Interview Beyond the Break

I was recently asked to check out Beyond the Break and their video for ‘The Way it Was’. This song began with thunderous guitars that slapped me in the face and told me to pay attention. These guys were not messing around with their kick ass sound and when the song finished I needed to find out more.

Beyond the Break is a no nonsense rock collaboration from Paul Jones (vocals/guitar), Richard Thomas-James (guitar), Chris Francis (bass) and Aled Richards (drums). Each member has performed in other bands in the past, so when they came together in 2015 they had a lot of experience behind them which shows in the calibre of music that they create. They have been compared to Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro which I can hear,  but they deliver a lot more than that. Not long after forming, they released their debut EP ‘Pictures of Losing Sleep’ which I will talk about later in this feature.

I wanted to learn a little more about the band, so the best way to do so was to go direct and ask the guys. Paul was happy to get involved and to talk about their music. I threw some questions at him and this is what he had to say:

How did Beyond the Break come together and is their a story about the name?

All band members are from Llanelli, and have previously watched each others bands etc. Rich (guitarist) and Paul (vox & guitar) were in 21 against together and were lucky enough to tour the U.S, release albums etc. Aled Richards (Catatonia) needs no explanation, but was a friend already. I like to explain it as being in a relationship, where when one person is single, the other is in a relationship and finally they get to be together.

The names kind of describes the bands songs, where Beyond the break (Paul surfs) explains when you are waiting for the set’s to come in. almost like the calm before the storm. Some of the songs are fast and aggressive like bigger waves and some are quitter and slower, like smaller waves.

Which musicians have helped to influence your music and it’s sound?

Guitarists like John Frusciante, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready and Jerry Cantrell are main guitarist influences. Vocals are definitely Eddie Vedder. But bands like Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, for Rich and Paul, Chris likes older rock like Dio etc, Aled – Cozy Powell definitely, Sabbath and Dave Grohl.

For new fans out there, what have you released so far?

To date we have released a 4 track E.P which was recorded live and to tape over a few weekends. This was a great way for us to capture how we sound and the feel of the songs without any modern manipulation. It’s an honest and true reflection of the band. We have also just started recording and producing our next release which will be our first album release.

From the songs you have created which is your favourite and why?

On the E.P we released I like ‘The way it was’ because it was the first song we did and I still have the same enthusiasm for it now when we play it live. But overall I think my current favourite is ‘Humanity’ which is a full on punk aggressive song with a strong subject matter.

What can people expect from your shows?

I think we are regarded as being a good live band which is a compliment to us as that’s how we want to be seen. Full of energy and commitment to the songs I guess.

If a world tour was going to happen and you could choose ANY two musicians/bands as your opener, who would they be and why?

For me personally I’d like to have Neil Young as an opener, Imagine that! Maybe Eddie Vedder doing an acoustic set too!

What are your future plans and goals for your music?

The aim next is for us to finish our album, release it and hopefully get to play as many shows as possible next year.

Finally, is there anything you like to say to any new listeners out there or maybe to fans who are reading this?

Just thanks to those who have been coming to our shows so far, to everyone who has watched our latest single – Mother Love –

Keep on going out to watch live bands, and hopefully coming to see us!

‘Pictures of Losing Sleep’ is a short but powerful punch of an EP. As you travel through this release you can hear bits of the bands influences which feels like a nod of respect to the gods of rock. However, they still bring their own style to what they have created. I really like how each member brings their A-game to help build the foundation of what makes Beyond the Break sound so good, this ensures the spotlight doesn’t really shine on any one individual. My favourite song ‘The Way it Was’ showcases how well this partnership works as this song is all about the noise that makes you pay attention.

As well as this must hear rock energy, I was also impressed with the vocal talents from Paul Jones. I think being in other bands has given him the opportunity to fine tune his voice which seems have a great balance of control and power but still has a slight rawness to help deliver an edgier tone. Listening to the title track ‘Pictures of Losing Sleep’ shows of a slightly softer tone (compared to the other songs) which to me adds a different side to his talent. I also like how this song gives the EP more depth in sound showing that these guys are no one trick pony.

As a grunge rock fan, ‘Pictures of Losing Sleep’ EP is definitely all killer no filler for me. I have said all I need to about this release so why not take a trip over to their Bandcamp page (click HERE) to listen to it in full. Trust me, if you are a fan of this genre then you NEED this is your collection and you can purchase it from Amazon, iTunes and Bandcamp.

I personally can’t wait for the new album as the EP has left me hungry for more. As I am following them on Facebook and Twitter then I can keep up to date with it’s progress. These are also great places to connect with the band and to find out about upcoming shows. This information can also be found on their website at

If the music of Beyond the Break is ticking all the right boxes for you then don’t forget to spread the word and tell the world about them TODAY!