Harry Pane – The Wild Winds EP

Harry Pane is a musician whose style of folk-blues soul has been gaining nothing but praise for his songwriting which include stories that have a personal touch. My previous feature ‘Interview Harry Pane‘ showcases this talent with my review of his EP’s ‘Ashes & Wine’ and ‘Changing’.

During the interview, Harry mentioned that he was working on a new EP ‘The Wild Winds’ which has now been released to the world. The first track to be featured from it was ‘Fletcher Bay’, a song which is close to him as it is about a place in New Zealand where he and his father spent some time together. Sadly, his father passed away and this is about this special memory together.

When listening to ‘The Wild Winds’ EP in full you can’t but help to notice a slight change to his usual acoustic trait that fans have become accustomed to. He has now included a few tracks which an electric guitar has been used and this gives a more edgier sound as ‘Old Friend’ demonstrates. ‘Into the Dark’ makes great use of this guitar with some sexy blues riffs that is accompanied by a great vocal display from the man himself.

He still offers that acoustic sound that made him stand out originally with ‘Fletcher Bay’ and ‘The Wild Winds’ offering this to the listener. For me, it is when he delivers a stripped back bluesy tone which is when I personally think he is at his best and I am glad to hear ‘Real Souls’ offer this side to his music. His guitar style is mesmerising as he shows off his technical abilities with the six string. Not only that, but his vocals are sublime. Don’t get me wrong, he always delivers an impressive display when he sings but this is his best performance.

This release may have a different feel when it comes to the music but one thing that has not is his gift with words. With each EP Harry somehow improves on his writing ability by giving the listener stories which have more depth, emotion and within the theme of the EP, songs which are more personal than ever. This makes this release something special that has raised the bar when it comes to his talent by providing his best work to date.

If you want to check out The Wild Winds EP for yourself or maybe his previous releases then you can do so by visiting his SoundCloud or Spotify pages. If you like what you hear and need them all in your collection then they can be purchased from his store (click HERE) or from the usual places like Amazon and iTunes.

The Wild Winds EP shows that the music of Harry Pane is evolving and it has me more excited for future releases to hear what he will release next. Good news is that we will not have to wait long as he is already working on another EP due in September. Go follow him on his social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to keep up to date with this and upcoming gigs. All of this information can also be found at HarryPane.com which includes information about his current shows and his future tour in Holland (July).

If you are new to the world of Harry Pane then I highly recommend you check out his music and if you are a fan, then tell the world about him TODAY!