Indiana, Rust & Bone from evanjack


Not so long ago I shared my review ‘Introducing evanjack’ as this musician with his style of alternative folk  is something special in my books. The way he creates his music with so much depth, soul and emotion is a delight to listen to and I can’t seem to understand why he is not a household name. evanjack is the creation of Scott Cousins who’s passion for music began when he started listening to his father’s vinyl collection. Since then he taught himself how to play the guitar and learnt from his favourite musicians like Radiohead and Damien Rice (to name a few) to help create his sound. This resulted in the EP’s ‘For Susan’ and ‘The Darkness Within’, you can read my reviews of these releases by clicking HERE. During my review I shared that he had an album in the works called ‘Indiana, Rust & Bone. Well it has been recorded and awaits your listening pleasure.

‘Indiana, Rust & Bone’ is such a beautiful album from start to finish and I will say it is easily one of the finest collection of songs that I have heard this year. There will not be many releases this year that will be able to reach the calibre of music that this album has to offer. If you need more than that to persuade you to at least give this album a listen,  then I will give you a more in depth explanation why you need this album in your world.

As soon as the album starts with ‘Cautious Ways’ you are instantly introduced the intimate and mesmerising vocals that evanjack has to offer. His gentle tone carries each syllable of his lyrics in a beautiful and haunting manner that will captivate any listener. He manages to continue this trait on each of the 9 songs available, something I would say is the foundation of his sound and what makes the music of evanjack stand out for me. ‘Scarlet Lies’ is a highlight of mine because of this vocal talent as the effortless control to his tone is wonderful to hear. I also like how the music on this song is subtle letting his voice shine. Talking about the music, the arrangement on each song feels like it has been carefully assembled to create the necessary atmosphere to match the emotions within the lyrics. The way the vocals 61D2zKw6feL._SS280and music blend together in a harmonious manner is yet another reason why the album stands out for me.

If you still need convincing on why you should listen to this album then listen to my favourite song called ‘Hurt Me’. The delicate acoustic guitar gently invites you in before you are treated to another wonderful vocal display which is accompanied by Abbey Bowden who lends her beautiful voice to this song. Again, the music is low key so it lets the emotional tone of the lyrics grab your attention which the intertwining vocals share in a captivating style.

I have talked a lot about this album and give it continuous high praise, but when you spend the time to listen to it (preferably uninterrupted) then I am confident that you will feel same. To check out more of the music of evanjack then head over to his YouTube or Soundcloud pages by clicking the links. You can purchase the album from the usual online stores of Amazon and iTunes so go grab a copy today! Actually, you will have to wait until 2nd May to do so but you can pre-order the album, so go on and do that.

The music of evanjack is something special. I am glad that it is part of my collection and as a huge fan, you can expect to hear more from this musician on my site so watch this space. If you want to find out more about evanjack, new and future releases or upcoming shows then you can check out his website at You can also find this information on his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

When music sounds this good then the world needs to know about it. I will be doing my part by spreading the word if you feel the same then you should too then show some love for the music of evanjack today!