add their stamp which freshens it up.  I tend to record every little idea I have so I always have bits and pieces to work on, I think that helps beat the block because I always have a few ideas going on at once.

For new fans out there, what singles/EP’s/Albums has you released so far?

My first solo release was late last year which was the Neon Lights EP, I released that just to get myself out and about again after a long break. I’m still really pleased with the release, the reaction was great and I had a really enjoyable experience recording it. I recently collaborated with Jamie Morrison (The Stereophonics) who has a really cool project called #Holla and we are looking at possibly releasing that track in some capacity, fingers crossed. I am also looking to release a new single myself later this year which I am really really excited for because it another really cool collaboration.

From these releases which are your favourite songs and why?

My favourite track from the EP is probably Sleeping with the Enemy  just because I have fond memories of recording that track and it was the first song I recorded all the parts for (bar drums) and is my favourite to play live. I love Neon Lights as it was a chance for me to indulge in my love for 80’s pop/rock.

From the experience you have gained, what advice would you give any new musicians/bands out there?

My biggest downfall for the entire time I was in a band was taking it far too seriously, which inevitably took the fun out of it. Of course you have to take it seriously but just don’t forget to enjoy it!

If you had the chance to travel in time to see any musician/band perform who would it be and why?

I would love to have seen The Beatles play live, the rooftop performance would have been fantastic, and I always regret not seeing the Manic Street Preachers during The Holy Bible tour with Richey.

What are your future plans and goals for your music?

It has always been a dream of mine to release an album and that is still something I am working on at the moment, I’m currently demoing all of the songs I have and I’ll pick 10 for an album, its just a case of finding the time to record it, the beauty is this whole project has no particular urgency to it, I can pick it up and leave it whenever I feel like it.  I’ve also rediscovered my love for playing live recently as well so I would like to add some more live shows and maybe get out and about on the local scene.

Finally, is there anything you like to say to any new listeners out there or maybe to any of your fans who are ready this?

Come and check it out, you might just like it!

Like Scott says, check out his music because you might just like it, this is what I did and the rest is history. If you want to give his EP a listen them head over to his Bandcamp page (click HERE) where you can also purchase a copy while you are there. You can also grab a copy at the usual places of ITunes or Amazon.

If you want to find out more about Scott Michael Cavagan including future gigs then head over to his website at or you can keep up to date with his world of music at his social media sites of Facebook and Twitter. Speaking of social media, if you like what you hear from Scott then use these places to spread the word about his music. As fans it is our duty to support the music that matters to us. So go on, tell the world about Scott Michael Cavagan today!