Interview Jetglo

Earlier in the year I was introduced to the music of Jetglo after I saw them supporting the awesome Hot Moth. Before the gig I knew nothing about them so when they started playing I was listening to the unknown. I was impressed with their cool alternative rock sound which has filled with killer hooks and I left the gig hungry for more. I found out that this Brighton band was made up by Andrew James (Vox, Guitars), Eddie Clifford (Guitars, Vox), Mark D Evennett (Bass) and Anthony Bianco (Drums). I got in touch with the guys via Twitter to talk about how good their set was and wondered if they would like to take part in a feature about their music. They were happy to do so and let us into the world of Jetglo. I fired some questions at them and this is what they had to say:

How did Jetglo get together and is there a story behind the name?

(Andrew speaking) – I started Jetglo as a 3 piece with another drummer and bass player, the line-up didn’t work out.  So in 2009 I had to start again, my immediate thought was to get in touch with Mark on bass as I’d met Mark a few years earlier, he had stood in for the previous bass player and our musical tastes were on the same wave length. We remained as a 3 piece with another drummer but decided we might grow to a 4 piece with an extra guitar player. I bumped into Eddie on in a guitar shop in Brighton, again we’d met before and he had briefly played in another band with me but on bass and I knew he’d started playing guitar so seemed natural to ask if he’d be up for playing with us. We rehearsed and started gigging but the 1st drummer just wasn’t working for us. I put an ad up for another drummer and found Anthony, who immediately fitted perfectly. We’ve been together ever since.

The band is actually named after my Guitar, it’s a Rickenbacker 360 in Jetglo Black. I liked the retro connotations of the word and it’s a great guitar.

Is there any musicians/bands who help influence your music and it’s sound?

Wide range that influence us and make our sound, from old school Indie like The Verve/Mansun/Smiths/Cure/The La’s which is evident in the musical melodies a bit of Americana (Ryan Adams is a personal favourite of mine) to more of a Rock side Nirvana/Foos/Muse/Led Zep which you can hear in some of our guitar sounds, then classic Motown, Beatles, Cream, etc, etc which you can hear in the Vocal melodies and harmonies.

When you write new music what is the important part to your process and what helps you get passed writers block?

We write in two different ways. Either I’ll write a full song at home and will bring it to the band where we almost reconstruct it from a singer songwriter type song into a full band song. The other way is coming up with ideas during rehearsals then jamming them out. Most of the time we all know what will work and what won’t so the songs come together really quickly.  To me personally the most important part of a song is that there is a really melodic hook and everything else should be based around that and linked to it.

I’m quite lucky when it comes to catchy hooks normally they come really quickly. If I’m having trouble writing something and a good idea hasn’t come along after a short period of time I either tend to have a break, come back to it another time with fresh perspective or try and write another song another time. I always think you can never force a song it has to come naturally and move on if it’s becoming laboured.

For new fans out there, what singles/EP’s/Albums has you released so far?

We’ve had the singles, Come Alive, Hush Hush and a Free Download release of Rolling out. All of these singles are on our debut album “Big City Lights”. The album was such a labour of love for us, we’re so proud of it. We really put our heart and souls into it trying to make it sound like a classic record with big catchy songs with a good rock edge that would appeal to a wide audience. Its’ available on Spotify, Itunes, Sound Cloud etc.

Jim Walker our Manager has recently created a Video to go with our next single – “Disco Beat” which will be released shortly.

From these releases which are your favourite songs and why?

Difficult  – Hush Hush, just because it’s got so much energy, I love the huge sound of Come Alive and The Line, Rolling for the strings…..

What can people expect from your shows?

Loads of energy. Though our record is polished and layered, our live shows are much more raw, heavier and energetic. We thrive on the audience and always try to put on our best show. We had a blast Headlining the Saloon Stage at Truck Festival in July after the Manics finished on the main stage, full capacity and the floor was shaking from people jumping up and down :o)

Is there any crazy facts about each other you care to share?

Eddie used to be a bass player in quite a successful a glam Punk Band and is a chef.

Andrew is a Part time qualified Fencing Coach and competes at competition level.

Mark is a trained opera singer

Anthony has dual Nationality Swiss and French, hopefully post Brexit he’ll be able to stay ;o)

If there was a movie to be made about the band, which famous actor would each band member choose to play them and why?

Andrew – Tom Hardy – Moody, cool, mysterious.

Eddie – Benicio Del Toro – dark, brooding and rock n roll

Anthony – Samuel L Jackson – cool as…..

Mark – Jason Statham – because he’s our “Transporter” and Mark kick’s ass.

What are your future plans and goals for your music?

We’d just love to try and get our music out to as many people as possible an get them listening to us, be able to play live to a great crowd at every gig. Future wise is to record our next album which we’re currently writing and it’s taking a slightly more rock direction so far. Then obviously world domination…… ;o)

Finally, is there anything you like to say to any new listeners out there or maybe to any of your fans who are reading this?

Support live music and support real bands! Whether it’s us or not there is a real need for people to get out and listen to new music. Though there’s lots of great underground music out there  we all need people coming to shows, spreading the word just to enable us to keep existing as bands/artists. As uncle Sam once said WE NEED YOU! In this X Factor generation most decent bands are doing it all themselves which means we are out there but you need to find us.

2014 saw the release of their debut album ‘Big City of Lights’ which they described during the interview as a ‘a labour of love for us, we’re so proud of it’. When listening to the album you can hear why. This is 10 tracks with no weakness on show and as it sounded so good it joined my own music collection. When you listen to the outstanding tracks ‘Disco Beat’ and ‘Like a Scratch’ you can hear how infectious their sound is and why it had me hooked during their set. Its great to hear how the bands chemistry on stage has transferred onto the album to help give this release its amazing energy. These guys really know how to play to each others strengths to give the listener toe tapping beats, infectious bassline and awesome riffs. This is all topped off with some great vocals by Andrew which is perfectly showcased on my favourite song ‘Rolling’. I like how this song has a slower tempo to the others and shows that Jetglo are no one trick pony. The vocals are soft to reflect the tone of the song which the band give a tender and controlled performance to fit the mood. Together they give the listener a beautiful song that you won’t forget. Overall, this is a great album that you need to own. Grab a copy from the usual online stores of Amazon and ITunes today!

I can’t wait to hear the new album from Jetglo and from hearing them live I can see how they can evolve their sound with more of a rock element. I am excited to hear this change as I think it will be a great move which will produce their best music to date. As I am following them on their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter then I will be able to find out when this new music is available. They are also great places to find out more about the bands upcoming shows (see them live as they are awesome) or if you just want to say hello. You can also check out their website at to find out this information and more.

As always, a reminder that independent/unsigned musicians and bands needs the support of its fans both old and new. So, if you are listening to the music of Jetglo and you are a fan then help spread the word today!